FraggerZ Tournament (5v5 S&D) May 12 Cup - Registration Information

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    Welcome to FraggerZ May 12 5v5 S&D Cup

    With this next tournament, we are implementing a point system that will be ongoing throughout all Bi-Weekly FraggerZ tournaments.
    It works like so:

    1 Team point gained for reaching the bubble (1st, 2nd, or 3rd Place)
    These points will be used to determine which teams are eligible for invite into future FraggerZ Elites tournament...which will encompass a much bigger prize pool and is invite-only.

    *Note* The statistics from last tournament have been saved

    On top of this new point system, there will be a minimum of $50 prize pool. This will also be consistent for each Bi-Weekly tournament. This amount is subject to increase with potential donators. Last tournament, it reached a peak of $130 which was sent to the team, Skaikru, for winning.

    Here is the official link to the next cup's Toornament page.…4346507354112/information

    Matches will start at 3:00 PM EST on May 12, Saturday. Registration closes that morning at 9:30 AM EST (Saturday).

    If you need help registering for this next FraggerZ cup, please post here or message me on discord @ Tyler DERD#1385

    Please note that the FraggerZ Discord is mandatory for all updates regarding the tournament, as well as communicating with tournament officials!

    See ya'll on the battlefield!

  • GGWP will be there :D Look forward to it <3

    Leader of GGWP (Currently Disbanded). Coach of Team TRASHY. Former Global Rank #1. Competitive Hybrid Player. All around trash tbh :P