Training Map

  • Hello everyone,

    More and more ppl talking about Ironsight should be competetiv. I am from the competetiv sence so i think the it would be pretty nice. At the moment its hard to check out some nate spots, weapon spray; Damage an so on. To figure out tactis...

    It would be nice to have a "Training" option, to play alone on a Map with unlimeted Time (or with my teammates in one Team), a grenade camera so i can see where my greande is exploding, put in bots wich dont move, if i dont want it.

    Whats your opinion? What options could be good as well to train?

  • I personally go to custom matches and create a 2v2 room to look at nading spots, But the problem arises when some unwanted random player joins in. Thankfully the devs are introducing password protection in the spring cleaning update.