2v2 Tournament, Ironsight Leagues & Comp. Discord

  • Hello Everyone!

    2v2 Tournament

    I thought I would take the time to let you all know of the 2v2 tournament taking place this Sunday! The tournament is free-to-play and there are already a bunch of teams signed up and ready to play! Its a great first experience of competitive gaming. If its your first time playing an ESHUB Tournament, or you need a reminder, here is a video on how to join and become eligible for the tournament.

    Please remember that we host WEEKLY Tournaments every Sunday! Due to the volume of traffic, from next week onwards, we'll be running tournaments by region. This means a tournament for Europe and a tournament for North America!

    Ironsight League

    We're also pleased to say that we have now confirmed 22 teams to compete in our Ironsight League. 10 teams competing in our European League and 12 teams in the North American League. You can keep track of things by getting involved in our twitterand discord. Season 1 starts next week!!

    We'll try to stream as much of the League as possible (this may be hard due to no spectator mode but we're working around this) and try to get some VODS on YouTube! If you want to get involved with Season 2, we suggest you make yourself known to ESHUB by competing in our tournaments and being vocal in our discord.

    Competitive Discord & Twitter

    We've got a dedicated Ironsight Discord with 150 members in only a few days! This discord is used to promote your stream and content, find teams or organisations, compete in our tournaments and most importantly, used to build a competitive community. You canjoin this discord here.

    Ironsight Ladders

    There are a bunch of Ironsight ladders on our website:

    1v1 Ladder

    2v2 Ladder

    Team Ladder

    You can get involved and start practicing - for free! If you want to be a bit more bold, we do have a wager function!

    First time using a ladder? Here's an indepth video guide on how to get started.

    Good luck out there gamers! See you on Sunday with your duo!

  • Already 10 teams involved for the tournament, you guys still have 2 days to sign up, please watch the tutorial video linked in the original post if this is your first time signing up to one of our tournaments!

  • A great turnout of 22 teams! Excellent job! Each week we're gathering more and more teams.

    Next week's tournaments are 5v5!

    Sunday 20th of May. EUROPE. 5pm BST 5v5 Search & Destroy (Best of 3) Tournament.

    Join here - https://theesportshub.com/tournament/1638

    Sunday 20th of May. NORTH AMERICA. 6pm EDT 5v5 Search & Destroy (Best of 3) Tournament.
    Join here - https://theesportshub.com/tournament/1639

    How to join? Please watch: