Suicide bug?

  • I made a video about netcode and when i was done i started to wonder if others also had this weird bug or netcode magic? happend to them.

    When im in a firefight, i die, and the game says that i comited suicide?

    It,s in the video twice but it has happend many other times.

  • I never noticed the suicide one. It may be related to the server during a bad period. Where do you reside?

    Its happend about 10 times since i started playing the game , i only had this game for 6 weeks or so. I live In Sweden and use 100Mb fiber connection (no wifi).

  • if it were due to tcp I doubt that it would do this kind of magic :/ we hope to surprise you with improvements soon

    I hope so to, if you get this game to run good i think you have a game that will be really popular once released on steam . I did not give PUBG this mutch time as im giving Ironsight. PUBG i stopped playing after 4-5 weeks because it ran so poorly ( and stil does ) and i know they can never solve those issues because of the game engine and so on. I have bigger hope for Ironsight :-)

  • I believe maybe you commited suicide by firing at the car and the barrel. It's not the player who killed you, but the explosions.

    Ok, but one of the time i am outside, did you see both times i died? I was starting to think that ricocheting bullets was a thing in ironsight 😁.

    Oh ,ok i watched one more time and i think you might be right. Outside the barrel explode and the car might was the cause of the other death.

    Thanks for pointing it out to me.

  • I have never personally encountered this issue but if its a common thing then it should be handles A$AP.

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  • Suicide happens when: You fall off the map (Dam), you get caught in the blast range of a lethal explosive you used, death by own drones like crawler, firefly, blade drone (either get hit when it lands or it hits an obstacle when launching) striker drone will also kill you if the bomb explodes close to you. Also yeah, making vehicles to explode by your attacks.