Cheaters & Hackers

  • We thank you for your feedback but an anticheat isn't able to prevent everything but it can be adapted to most of things.

    If you encounter any hackers we kindly ask you to report them with a video proof here:

    ok i do agree a anti cheat doesn't fix everyone but what are you using anyway??ive heard easy anti cheat but tbh its useless and im yet to see it work in any game,battle eye would be the best bet,how do i know this well i have over 500 hours in rainbow six siege and that game was hack infested in the beginning and now its pritty clean,its not complaetly perfect but much better,just an opinion but hay if you want this game to be still making money in 12 months time then that is were i would put some cash.

  • In my opinion I know as well how good battleye works and I can say that I don't have much experience with easyanticheat but it's being tested which anticheat will fit the game best. I could also be that it might change again in the future what isn't unlikely