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    I'm a shooter junkie. I've played over 2000 hours in CSGO and hit Global Elite, I also play a lot of PUBG and Rainbow 6 Siege. I've also played a lot of PC COD games (MW2 and BlOps2 are my favorite) as well as F2P shooters such as Combat Arms, AVA, and Black Squad. This isn't to say that my opinions are 'correct', I'm mainly trying to show that they come from at least SOME shooter experience.

    My primary goal in writing this is to give feedback to the developers. There is truly something special here and I want them to know that and expand on it. I will touch upon a wide variety of topics and virtually every gameplay element.

    TLDR: This is one of the most enjoyable arcade shooters I have ever played, and quite possibly one of the most high-quality free2play games I have ever played, as is. Please continue improving it.


    The movement system is FANTASTIC. Super pleasurable. Moving around feels crisp and fluid, and is one of the chief reasons Ironsight just feels so good. You're agile and don't typically get snagged on environmental objects. Stamina system is generous. Acceleration/sprint speed feels very good but enemies don't feel like they're impossible to hit. Camera bob is not intrusive, I'd say it's just right for immersion. Vaulting is smooth. Jumping feels nice, but not overpowered.

    My one gripe is dropshotting (classic COD, amirite). While you do get unscoped while proning, I think more needs to be done to combat this very terrible cheese mechanic. The accuracy penalty for shooting while hipfiring should be ramped up 100-200%. I hate people who abuse this strategy in any game. It has no place whatsoever in any shooter.


    I really enjoy the gunplay. It feels punchy and kills are satisfying. Aiming is crisp. The recoil seems stronger than it is in COD games, which is fine. TTK feels fair. Health regeneration is not very fast, which is awesome. ADS speed is very fast which is also nice; it meshes perfectly with the movement/hipfire mechanics. Blast radius of grenades feel pretty fair and there are a healthy variety of viable tacticals/lethals to choose from. Explosives indicators are WAY too big. Aimpunch is something I'm half-and-half on. I would keep it about the same for snipers but decrease it for ARs/SMGs. I think one of the perks (maybe Balance) could be adjusted to also grant a decrease in aimpunch. In general it's not a fun mechanic but it has its place. The spawning system feels fair and there are far fewer instances of bad spawning than I expected (spawning in the middle of enemies, getting backstabbed really quickly by spawn flips). Respawns are super fast, which makes me feel like the game values my time investment.

    Hipfire is VERY good in this game, which is both a blessing and a curse. Running and gunning is fun as hell. SMGs have a distinct advantage over other weapon types at close range but are outclassed at medium-long range, which I feel is appropriate (AR-57 might need a bit of a nerf). But ARs are no pushovers either. The power of hipfire makes engagements fast-paced and mobility-focused which I think makes the game more fun. Unfortunately, this ties into my singular gripe from before, DROPSHOTTING.

    Sniping. The elephant in the room. It's no secret that sniping is extremely powerful in this game. Buuuut, I'm not too sure it deserves a nerf. It's not very difficult to punish a sniper for missing a shot, and at close range most people can't consistently land those quickscopes. Overall I think sniping is very enjoyable, similar to CSGO AWPing before the nerf. This seems like one of those cases where something is 'broken' but is balanced by the virtue of everything else being 'broken' too: snipers have to contend with laser ARs and hipfiring SMGs. It's really not a big deal that snipers are good and I hope other people think this too.

    Weapon variety is great. A lot of iconic firearms to choose from. Secondaries are good and most importantly, balanced (the SPAS is fair). The primaries feel different enough, perhaps a bit samey in some areas, but in a F2P shooter I feel that overlap is acceptable so long as guns are visually distinct and all viable. I think it's perfectly fine to have two identically performing weapons that are different gun models (think of it like more gun skins) so long as SOME performance variety exists throughout the game. I want this game to be flooded with firearms for me to choose from. One problem with the current roster is that the gun sounds are super samey. I know realistically guns mostly sound alike but I would prefer distinct firing sounds. It adds another layer of personality to the weapons. Make them sound different and make them sound powerful.

    Perks and Attachments

    Attachments: Pretty healthy variety here. Hopefully more are planned. Really dig the sights, and that Clear Sight is the most beautiful sight I've ever seen. I think some kind of FPS award is warranted for the Clear Sight alone. Reticle customization tho? Please? :) General crosshair customization would be lovely too.

    I would love more attachments, perhaps suppressors, different foregrips, and mounted grenade launchers/shotguns. I know people have nightmares about noobtubes but I think it could be balanced properly. A launcher on your rifle could replace your lethal grenade slot or your lethal AND tactical grenade slot, or another attachment slot. Equipping a Masterkey shotgun on your rifle could replace your secondary. Point is there are ways to tinker with this to make it not infuriating to play against.

    Perks: Can't complain here, except it would be awesome to have more perks. I don't see any point in adding anything like Scavenger since you start with plenty of ammo can pick up weapons, but perks like Lightweight, Scrambler, Sitrep (more useful once you turn down the nade indicators), Cold-Blooded/Ghost, etc all deserve to make an appearance. Maybe even Bling. I would stay away from Gung-Ho, One Man Army, and Last Stand. Especially Last Stand. Screw Last Stand.


    Bread and butter COD killstreaks make their appearances, and they are executed well enough. The points-based cooldown system does not feel unfair. I don't have a particularly strong opinion on killstreaks being split into 2 trees like in MW3 but I think it works fine from a balance standpoint. It seems that people tend to gravitate towards offensive drones because they're cooler but the support drones seem very powerful and extremely attractive to run as well.

    The Spider Drone seems unreliable (but it's the easiest to obtain so fair enough). The flying ball bomb just seems terrible though. It's a dud that needs some kind of rework to make it usable. At this point I see no reason to touch it.

    I would like to see more killstreaks being released over time. Hopefully nothing too bullshit though. It would be interesting if there were a third killstreak tree but I do not have any ideas.

    Map Design

    I enjoy most of the maps. Map design tends to be stronger for the bigger maps and weaker for the more compact, symmetrical ones. Bomb site placements are pretty fair, even on the smaller maps. I would like to see more asymmetrical maps released over time as these are more complex and interesting to navigate, especially for Search. I would like to see more maps designed specifically with Search in mind.

    Aesthetically, the maps are great. They look good and aren't cluttered. The designs are clean, simple, easy to read and learn, so good stuff here.

    I REALLY like that the maps have unique quirks, from the dust storm/environment destruction in Outpost to the conveyor belts in Airport. They each add personality, uniqueness, and complexity to the maps and make them more enjoyable. They create "whoa that was sick" moments and make maps more memorable. It's insanely cool that I am able to use the rocket launch exhaust on Titan as smoke cover to push through the middle of the map. Real excellent design decisions.


    The bread and butter gamemodes are solid. TDM and KOTH are both fine, but Resource Takeover feels kind of meh. Search, however is absolutely fantastic in this game. It's intense, feels somewhat strategic at times, gives plenty of room for individual play. Most of the maps are decently suited for it as well.

    We need more game modes! However, there is a balance to be struck here. Too many game modes is bad.

    One gamemode to consider is Domination: Fun in the older CODs, and probably would be more popular than Resource Takeover.

    This game NEEDS a Party Games playlist. We already have all the ingredients. Throwing knives/axes, a crossbow, weapon variety...PLEASE bring party games to Ironsight. This was one of my favorite parts of COD and would fit this game extremely well.

    Gun Game, Sticks and Stones, One in the Chamber, are all incredibly fun gamemodes. (I would NOT implement all of them as totally separate game modes. Instead, I would implement a single Party Games gamemode and within those lobbies you vote for maps/specific party games. I think that would be the most elegant solution.)

    A Practice Mode/Shooting Range would be good too. Check out how Black Squad handles Practice Mode. Their iteration of it is one of the best I've seen. Another nifty feature would be the ability to test store weapons in a firing range to see how they look in first person and handle.

    (Pt. 2 below)

  • UI/Performance/Graphics

    Love it. General UI is very clean and aesthetically pleasing. Dig the minimalism. Makes the game look far more like a professionally-created product. Hell, the menus are better than the menus of some very popular games (coughPUBG).

    I do wish there were more options for teammate indicators. Right now the indicators are opaque and can get in the way. As I said before, crosshair customization would be appreciated, and more customization in general would not hurt.

    Performance-wise this game is stellar. It is expertly optimized and the graphics are good for a free game.

    Visually I have no complaints at all; I do not want eye-rape, I want my 'competitive' shooter to be visually striking and clean with enemies that aren't impossible to see. This game accomplishes that perfectly. Weapon models are nice and don't look awkward. The entire game in general does not feel cheap. Quite the opposite. A+, guys. I'm glad the visuals aren't overboard.


    Is it me or is the pricing model too steep? If I did the math correctly it's about 25 bucks an emote, which is totally crazy. They're excellent emotes but.... I legitimately wanted to buy a bunch because of their sheer quality but the price totally turned me off. I would be very happy to spend money on this excellent game but I feel I don't get enough bang for my buck.

    The skins are also lackluster. Granted this isn't a huge issue for me personally (I value gameplay far more) but improvements on this front can only mean more revenue.

    Otherwise, I'm very happy that this game is not pay2win. The model is extremely healthy.


    I watched Battlenonsense's video on this. Not really much to say here. I do find the game adequately enjoyable in its current state but things on this front could definitely be better, and I hope the netcode improves over time. Dying behind walls is an irritating problem as is the amount of trade kills. This isn't so much of an issue in the faster gamemodes because respawns are very quick but in something like Search it would probably get to me after a while.


    This game is practically everything I've been looking for in a F2P FPS for YEARS. I've long thought that Call of Duty should venture into a more service-based model like CSGO, and this game is basically Call of Duty: Global Offensive. It hits the vast majority of my check marks and is a stunningly well-built product. I like this game better than many paid games.

    Seriously, with more support/content I can see this game being something huge, particularly if it hits Steam. I do fear that more exposure and popularity will lead to more cheaters; so far I haven't experienced any so I have no idea what to expect from the anticheat.

    But man oh man, right now I love this game. Good job, developers. You are a talented bunch. Please keep it up.

  • Introduction

    Much like the OP, I am also a FPS junkie, been playing pretty much every FPS game out there, while my maximum hours (3000+) are put into Planetside 2. FPS games differ, but there are many things that they have in common and I too wish to give my feedback after having invested some hours into different weapons, maps, gamemodes in Ironsight.

    TLDR: Ironsight is a great F2P FPS arcade shooter with good potential but still needs some improvement. 7/10

    First impressions:

    When I first jumped into the game, I was surprised as to how small the game files were, only 5 gigs? Took me minutes to download and even quicker to get into match. I considered this a huge bonus, since when you try out a new game, you don't want to wait forever or go through long tutorials before you can start playing. The interface was easy to figure out and encountered no issues or crashes which is amazing considering that this is a beta. After 3 matches I managed to reached top of the scoreboard and get the MVP bonus awards. For the most bit, I am still able to stay there too which rings a few alarm bells.

    Game mechanics

    Extremely fluid and stunning gun mechanics on par with any AAA title out there. Weapons switching is fast and easy, control bindings are simple and at no point do you feel as if you need to to fiddle around in a menu to anything. Everything is on the HUD and kept very simple, making Ironsight a smooth fast paced FPS arcade game. One thing that really speaks to the genre here, is the fast respawn. Although, I don't understand why I should press "[action key]" to respawn 1-2 seconds faster. Fast respawn is great for a game such as this, but I'd rather have the game respawn me rather than me spamming a single button just to get back into the fight a few seconds quicker.


    The gamemodes are very simple to understand, I absolutely love that you can chose different loadouts depending on what map you are playing to maximize your kill potential. Unfortunately, because of the netcode which I will cover later, there is only one tactic in this game and this is to charge forward. Movement is registered with a huge delay, making it possible to kill enemies before they can even see you and vise versa. It therefore not only feels like, but is a fact, that if you don't charge you are putting yourself at a disadvantage in terms of lag compensation.

    - Then there's the 1 hit kill snipers, which is fair if you headshot or shoot someone in the heart. But getting hit in the pinky toe of your foot and instantly dying is just completely silly and unbalanced, especially when seeing it happen during a highlight at the end of the match. Clearly, Ironsight only has 2 damage registration values, one for the head and the other for everything else. Which is far below standards compared to other FPS games. Shooting someone in the feet or fingers should not have the same damage value as shooting them directly in the torso.


    First, let's talk about the ones that matter, that being weapons and characters. The gun animations are fantastisk right on par with Killing Floor 2, reloading is smooth, they look amazing and sound even better. Honestly, this is close to perfection since I honestly cannot think of another FPS game that really nails the sound, feel and looks of guns as well as Ironsight does. Good Job!

    Now for the ones that don't matter, that being models+textures in maps but player characters. Well, it is very very clear that these were not a priority, the maps look and feel blocky and have no stunning factors in them. They are very bland and the same goes for the character models. One thing which had me extremly confused was how Ironsight calls itself "a futuristic shooter" but has absolutely no futurist elements in it (apart from the weird robots. All the guns are from the last century so its in the armor that does nothing against bullets but slowly regens your health? I mean, in games like Battlefield 2142 or Planetside 2 you can clearly... and I mean very clearly see the futuristic element everywhere, from guns, maps to characters. But here, I am just not seeing it at all.

    Lastly, I for one am put off by characters that look Anime/Manga/Hentai and whatever the difference is between those three. I realize that the game is from Korea and that such things are popculture there, but at least give us one western looking character then I will gladly throw my hard earned money at you ;)

    Maps/Game modes

    I am going to be honest here and acknowledge that you did a great job in appealing to those who like arcade shooters. I really think that particular audience will love the hell out of the maps.

    But personally, I am not one of them. I wanted more. Honestly, the only game mode that appeals to me is team death match. The maps are soooo small, actually no... they are TINY that getting tactical in them just utterly pointless. You have only 3 one leveled ways to go, flank right, go mid or flank left. That's it.

    That being said, you did get those three directions right and for what little they have to offer, the maps do work quite well for their size.

    And no, I don't frikken wish to see a Battle Royale mode for this game, hell no.


    Hit detection: You done it right!

    Gunfire: You done it right!

    Movement: You done fucked it up :/

    Oh boy, here we go. This is the one point where the setback in Ironsight is so huge that I actually don't feel like playing the game, and the main reason why I make this post. I am talking of course about lag compensation. To those who don't know what this is, a short example would be:
    - Enemy fires towards you, you move behind the cover of a wall, and even though you have clearly made it 2-3 meters inside of cover you still die.

    - In Overwatch, Roadhog hooks you through a wall and drags you through the wall because on his screen, you never made it into cover.
    I know you guys in the dev team are already working on improving this and I hope like crazy that you will get this point up to standards because this can kill a arcade shooter like Ironsight in no-time. Games like Planetside 2 can get away with and even the fanbase understands since in that game, a firefight in a single location can host over 300 players and 2000 players on a single map. It's fine and unavoidable then.

    But in a 6v6 or 8v8 on a tiny map? Seriously? Come on .... :/ I should never have been an issue to begin with.

    TTK (Time to kill)/skill cap/Repetition

    Now I that I have covered the other points I finally feel comfortable getting into what the skill ceiling in this game is.

    - Master the layout of the maps (really not that hard considering how small they are)

    - Master your loadouts (not that hard either since its AR for slightly open maps and smg for CQC)

    - Master your flanking (again, very small maps and limited options)

    - Master you twitch reflexes (this is where it's at all)

    Most of the kills that take place in this game happen like so:

    Example 1: You see enemy player and fire, enemy players hasn't seen you and dies instantly

    Example 2: You see enemy player and fire, enemy players sees you and fires, whoever pulled the trigger first wins (or both die)

    I wish this third example was possible, but.. it just isn't in this game because of time to kill and lag compensation.

    Example 3: You see enemy player and fire, enemy player hasn't seen you but reacts to hit indication markers, return fire at you and kills you because he has better gun control and aim.

    ^ That will never happen in Ironsight, not in its current state at least, Time to kill is soooo short that you have no chance of fighting back if someone opens up on you and if you fire at someone before they fire at you, hey... it's a free kill, you already know beforehand that you've won.

    So if this is all you need to know then the skill ceiling isn't all that high, there isn't a lot to learn and personally it's a shame. If Ironsight is a futuristic shooter as it calls itself, give us futuristic armor and increase the time to kill.

    Mind you (whoever reads this) that I may be biased. Most of my hours are in Planetside 2 where time to kill is very long. It usually takes about 15 bullets to kill someone in that game (more of they play as Heavy Assault) and it all comes down to managing your recoil and landing shots on the enemy or you are dead.

    But I like that. I like that if I am better at guncontrol and aim, I win a fight even if I wasn't the first one to shoot. But yeah, this is a arcade shooter and I think I am starting to forget that.

    It is a bit repetitive. Yes, every FPS game in some form is

    1. Charge

    2. Kill or die

    3. Repeat 1+2

    But... there can be many steps in between which also stimulate. Ironsight just doesn't really have any of them. But up the scale of players to 16v16 and double/tripple the mapsize and that would certainly happen. But perhaps Ironsight would then move away from its true form, that being a arcade shooter and not a tactical shooter.

    Progression/F2P Model

    You nailed it. Thank you for the 20k gold so I could get my desired gun straight of the bat.

    Thank you for keeping the game balanced and not pay 2 win.

    Thank you for keeping microtransactions mostly to cosmetics.

    I love the progression in guns, the more you actually use it, the more you unlock for it. Brilliant idea.

    Really good job here, I think you are drawing in a good audience and that this game has potential. A lot of it. Honestly, thank you for not being greedy scumbags like EA.


    Ironsight is a good game. It's not the best, not the worst and definitely not your average garbage Steam F2P shooter. Ironsight actually is a good game. Netcode needs some improvement, a little bit of polish, some bigger maps and I have no doubt that it can take the nr 1 spot in Arcade FPS games and compete with CS:GO, Blacksquad, Crossfire etc.

    7/10 - Waiting for netcode improvements, tactical options and weapon+TTK balance :)

    PS: In the west, we say "Start Game" and not "Game Start" as it currently does in the launcher ;*

  • Well, I don't really know how can you enjoy that much this game, for me it's literally one of the worst with real worst performances ever seen on a free to play game. I play lot of FPS, and I don't really like Ironsight all around: movements are too slow (for me), aiming is slow (for me), hipfire is too accurate and abused.

    But the thing that really kills me is netcode: 0.5 s delay killing/getting killed, killing people while i'm reloading, getting killed behind walls, people appearing from nowhere.

    That's my experience.

  • Well, I don't really know how can you enjoy that much this game, for me it's literally one of the worst with real worst performances ever seen on a free to play game. I play lot of FPS, and I don't really like Ironsight all around: movements are too slow (for me), aiming is slow (for me), hipfire is too accurate and abused.

    But the thing that really kills me is netcode: 0.5 s delay killing/getting killed, killing people while i'm reloading, getting killed behind walls, people appearing from nowhere.

    That's my experience.

    People are playing the game and they did get a lot of things right.

    Personally, I prefer other FPS games since mentioned before, the movement delay in the netcode makes it borderline unplayable for me. That's not to say the rest isn't working as it should, it's a darn good effort for a fast paced FPS arcade shooter and if the optimize the netcode and narrow lag compensation to a minimum I will personally definitely play the hell out of this game. But for now, I will wait and see what happens.