MachineSoldiers now recruiting

  • Hey guys

    Machine Soldiers are now recruiting.....

    I posted yesterday saying how I was looking to get on a competitive team and I began talks with MSE (machinesoldiersesports) and they have decided to branch out into Ironsight, we are looking for 4 competitive players to join me in creating an esports team for them and we would be looking to compete in tournaments and any future lans (when they start). We are also looking for members to join the clan to play regular matches. If you would like more info on MSE then please check out our twitter @machinesoldiers or our website and if you are interested in joining then please get in contact with me on Twitter @MSE_Catalysttt or reply to this thread. Thank you everyone and have a great day! 😄

  • Looking for 3 players now, Must be able to play the tournament on the 7th and be willing to grind the game, looking for 2 versatile players and a sniper, get ion contact ASAP. If any teams are looking for 2 and would like to join MSE then please get in contact with me by either replying to this or on twitter @MSE_Catalysttt :) If anyone knows any decent free agents then let them know that we are looking too! :D hope eveyone is well!

  • Okay last time im gonna be comenting on this, Looking for literally anyone at this point, either free agents or anyone LF1 to represent MSE, great opportunity for any players, please at least be half decent and yeah lmk if youre down to run on this or get in contact with me on twitter @MSE_Catalysttt thanks guys

  • Try your luck on competitive IronSight discord.


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