My 2 cents on Ironsight

  • Hi everyone, just wanted to leave my 2 cents on the game.

    -Pros -:thumbup:

    1- Gorgeous GFX

    2- Balanced weapons .

    3-Quick to find matches.

    4 -UI quite simple and fonctional.

    5-No advantage can be adquired thru wallet.

    6-Level rewards are quite useful, no need to grind for new weapons. 1-2h a day will suffice to get a new weapon per week.


    1- Ranked. Is a disaster, from troll teams to gamecrash, take a pic.

    2-Lack of weapon customization, both skins and attachments. The skins present arent that great tbh and only 2 attachments per weapon makes you wish that that bullet slot could be filled in with something else.

    3- I spent 50 euros on the game and cannot purchase the skin I chase thru " Conditions". Lesson learned tho.


    5-Anticheat should be battleye style. While some have fun creating accounts as in i.e sv1 sv2 sv3 etc and hacking the hell out of the game, a anticheat that memorizes your pc and block him would be a great help. I know there are ways to bypass it, still not everyone does.


    In short, would give this game a solid 8/10 in the F2p FPS style and recommend it.:thumbup: