Firing Range - Weapon Test Field

  • Would be nice if the game offer to have option to test every weapon out side of the match. I do like that at least you can play for specific time with any weapon. But it cost in-game free currency. If you'd like to try out several Assault Rifles, for example I have to spend more than a single weapon price in order to do that in a match. And still there is a cases where won't give me the best way to test weapon only in matches.

    My suggestions is to have some sort of very simple level, where you can enter at any time from the lobby with any weapons. The level should have simply several targets on different range. Would be nice if some of they are moving. Or with some sort other attributes.

    For reference I think everyone knows other games where they have that feature. For example the Gun Smith in Ghost Recon Future Soldiers. Other game featuring Firing Range was Ghost In The Stand Alone Complex and Ghost Recon Phantoms.

    Here is a video of testing weapon in Ghost In The Shell

  • It was necessary at once in the game to make a test room, for a weapon test. Why did not do it is not clear.

  • a step above this would be to have a sandbox like Blacksquad has,one where it shows dmg values.

    Battlerite has a practice zone as well.

    but ya being able to test before buying would help.

    only problem I see though is it would hurt their monetization. for example it will help people select exactly what they want to main and not have as much incentive to buy gold/exp boosters. That said people will usually ask around and watch gameplay before buying a weapon. as well as look at what's popular/meta. So its not that big a deal.

    looking for alternate ways to monetize would be ideal imo.

    a skin marketplace like CSGO or DOTA2 would be ideal.