FAQ - Ironsight

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    Hum, hello? I've seen some light so I came in... What is Ironsight exactly?

    Ironsight is a Free-to-play shooter taking place in a post-apocalyptic futuristic world. It's 2025, and two factions now fight for the control of Earth's last remaining resources: EDEN & NAF. Pick up a weapon and shoot your way to victory!

    What kind of machine do I need to play Ironsight?

    Ironsight is playable on PC (Windows) only.

    You will find the system requirements below:

    Is Ironsight available on consoles? How about macOS, Linux?

    Unfortunately not. Currently, Ironsight is a Windows-exclusive title.

    Is Ironsight pay-to-win?

    Absolutely not. In Ironsight, there is no pay wall. As a free player, you can access every item / game mode. Spending AP will not give you any advantage over your opponents during fights.

    Is Ironsight available on Steam?

    Ironsight's Open Beta isn't available on Steam. Our plans are to try and release the polished commercial version on Steam once it is ready.

    Where can I play Ironsight from?

    We are publishing Ironsight for North America, South America and Europe. We are considering more territories, but for now, playing from outside of those zones might affect your game performances (ping and network stability).

    Where are the servers located?

    Currently, three servers are available: one in Europe (channels in Belgium and Frankfurt), one in the United States (North Virginia / South Carolina) and one in Brazil (São Paulo).

    Do I need to pay anything to play Ironsight?

    No, the game is free-to-play. Just create an account, download the client, and get started!

    I can't access Ironsight, could it be related to the country I am playing from?

    Yes, as a matter of fact, it could! Our Ironsight servers are for the most part hosted on the Google Cloud platform, and Google being a US-based company, it has to follow the directives of the OFAC (U.S. Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control). In this case, it means that countries currently under an official OFAC embargo are forbidden from accessing any Google service, and thus from connecting to Ironsight. You can find more information here.

    What is the anti-cheat on Ironsight?

    Our anticheat is called KAMU (formerly known as EAC), more info on their official website.

    When will the game be released?

    The date of Ironsight's commercial release is still undecided. More information on that topic soon!

    Who is Ironsight's developer?

    Wiple Games. Please don't hesitate to have a look at their website.

    Is Ironsight going to be on ESL?

    We are extremely interested in e-sports, and if the community is big and motivated enough, we will definitely go for it once the game is ready.

    I am a streamer/youtuber and I want to create content for Ironsight. Do I get anything?

    Please have a look at our partner program!

    I have ideas/suggestions to give, where can I do so?

    Please join us on the official forums! We welcome any kind of feedback or suggestion.

    I have a technical issue or a question regarding one of my purchases in the game. Who do I contact?

    For any technical issue or enquiry regarding your purchases on Ironsight, you can contact our Support Team here.

    How can I contact a member of the Ironsight Team?

    If you're encountering an issue, please send a ticket to our support team here. You can also poke one of our community managers on Discord or on the forums.

    What languages are supported on Ironsight?

    Ironsight is currently fully supported in English, German and French.

    Will there be a wipe of the data and progress after the end of the Open Beta?

    No, we haven't planned any server wipe. Rollbacks could happen exceptionally for technical reasons.

    I found a bug or a text issue in the game. How do I report it?

    You can report any bug or translation mistake you find on Ironsight by filling the following form.

    Is there Mouse Acceleration in Ironsight? Can I play with Raw Input?

    Ironsight uses raw input by default in order to ensure optimal precision. It does not have any mouse acceleration option, but windows does. Make sure you untick "enhance pointer precision" in your pointer options to disable it (Control Panel > Mouse Properties).

    Can I play Ironsight with a controller?

    Ironsight doesn't support controllers yet but you can use a third-party software such as AntiMicro or JoyToKey to emulate keyboard input with your controller.

    I'm encountering an issue when I try to patch the game, it seems stuck / won't extract, what should I do?

    You might be trying to patch an older version of Ironsight, or your install might be corrupted. Please redownload the game at the following link: Click here. You will then be able to play normally.