Game balance suggestion (Part 1)

  • Good day everyone. For two days, I've been testing half of in-game weapon and you know, I have a question: What the heck was that?

    1. No headshot. For example, I checked AK-47 piece by piece. Why there are no headshot in a distance of 1 meter?! AK-47 needs 3 shots to head to kill a person. Jesus. My butts are burning because of this. 1-26 meters - 3 shots, 27-29 meters - 4 shots, 30-70 meters - 5 shots (ALL TO HEAD). Precision & modified barrels are start working only from distance of 25 meters and more (no sense to use). I recommend next solution: Headshot (only one shot) 0-9 metres (max 12 metres, depends to the weapon caliber), 2 shots - 9-17 metres, 3 shots - 18-29 metres, 4 shots - 30-45 metres, 5 shots on a distance more than 46 meters. (Better to test it on a Public Test Server).

    2. Accuracy from the hip. As more I play Ironsight, as more I see players, who don't even use scopes/sights (AR, SMG&PDW). For example, in 80% of cases, players do not simply use the aiming mode, beacuse the accuracy from the hip allows to kill the enemy at sufficiently large distances. It is necessary to increase the spread of bullets over a distance of 8 meters and above. The more rounds in magazine (weapon caliber also) the stronger the spread of bullets at a distance.

    3. Bolt Sniper Rifle fix. The opportunity to stay in scope after shot wiil be allowed only after openning of the straight pull. It is necessary to reduce the speed of entry into the aiming mode. It is necessary to divide the optical sights into different situations: Thermal for close distances (highests speed of entry, useful on a middle & long distances), Viper for medium distances (universal), Scout for long distances (for one-pose-snipers).

    4. Customization. +1 slot for weapon mods.Example 1: I want to use scope, expand magazine and silencer for MP7, but the game does not allow me to do it. Example 2: I want to put on SCAR-H compensator, but also I need scope and expand magazine. To avoid imbalance stuff, each slot must be used for one type of modifications: Slot #1 only for scopes, Slot #2 only for barrel, Slot #3 - expand magazine and laser sight. It will increase the role of modifications. For example, laser sight will increase the accuracy from the hip to 15%, but putting the expand magazine will increase the capacity of rounds in a magazine. In short, CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY!

    !!!ADVICE!!! Access to weapon set by promoting. After getting an access we can buy the weapon. For example, 10 rang - AK-12 + Jackhammer, 13 rang - MSBS + Throwing knife, 15 rang - SG553 + Claymore, 17 rang - LWRC + Ultimax. IT IS JUST AN EXAMPLE. I opened 70% of weapons, I need MORE! Or add two-three types of weapon every patch (I think it's hard).

    That's all... for now.

    =======This is my vision of improving the game. All of the above is advisory in nature, so it can be changed and refined to perfection. I'm waiting for the burning buns that are launching to the orbit of the Earth along with the chairs (I don't care for haters)=======