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  • Hello. I joined Ironsight later than others. Though I have been playing a lot. I feel comfortable now to bring what I want to say to the forums. I decided to make a thread rather then comment on others due to how all over the place it will be. Please go easy on me. Communicating is my weak point

    I want to first start with Feedback. I think this game has the potential to be even better down the road. Right now the gameplay does not feel balanced. I am aware it is a beta but, there is some things that should of not happened (I will get to it in a min). The game is stable and easy going on PC resources. That is good

    I appreciate, the devs having Streaming in mind (getting a Discord up and things). It may come as a surprise but, there is companies out there, that are not aware of Twitch, or Mixer streaming. It is a good sign these days when companies put that much in to planning

    When I first heard about Ironsight, people were calling it a CoD clone. This can be a good or bad thing. Some people like the CoD thing, others don't. Hard to get people to see it isn't a true CoD, when that is all people say about it

    Now to talk about the guns. I did notice I am not the only one to comment on the bolt actions, shotguns, and the AR57. I agree with some of the things said

    I do feel that shotguns should be a primary weapon not a secondary. When you pair a shotgun with a bolt action, you have the best of both worlds. High damage at range, and up close. Bolt actions should reduce your health more than the PSG-1, Dragunov, or the EMR's.. Not instant kill you. With the way things are now, bolt actions will either sit somewhere, or run and gun. I should be able to counter a sniper with an SMG (at close range). Try as I might, even with a P90, I can't kill a bolt action fast enough. All they need is 1 hit to the torso. I need at least 10-15 bullets

    The AR57 is in every game. It is the dominating SMG due to it's magazine size, range, and rate of fire. I have not been able to come up with any ideas regarding it but, something needs to change (and soon)

    The Machine Guns are not in a good position. They are fun to play with but, they can't keep up. The recoil is too much to effectively hit things (when compared to an Assault Rifle, or SMG). The MG3 seems to be the only MG that matters as it has the best stats. Then there is the ammo problem. It effects everyone but, MG's more so

    The Vector seems to be the only SMG that matters (after the AR57). It's small magazine size is a problem. I was also expecting it to do more damage due to it being known for using .45 ACP

    To fix the CoD thing, make it less like CoD. One thing I appreciate with games (that is rare), is deep customization. I think Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield should be an example when it comes to shooters. I thought it was cool they went beyond the usual gun customization. You could customize your armor (light, medium, or heavy). In R6 3 RS tournaments, Heavies were actually used despite having an element of run and gun. Perhaps a customization system like that could be implemented

    More talents would be helpful. Health regen speed increase would be great. Perhaps there could be talents specifically for each of the weapon categories. For example, there could be a talent called "close quarter combat specialist" (CQB for short). It would give more pistol, and shotgun ammo (if shotguns become a main weapon)
    If shotguns become a primary, I suggest removing the current shotguns, and creating a brand new list. I was thinking the AA-12, Saiga-12, and the Mossberg 500 (or Remington 870). The Mossberg 500 could be the longest ranged shotgun, with the AA-12 behind that. The AA-12 and the Saiga-12, will use drum fed magazines (20 rounds), while the Mossberg sticks to its tube
    The Vector will be hard to fix. I think you could offer the .45 ACP variant of it (alongside the 9mm), giving a useful, higher damage SMG (with good rate of fire). The MP5 does not have the rate of fire to be taking on other SMG's at close range. If you do that, the .45 ACP variant can stick to the real life ammunition count of 25. The 9mm variant will get a magazine size increase to 33

    If having two Vectors is not what the community, or devs want.. I was thinking you could change the current Vector to the .45 ACP variant, then either buff some other SMG's or add new ones. If an SMG was to be added, I can recommend the CZ Scorpion Evo 3A1 (9mm), or the Uzi (different calibers)

    The CZ Scorpion may be hard to implement as there is not a lot of data on it. Yes it has a longer than normal barrel for SMG's (giving it great range) but, some specs like its rate of fire is not listed. The CZ website says "the Scorpion can empty its magazine in a hair over 1 1/2 seconds". That puts it nearest the Vector in terms of magazine dumping

    Both the CZ Scorpion 3A1, and Uzi, can field a 50 round magazine. For the Scorpion, this is achieved through a drum magazine. I know the internet won't mention a drum magazine but, I am aware it is possible (real life experience)
    As for the MG situation.. I would add both, or one of the following: L129A1, or the LSAT LMG. The L129A1 is the replacement to the L86A1 LSW (Light Support Weapon). The L86A1 LSW was suppose to be the UK fire support gun. The L129A1 proved to be better. The L129A1 can use a drum magazine giving it 50 rounds

    The LSAT is experimental at best. They have been made but, they continue to test different ammo types for it. Last I saw of the project, they were experimenting with 6.5mm ammo. Apparently the 6.5mm ammo is better for ranged combat than the 7.62mm NATO, and has lower recoil

    If both were added, the stats would be lower than the MG3 but, better than the others. Both would provide higher mobility than any MG's currently (allowing them to keep up). The L1291A1 can be the hardest hitting of the two, and have a lower rate of fire then the LSAT. The LSAT would make up for it with a higher rate of fire, better recoil control (best in MG category), and a 100 round magazine (6.5mm)
    Perhaps a recoil fix, is to change the compensators or muzzle brakes. Make it so they don't effect the stat themselves. Instead go direct to the source. Reduce the recoil of a particular aspect by x %. MG's would have the highest percent. The SMG's would have the lowest percent. I am not sure which order to put Assault Rifle, and Snipers in. The EMR's should be getting more recoil control then the Assault Rifles. Problem is they are in the same category as Assault Rifles. Perhaps moving the EMR's to their own category would be best?

    If EMR's are moved to their own category, it could allow for more to be added later on

    It would be nice if the game told you which recoil direction, is most problematic for each individual weapon
    Lastly the Ammo situation. I believe I see an easy fix. Create a micro 3D printer device thing, as a Tactical slot. This would force players to make the choice of bringing Flash Bangs (or otherwise), or to provide a means of replenishing ammo (for you and the team). It could be something you interact with

    This new device would have unlimited uses but, it has a cool down. The cool down should not be long as some weapons run out of ammo quickly but, enough so it is not constant
    This is the most I have. I hope it helps the game. Thank you if you read this!

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  • The only way for this game to succeed that has a similar gameplay of CoD is to look like CoD. They already past closed/tech beta where big things can be moved around.

    Vector is already op with high fire rate so it doesn’t need .45 for more damage.

    Movement lag eat your shots so that’s why it takes 15-20 bullets to kill at cqc. Bolt actions already are one shot.

    Not sure how adding new weapons would balance the game


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  • Ok. At least make it a unique CoD then. I think the customization system would make it less like CoD either way

    If the Vector was changed to .45 ACP then it would have a lower rate of fire. I was thinking 80 or so. Damage could be increased to 30. If that was changed, I was thinking the CZ Scorpion or Uzi could be added to fill it's place. The Scorpion could have 40 range, 90 rate of fire, 28 damage, better recoil control and a few other things. As it stands there is not enough SMG's to compete with the AR57, and most SMG's lack the ammo capacity to be used for rushing groups. If the CZ Scorpion was added, it would provide a 3rd, 50 magazine, SMG

    Right. I was saying that bolt actions should not be one shot. With the way it is now, the bolts are being treated as run and gun. I think it should lower your health a lot more than the EMR's, PSG, or the Dragunov.. not instant kill

    Adding new weapons would increase flexibility of load outs, and give better weapons. Most categories really only have 3-4 useful guns. The rest are dead weight. In the case of the MG's, adding the LSAT or the L129A1, would give the category more controllable MG's better suited for the run and gun style of the game. I think MG's do have a purpose even in this game

    MG's are great for point defense. I can make my MG 3 work for point defenses, on certain maps but, not all. With a recoil control of at least 55-60 on the LSAT (if it were added), and mobility of around 88.. I could easily do 10x more than what I am doing now
    While on that subject, I did see I forgot to post this. I can add that here

    MG's would have even more use if the spawns were fixed. It would prevent the spawn killing issue. I have been in multiple games now where I spawn and immediately get drone'ed or shot. If spawns were fixed, they could have spawn invulnerability, and be an area drones can't attack

    It shouldn't upset gameplay. Almost all maps make it easy to flank as is

  • semi auto rifles are already 2 shot and bolt action is 1 shot theres no 1.5 shots in games. They can be nerfed by increase the chamber pull time


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  • PSG 1 and CF-X50 are two shot yes. I guess that could work but, if the 1 shot torso is left in place, people will treat the bolts as run and gun. It is a sniper rifle. They should be aiming for the head if they can help it

    I guess I would be ok with chamber increase time, and increased aim time (if I can't get a 2 shot torso nerf). That will hopefully force people to use the PSG-1, SVD or CF-X50. In a run and gun scenario that is realistically what you want anyways

    Even if that gets fixed, there is still a lot of other things that need fixing though. I pointed out a few in my original post

    After much thought, I realized if the LSAT is added, it would need to be 62-64 recoil control. I have seen what full auto is like below that (with the ARX 160 and others). It is rough. For a point defense weapon, it needs to hit, and be able to suppress

    The L12A91 could be 60 recoil control, and perhaps 32-33 damage with a rate of fire of 70. Some thoughts I had while I was away dealing with things

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