One week OBT - Feedback

  • Everything described here still applies, I just want to stress a few things:

    1. Snipers are cancer

    2. The killcam is useless

    3. Your servers are bad, holly shit

    GitS First Assault, another F2P FPS title, was famous for his horrible netcode. I didn't thought that you can have servers worse than FA, bit Ironsight disabused me. Not a single round without getting killed behind a wall, getting killed by prefire gods, getting killed by people in their running animation, getting no hitmarkers while the enemy fills your reticle. Not a single day without a full server going red-bar from one second to another, turning the match into a giant lag-fest.

    "But it's a beta mate, they will..." They SHOULD HAVE. I always thought a beta was meant to iron out last problems and details not to test something fundamental like the servers.

    Ok, what's next?


    I'm actually surprised how close the matches usually are, don't know if this is just luck or if there is a system behind it. However, sometimes a game starts with just a handful of players and new players get shared unequally.

    Also, certain modes and maps (namely S&D, Island and Oceanfront) appear very rarely.


    TDM: There isn't much to break in TDM, but sometimes spawn change very rapidly, like the you get shot from the room you just left or a bunch of enemies spawns right in your face.

    S&D: Sniper cancer is back. Especially on open maps defenders just have to pick up a sniper rifle and wait for attackers to come. Also, there should be a drone limit. Having three blade drones against you at once isn't fun at all.

    Secure point: Overall solid, some problems with spawns. I had a match on Island, the enemy kept the cave point and my team spawned at the same point over and over again, giving us the choice to either use the short way that led to a choke point where Snipers (here we go again) just had to waid for us OR walk around half of the map and through the enemies spawn.

    Resource takeover: Sometimes new points are way to close to the enemy spawn points.


    Nademarkers should be permanent and appear while a nade is still in the air.

    Effects of nades differ, like people suvive a nade at their feet but get killed an explosive metres away (also applies to drones). Also, Tactical nades sometimes show no effect.

    Custom rooms

    Admin should be able to kick/ban players from custom games. Or at least protect a game with a password.


    Combined with the shitty servers, it feels really odd. I have problems hitting people ADS, but the play of the game is a guy jumping around landing hipfire headshots across half of the map.

    News and stuff

    One day I tried to start the game, but nothing happened. Restarted launcher, restarted PC, nothing helped. A quick look at the forum, others had the same problem. Why? Server maintenance. Source: "Someone on discord". I know that "Join our discord!" is the 2018-gamedevs "Like us on Facebook!", but relying only on a Discord is not enough. There is a News section in the launcher, there is News and Announcements part in the forum, there even is News section at...November 2017. Ok.

    Random stuff

    Nades and ammounition should have a permanent buying option

    You sometimes suicide when stepping on the ship in Oceanfront

    You shouldn't autorespawn in the loadout section

    You shouldn't autojoin another match after the last one finished