Random weapon ideas thread

  • I had some random weapon ideas that could be added into the game at some point in time.

    VSS Vintorez: This is a sniper rifle with a built in silencer

    Honey Badger: a compact SMG, also with a built in silencer

    Stoner 63: straight mag or drum mag fed light MG

    The Thompson: Just because its a futuristic game doesn't mean we still cant have the classics.

    FN FAL: Single action assault rifles are still popular (right?)

    M60: A classic MG, i'm surprised its not in the game already.

    Uzi OR Mini Uzi: Either or will work tbh

    Remington 870 shotgun: Compact version would work well

    Barrett 50 cal: again, a good classic from FPS games, surprised that this isn't in the game already as well

    If you have some weapon ideas to share post them in the comments :)


  • No VSS please, I'm sick and tired of that gun, it's horrible to fight against in literally every game I've seen it in

    Honey Badger: Yes

    Stoner 63: Kinda weird choice honestly, especially since the game is supposed to be semi-futuristic, but I guess nothing too odd

    Thompson: Old SMGs are cool, so why not?

    FN FAL: We already have a FAL in the game

    M60: Yes

    UZI: I'd prefer the classic full sized one, I just think it looks cooler, adding sights to it may be problematic though.

    Remington 870 shotgun: Wood handguard and stock or nothing

    Barrett: No, the Blaser is annoying enough.

  • Will if you want full length shotguns then why not just toss in a double barrel shotgun to the mix

    hell might as well throw in a AA-12, as if the Jackhammer wasn't enough kek


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  • stoner 63 ahaha

    fn fal - sa58 osw is modern fal

    thompson in 2025 rly ?
    m60 - this old seen vietnam war

    vss vintorez - nice idea

    honey badger - nice too

    uzi - classic

    barret - spray and one hit kill :/

    remington - hmm idk

    my suggestion:



    -intervention snipe

    -make emp launcher smaller, more compact like m72 law (its not looks good when somebody have cannon of his back and sprinting well)
    -skorpion evo

    -l85 carabine (enfield)

    -scar light version (5,56mm)


  • Let me add to your list:

    HK433 | The new compact and modular assault rifle generation.

    HK237 | The HK237 is a mid-range weapon based on the G36/HK233 with the high-performance calibre .300 Blackout / Whisper.

    Remington ACR | The Adaptive Combat Rifle is a modular assault rifle designed by Magpul Industries of Austin, Texas and was known as the Masada.

    Model 1911 | Chambered for the formidable .45ACP cartridge, the M1911 pistol was the standard issue U.S. military sidearm from 1911 until 1985

  • Nice ideas except we already got the 1911 in the game.

  • Stoner 63 has a nice drum mag design. If we dont get the gun, would at least like to see that kind of weapon attachment/magazine for ARs.

    Thompson, I think would look cool as a classic in this semi-futuristic setting. Another large magazine SMG besides AR57, but probably with a lot of recoil.

    Uzi, I'm worried will be too similar (stat wise) to the MP9 and PP-2000, which are already near identical in stats.

    Honey Badger, hot. You got my vote.


    How about the AA12?


    And the S12 Saiga?


  • - The Stoner 63 was produced for twenty years, thirty years ago. Kind of a footnote.

    - The Honey Badger's a carbine that never left prototype, production ended five years ago.

    - Re: WW2 guns, you could make an argument for including the STG-44 or M1 carbine, seeing as they've actually turned up in combat zones in the last ten years, but the Thompson's going on a hundred years old. It's had one hell of a run, you can let it go. :P

    The issue with your suggestions is that they're very Black Ops 1, when Ironsight is basically Black Ops 2.

    For my money...

    SIG MCX instead of the Honey Badger as a new carbine.

    HK416 / HK433 for the general-purpose AR category (though the ACR could be cool and a nice break from the whole HK thing)

    A-545 as another entry in the FAMAS niche.

    ACE-53 or ASh-12.7 for the automatic BR, SCAR/SA58 niche.

    SVCh or SIG-716- semi-auto AR / sniper.

    RPK-16 - LMG.

    SIG P320/M17, would probably be in a similar niche to the Storm.

  • I got couple of some ideas for weapons that are a bit unknown case i don't like to see the same weapons being always used and having so fearly unique weapons would be awesome.

    https://upload.wikimedia.org/w….JPG/800px-Colorproto.JPG This is the last fire arms that Eugene Stoner ewer designed it's a plastic belt fed case less ammo assault rifle.

    http://photobucket.com/gallery…HNtenZyN3p4eC5qcGc=/?ref= Then it would be cool to see one of the original ar15 rifles as they had that famas like charging handle.

    http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Jatimatic_SMG One other cool one would be the finnish jatimatic smg

    http://www.thetruthaboutguns.c…-review-polish-pm-06-smg/ The new polish pm-06

    http://weaponsman.com/?p=15007 The Sokolovsky auto master simply it just looks so sleak

    http://www.thefirearmblog.com/…al-dual-magazine-shotgun/ This mystery shotgun that no one know much about as the only existing one has been lost

    http://www.thefirearmblog.com/…med-forces-future-weapon/ and if you want something super futuristic then the Canadian prototype rifle

    http://guns.wikia.com/wiki/AAI_SPIW Or some guns from the us SPIW project were the us was trying to develop multi shot high capacity high fire rate firearms.

    I know these things are super rear fire arms but common we have the pancor jackhammer in the game and if you don' t know there is currently only one in the existence

  • I mean honestly I can't see most of those being in the game, say for the PM-06 and than Canadian prototype rifle.

  • This is a copy paste of mine so if you have mentioned something already dont roast me xD

    Assault Rifles :

    AAC Honeybadger


    Colt Modular 901

    Remington ACR

    FN F2000

    Remington R5

    CZ805 Bren

    SMGs :


    Daewoo K7

    PP19 Bizon


    LMG :



    Sniper Rifles :

    Remington MSR


    Remington 700

    Pistols :

    Walther P99

    FN 5-7

    Sig Sauer P226


    Glock 18 Semi Auto

    Beretta M9

    MP443 Grach

    USP 45


    Shotguns :



    SAIGA 12


  • SVU

    Saiga 12


    Judge revolver

    a standart m9 and maybe an m93r



    and just for fun a Colt SAA

    oh and a last thing: the original sights for the AUG and P90. i dont know any game in wich the holo sight for the p90 exists. i know the scope for the aug is in BO1