Structured competitive pugs (pick up games)

  • Hey Ironsight community. I wanted to reach out to let the community know a little bit about what we've been trying to do. Over the past multiple months, we've had a few people on our team working on a competitive website as well as a Discord bot. While the website is still in development (and we fully expect to host tournaments with cash prizes and potentially even a league once it's completed), the Discord bot is completed.

    Our custom bot is designed specifically to help facilitate the process of running pugs and has been tailored specifically for Ironsight. The process looks like this:

    1) Join up on the Discord and type !join in the #pug channel. This will enter you into the current queue. (You can also type !help if you are confused.)

    2) Once 10 people have joined the queue, there are a few things that will occur:

    2a) The bot will automatically create 2 new voice channels for the pug.

    2b) The bot will send a message to the channel letting everyone know the pug is ready, what the teams are, and who the captain is.

    2c) It will also DM each member of the pug informing you of the same, but it will also let you know (privately) what the name of the server will be to connect to as well as which voice channel to connect to. Once the game allows passwords, this will also be included in the DM.

    2d) The captain will be notified that they are the captain and to create the game using a particular server name.

    We have some future goals in mind to also help keep pugs competitive, safe, and happy, such as a system that will allow you to !report cheaters, griefers, etc. We're always looking to grow and improve so we certainly appreciate any and all suggestions and improvements that the community (you) may have for us to make our environment even better. Our ultimate goal is to create a Discord for competitive gaming for multiple games that upholds the value of respect. We're actively seeking admins to help reinforce that and we're hopeful that you'll notice it if you become a part of it.

    That's pretty much all there is to it in regards to pugs. The bot will handle most of the logistics. The captain simply needs to handle the creation of the server. You guys are all welcome and can join here:

    Hope to see you out there and feel free to spread the word! :)

  • Making custom discord bots is really fun :) +1 for that...I was working on a very similar one from scratch in C#

    xyeLz Try contacting WreckIt .. There's already a competitive IronSight discord server set up with over 150 members. Rules and regulations as well as other competitive information have already been settled.

    I recommend transferring this bot to that server?


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