Game update.

  • More likely, The devs work slow I'm guessing so who really knows that COULD and CAN tell us. Everyone I've spoken to knows NOTHING about the update -- Which doesn't surprise me since no one here but us players bothers asking questions that relates to anything relevant. I'm still going to play the game however, a simple update of I"m guessing a few GBs that got postponed won't stop me from playing a wonderful shooter. It's just bad that no one will communicate with the devs to ask them how much longer the fan base will wait, because I'm getting a little tired of waiting for what could be a HUGE update that would allow us for more content, whether it be survival mode (which the KR version had) or updated sound files (HINT HINT wiple) Or whatever it could hold for us. I don't speak for everyone but I know I'm not the only one thinking/saying this.

  • Hey there!

    The updated will be pushed out as soon as there is a fix for the problem we had last time! We don't know when exactly this will be, but it shouldn’t take long.

    Keep in mind that this game is in a pretty early status and things may take a while in order be fully working and running as intended.

    The whole team is working hard to deliver you the best experience possible! ;)

  • Hello i want to ask is there any talks about considering PVE mod in ironsight which u could play with 3 or 5 people curently with pve mod game have is for 1 player so are devs considering adding some pve mission similar to EMP or some story based mission for group of players in near future because this game need good pve mod i like EMP mision but its too short and u dont enjoy much unless it have many waves each wave to be harder with more of those mecha bots