A suggestion from the video editing scene

  • Hi, coming from someone who's been a video editor for about 8 years now, i'd love to see a theater/replay mode with advanced features in Ironsight.

    First off, i'm a call of duty editor, i've been around the editing community for about 6 years and i've seen it grow in the past few years.

    There's alot of editing going around call of duty, but i feel like the csgo editing community has been getting alot more recognition. csgo allows you to enter developer commands to enhance the game and ease the process of recording, this includes ingame rendering of footage, 'streams' as it's called, or you might refer to cod4's rendering command cl_avidemo <fps>, which renders a set of images straight from the game. The use of enhancing/recording tools are still very limited, people had to create their own tools to eg record cinematics using a dolly camera.

    Lately, cod hasn't been listening to the community that much, that includes the editing community. This didn't stop users from developing third party tools to ease the process once again, me and a good friend of mine, luckyy, have been working on several tools for most old gen cod games, but as the newer games become much less interesting and harder to 'hack' into, we kind of resort to sticking to the old games.

    I took notice of Ironsight after i saw my friend Agony play the game, you might know him from FaZe. The game has insane potential to be an editing community standard, it's got the graphics, and the overall feel and aesthetics are similar to the older cods which we loved so much.

    To actually appeal to this community, to gather their attention, you would have to introduce a theater mode/replay/rendering system that is highly advanced.

    Fortnite is doing it, I've seen things happen on battlefield 1, but call of duty decided to leave this behind

    Here are some features that would make the game appealing to the editing community:

    1. A replay mode, and a place to store/share your replays with other people

    2. Being able to switch between third person, a free camera and a dolly camera, for making cinematic shots

    3. Multiple streams rendering, select features you'd like to see when rendering the footage, this can be anything from below:

    • Render the default in-game footage, with separate parts of the hud disabled/enabled, and in a framerate ranging from 30 up to 600 frames per second. Preferably into an uncompressed image sequence (.tga, .png), but also in h.264 mp4 format for direct sharing to sites such as youtube
    • A background recording, foreground objects such as the gun are disabled, which can be put back in later using the next stream:
    • A greenscreen/alpha channel recording of just the weapon in the foreground.
    • A depth buffer/normal buffer version, and a separate normal buffer for just the gun

    Before i go on, i'd like to explain why we need these separated. There's such a thing as 'Motion tracking', which allows editors to track the environment and put in their own effects, as it's done with most modern movies. The gun can mess up some of that motion tracking as it removes part of the environment that needs to be tracked, and in the end you'd want the gun to appear over the tracked objects

    All very detailed and may seem unnecessary, but as soon as you get into editing and start getting creative, these are the small things that can help you out

    Depth/Normal buffers can be used to enhance the game, we're talking about adding depth effects, DOF (Depth of Field), relighting the scene, adding fog, a different atmosphere. Again, small things that can be used to create great video effects.

    Apart from these features, there's also small things that the old cod games featured in their engine

    The bokeh style dof is probably the most wanted feature in most games, we can use third party tools such as reshade nowadays, but an ingame feature would be much more pleasant and more natural

    A little more information about myself:

    I go by the name Gmzorz, i have a youtube channel dedicated to video editing which has almost 7k subscribers.

    I used to run a video editing contest channel, which i later passed onto a friend of mine. currently sitting at 30k subscribers.

    I'm a member of Relative Minds, one of the top moviemaking teams in the community.

    Links are featured below for more information:

    My channel: http://youtube.com/dvar

    The editing contest channel: http://youtube.com/oneclipcontest

    My team: http://youtube.com/relativeminds

    Currently the biggest editing community channel out there, over 100k subscribers: https://www.youtube.com/user/the3n19ma

    Would love to hear some more opinions,

    - Jim

  • You are one of the few people who can structure a thread properly, thank you.

    As for your suggestions:

    1. This should be somewhat easy to implement from a programmer perspective, IronSight already has support for replay as you can see during the end of match where they show the highlight of the match.
    2. The developers has access to free-look camera probably dolly-camera as well, again this should be fairly easy to implement.
    3. This would be pretty hard to implement not just from a programming perspective but also from a design perspective. They will have to make an editor for a very small amount of users. Personally i wouldn't go this far as 1 & 2 can "Get the job done". It would be nice though.

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