Freezing in game ?

  • Hi i have a problem that in middle of the game its freezing my player like for maybe 3 or 5 seconds i cant move or fire just look around

    my ping in Europe between 60ms to 80ms

    who else get like this ? and sorry for my very bad english

    Also i have a terible ping lag but i dont know why it says 60ms and i have 50M/bs download

    thanks everyone

  • if you're not able to move but look around, it may be related to the server or your internet connection.

    Where are you from and since when does this issue occur?

    Im from saudi arabia and the nearest server is Europe and this problem happens in every game .. any sloutions please ?

  • try to disable every background program on your computer. You can find them in the task manager under autostart, if you have windows 8 or higher. Then, close all applications like Browser, Discord and Skype. Also assure, that updates aren't being downloaded during your game session or that there aren't too many users accessing your routers with multiple devices. What I can also recommend is to play with a cable connection instead of wireless