New game mode: Triangulation

  • The objective is to triangulate enemy resources caches.

    The old school game mode Domination, but with an Ironsight twist.

    The attacking team has to capture and hold all 3 points until the caches have been located.

    Once all 3 points are captured by the attacking team, the progress bar starts to fill up 3%/sec.

    Progress will continue until the defending team has recaptured 1 point, then progress halts.

    If the defending team recaptures 2 or more points, progress begins to decrease.

    1 point recaptured, the progress decreases 3%/sec, 2 points recaptured 6%/sec.

    First to 2 wins, each round is 1 point for a win.

    Match time is 3 minutes.

    If anyone has any ideas or changes, please feel free to leave them down below.

    I really would love to see a game mode like this in the game, it fits the backstory rather well.