2 months..

  • 2 months without playing, and the game didn't changue a thing, +2 snipers but who cares about weapons, im talking about bugs, netcode, etc.. I remember when i reported a report bug, and they told me we will be fixin soon, i reported RANKED not working, u guys said " we will be fixin soon.." i reported that people with ping +100 could go insade of walls, and y guys said " we will be fixin soon", and then i stopped play, well after 2 months i started play to see if things change, and still the same, do DEVS care about this game? or its all because they're a small team who need 9 months to fix a bug per bug=?


  • there were server issues along the line that had to be fixed first and since these things occured everything else got delayed but they are on a good way now to try solving bugs. Regarding the netcode, this isn't a process that is quick to fix. that might take much more time someone could expect, since it's about the root of the game but this is definitely something being addressed, For now we can only tell you to be patient and wait for more news.