EMP Launcher needs a model rework.

  • One of the most, if not the most, tactically essential (secondary) weapons should not give you a slight disadvantage while being in your loadout.

    The EMP launcher is crucial for teamplay, since its main use is to destroy drones that may (or may not) heavily affect the outcome of the match. However, its big model can make you suffer if you have it in your loadout. As some of you might have noticed, a player with an EMP launcher is very easy to notice and track due to additional height and size to the character model. Therefore, my suggestion is to lower the size or the length of the weapon (Seriously, It does not need to be that long ^^). Except for snipers, most other players (like myself, an assault rifler) don't have much use for the other secondary weapons anyway, so I'd love to be able to equip the EMP launcher and help out my team without any being-spotted-from-across-the-map worries.

    TL;DR: Smaller = better. 8)

  • "2big4me." - she

    But seriously though , it's a bit too long. Can't complain much about the size, but the length is just weird. Maybe cut it down somewhat so that the launcher fits perfectly on your back (like the other non-pistol secondary) instead of hanging above your head and all the way down to your knees? Cool as it might seem in the main menu, it's simply ridiculous seeing someone running around with it on their back in-game.

  • the part above the head I agree is way too much, they could do something with that.

    Dunno if u have seen this, it sure happens with EMP launcher too, when a sniper is in the floor of DAM map, and he hides from the ground players in the border by crouching, if they swap to secondary weapon, ground players can see half sniper moving around xD

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