game taking away kills at the end of the match?

  • If you are talking about Resource Takeover, the robot kills add to your score but not to your overall kill/death ratio. If it did Resource Takeover would be abused to boost your k/d and we already have a problem with boosting as you can leave any game and not have your k/d affected (not as easy to boost, but still somewhat an exploit).

  • I think you're talking about the match highlight. When the game records a highlight it doesn't record a video but instead records a demo of what happened. In short demos are live playbacks of each button pressed on each frame. (that's why on some highlights you may see people killing invisible enemies because clientside the player saw them there but they weren't there serverside or at least when the server recorded the demo) Thus if you toggle the scoreboard on you see you have less kills, assists, deaths, etc. and so do your teammates because the game is acting like you were at the part of the game when the demo was recorded. Don't worry though as all the stats you acquired in the full game will count. Also sentinels killed in Resource Takeover don't count as kills in your record.