Duty calls in the battle for Earth's last resources.

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Game Features

  • Custom Built Iron Engine™
    Enjoy innovative, technologically advanced gameplay.
  • Dynamic Combat Zones
    Over 14 unique combat zones. Discover and traverse diverse terrains with interactive elements, destroyable routes, and zones with varying climate conditions and effects.
  • Personalized High-Tech Artillery
    Over 100 customizable weapons. Arm yourself with technologically advanced versions of various weaponry, including Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, SMGs and more.
  • Lock and Load - Play Your Way!
    Unlock customizable weapons and character skins and play the way YOU want.
  • Strategic Drone Operation
    Choose from a wide selection of tactival drones to assist you in your strategies.


Join the final battle for worldwide supremacy!

Ironsight is the modern and realistic free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter featuring intense online battles.

Set in a dystopian world reeling from the effects of a catastrophic natural disaster, two warring factions, the North Atlantic Federation (NAF) and the Energy Development Enterprise Network (EDEN), are engaged in relentless warfare in the final battle over the planet's last remaining natural resource, Trinitium.

With the collapse of oil, Trinitium is now the dominant energy resource capable of not only powering entire cities and infrastructures but most importantly, unraveling the secrets to new and more powerful technologies which lead to a new generation of advanced drones and military equipment.

Ironsight puts you in the middle of a global war between international corporations and elite mercenaries. The speed and adrenaline of the game catapult you to the forefront of a cutting-edge and technologically advanced battlefield.

Armed with the most innovative weaponry and powerful drone technology, you're well prepared for the final battle on Earth.

Immerse yourself in intense combat zones set across continents and recognizable global landmarks, with varying terrain and weather conditions.

Explosive FPS Multiplayer Action!

Join your elite force (NAF or EDEN) and fight for Earth’s last remaining resources.

Join exhiliarating battles and form your elite clan.

Charge ahead and play competitively with your friends, claim your perch atop the leaderboard and become the Ironsight legend you were destined to be!