Aiming down sight

  • In game you can choose your sniper sensivity and that also affect the aiming down sight. I like to have the same sensivity on hipfire and ads, the problem is that if i dont change the sniper sensivity it,s way slower in ads compaired to hippfire. If i put it to 1.2 it still slower and 1.3 is a bit faster. There should be no difference if keept unchanged (1) and there is no way of having it exact the same. Whats up with that? I use the clear sight with no zoom iff it matters.

  • I dont really get your point.

    Mouse speed should not change if you have sniper sensitivity on 1, ads or hipfire.

  • While this is true it doesn't REALLY change anything....ADS speed SHOULD and Typically IS Slower than standard mouse speed. I'm sure it'll be worked correctly in the future but for now it's not really game breaking or even game changing.