Quality of life suggestions

  • simple wishlist: I know that the devs are working mostly on stabilizing the servers and bugs, but here are some quality of life/misc things that I think would benefit the game that aren't too big of changes. Again, these aren't a high priority or anything that drastically affects balance/gameplay, just things that I think could be added. apologies if some of these have been mentioned already

    1. Show a weapon's level on the HUD. leveling up your weapon is an achievement, and people should know what level your gun is on killcam/spectate/pickup
    2. Show what attachment a weapon has (eg: P90 TR + Precision Barrel)
    3. ability to change loadout a few seconds after spawning
    4. scorestreaks should carry over from loadout to loadout
    5. make the lobby chat a bit bigger or at least expandable
    6. make the font sizes adjustable
    7. make a "repair all" button that repairs everything in your inventory, not just weapons in a loadout
    8. show experience bar somewhere on the main menu
    9. save preset scorestreak loadouts so you can change from tactical to offensive easily and not have to reselect every scorestreak
    10. reduce the amount of back-and-forth menu transitions (for example: allow us to select 2 attachments for our guns without needing to enter attachment 1> exit> enter attachment 2> exit or selecting each scorestreak and needing a transition screen for each one)
    11. when temporary items expire, change to whatever default item is available for that slot (example: when sticky grenades expire, automatically replace it back to frags)
    12. have simple attachment descriptions that actually tell you what it does "lasersight: increase hipfire accuracy", or "modified rifiling: increases mid range damage dropoff"
    13. make it so that custom games do not degrade your weapon repairs. custom games don't gain you any exp or GP, so it doesn't make sense to need to pay repair costs


    • Show what attachments are available for each weapon before you buy them
    • show gun's corresponding achievement in the inventory menu
    • show what firing mode weapons have in the menu (semi, 2 round burst, etc)

    that's all for now. i'll probably add more as I think of them. thanks!

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  • Agree.. hopefully the DEVS take a look at this.