• I think they will maybe tease it or give us some updates on what's going to happen for the next patch/update. I think the beta is making sure the game is fair and balanced, and most of all, fun!

    The community is really showing it's support and feedback to this game. I believe the developers will gather all this information and combine it to make the best for the game to come. I do believe the developers will take in consideration for most of the ideas and criticism we have about the game based on the replys and activity on the forums and social media. This community is growing very rapidly and it's not going to stop when it releases, and we show our support in playing the game, purchasing maybe some skins, and giving our thoughts about the games current state.

  • Indeed we are showing stuff up to come with teasers that our partners will present once available but we still have the priority to improve the server performance. Though it doesn't mean the developers will slack off on new content. Keep an eye open on the news and also join our discord to receive all news before others