[ENG] AIMWARE recruiting now! Discord available

  • AIMWARE is recruiting now

    AIMWARE is a clan that seeks players that are willing to play regularly.

    The best players that are willing to play often will be moved to AIMWARE Elite and will play with the best players and will start winning.

    What AIMWARE seeks to do:

    • Create a friendly and active community
    • Create a good and skilled team with AIMWARE Elite
    • Create an environment where players of lesser skill can train and hone their skills while playing with helpful and supportive players in the regular clan.
    • Allow people to play with familiar teammates every game due to the active community.

    What rules does AIMWARE have?

    • Stay active, profiles that have been inactive for over over one week will be kicked, they are free to rejoin when they resume activity.
    • Members should stay respectful to eachother, if a member can provide proof that another member has been harassing them, the member at wrong shall be kicked.
    • Members must listen to the owner and the deputies.

    Please feel free to join us on our Discord https://discord.gg/5wX4TE7