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  • Hey! I'd like to submit my "Dressed for Summer" post, could you kindly approve my account? Thanks!
    • Hey SpeedQC, your account will be approved by a Community Manager as soon as they can :)
    • I need mine too
  • I keep getting the spinning wheel loading thing and then error message that it timed out. I haven't ever been able to play the game since I've downloaded it 2 months ago. I would really love to try this game out so any help would be greatly appreciated. It acts almost like the display isn't right for it or something but when I try changing the resolution it don't help either. have a great day and hope you can help me with this issue.
  • how to place thread on the summer story event i dont know how to reply but i want to participate, i have a story but couldnt do
    so bcz i dont know how to post
  • Hi Deadpool, good day! i'm trying to install ironsight and did both manual and thru the website downloads of the installet..launcher seems to work fine but can not proceed to the actual game with a message - "crashsender 1400.exe-System Error : the code executioncannot proceed because MSVCR100.dll was not found.Reinstalling the program may fix this problem" and also for MSVCP100.dll was not found with the same message. I did uninstall & re-install of vcredist x64 or x86 but still the same problem appears. I'm using win10 latest version 64bit. What will be the possible solutions? thank you in advance for your reply & assistance. Cheers.
  • I need help installing the game ive tried through the website and manually but ive put them all in the folder and everything and gives me messages and I have no idea what to do
  • Iron sight gets stuck on installation almost done and doesn't do anything else please help me.
  • is there a reason i'm not levelling up? played about 4 to 5 matches not one bit of xp but i can level guns any insight to this
  • I have problems installing the game, trying it manually the .exe seems to not work for me and I am not able to transfer it to any folder that holds the rest of the data, and trying to open it removes it.
  • i have been trying to install the game for weeks now. still no success! tried both ways to install no luck. can you message me please
  • i have tried both methods but I still keep getting the corrupt file errors. please help.
  • Send me the fix on this account plz
  • hello deadpool

    i have the same issue when i try to install the game manually, i keep getting corrupt file errors

    could you help me
  • So is it possible for a new download link? Neither the direct link or the manual downloads work. Would love to play this game, but keep getting corrupt file errors.
  • Hey mate, went to install the game with the direct and manual download. Still getting the corrupt file error. For the direct download it was for the character_og.wpg and for the manual its for all the map.wpg files.

    Is there any other alternative downloads available that might work? or a way to fix this?
  • Hi i seem to be still having trouble downloading the game, even after trying to download from your forum post.…ed-files-issue-fail-to-d/

    It says error to upload source code for multiple wpg files.
  • Mate what is the installer and what the downloader im confused (i have the 32bit issue)
  • Hey man, Ive been playing this morning the new gamemode and i love it, but i go in my killstreak ( tactical tab) and the HYDRA killstreak doesnt not appear. Ive re installed the game twice and yes ive scroll down haha, theres no killstreak that requires 2,200 points in my tactical tab :\ .
  • hey man i've had so many issues with downloading and then launcher, (EAC index not found) can you please help
  • i have problem
    an error occurred while trying to copy a file
  • Hey man .
    I downloaded the files but still not working i get problems with map_island.wpg .........
    so please help me . waiting for reply .
    Thank you !
  • It also doesn't work for me when i manually download it. It still says files are corrupted please help me
    Thank you
  • Hey Deadpool I've downloaded the files manually and using the installer but it says the files are corrupted. Let me know if you have a solution to this please. Really like this game and surely want to play it.

    Regards Shady.
  • Hey,can you please let me know if you have a solution for corrupted files? I have tried using the installer and also manually downloaded the files but it didn't work.Thank You.
    • Hey there SkooTy,

      Link works for me but I'll send a PM. :)

  • Hi man, either I cannot find where to see your PM (for the alternative download) or I have not received the PM. Help! Will the PM be in 'conversations'? If so, it says "no recent conversations". Many thanks!
  • Every time I try to install the game i get corrupted files and have tried both the regular download and the manual one neither working for m
    • same problem
      i think that tomorrow the mod sens to our the solution
    • Hey there iTz and SVPR,

      I'll drop you a PM to both of you.

  • Hello, i have issues while installing the game.. I tried downloading it from the sites download link and manually but none of them seemed to work..
    i want to play this beautiful game
  • deadpool pls we want to play the game :(
    • Sorry Darbyy for the huge delay ;(

      I've sent you a PM though
  • Error - Unknown file version IronSight/tbbmalloc.dll how to fix it
    • Hey noier,

      I'll send you a PM.

  • Hello, as others have previously mentioned i have issues while installing the game.. I tried downloading it from the sites download link and manually but none of them seemed to work.
    • Hey there Proko,

      I'll drop you a PM, sorry for the delay.