EAC blocking "set priority change"

  • So, I tried changing the priority in the proccess tab, but everytime I get blocked from doing so. (I know it is caused by EAC)

    I know this is also an issue in other games, but people fixed it (I think).

    Is there a fix on this in this game?

    Because my pc is completely quiet when Im playing, which means it does not uses its full power to run this game.

    Is there another fix or something? I tried changing the power options but that seems it does not work.

    pls help



    When I set my settings to high, the fps even improve, basically, they dont change no matter what graphic settings I have

  • sadly, we don't have any fix for that either. We don't know how you can prioritize the process with EAC.

    If there were valid suggestions from other games, you could try those too if it doesn't include to alter game files

  • Yeah you cant unless you mess with the game files. With this game at least

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