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  • hello could i get a full game folder the corrupted files are so bad i even tryed to download mannualy the setup please fix fast or send me a full game link splashy please : (
  • Hey,can you please let me know if you have a solution for corrupted files? I have tried using the installer and also manually downloaded the files but it didn't work.Thank You.
  • Ich habe ein Problem mit meiner AP-sperre. Bitte um Rückmeldung.
    MfG Bricelnd
  • hi,Splashy its not a bug but . can you give info to DEV with a probleme of logitech mouse . i can't configure mouse button F7, F8, F9, F10.... with other mouse there are no bug. i cant associete buttons keybord to mouse.
    • ok bug . for logitech mouse option buttons. run the game in "no admin mod"
  • how to rply a post ?
    I need to submit my "ironwork" vdo link but in event post I dont see any option to rply that !! pls help
    • you need a verified account. Please create a new account and we will be able to verify it for you.
  • I entered. As I see the replenishment on the site. But in the game there are no changes.
  • Hi.Put money into the game. On the site, money was displayed and there was no money in the game.
    • Did you make sure to log in with the correct account where the AP is on?
  • how do i post something to the thread i dont find a comment button can u please tell me hoe to do so i can enter ??
  • I need help please I cant enter the game cane you help me
  • Sorry to bother you Splashy, but for some stupid reason I can't reply to your Video Creation Contest thread. I created an account just for this, and I have no idea what's wrong. No confirmation email came in, and doesn't work on any of the 3 browsers I have. Been bothering with this for 40min now and so decided to post here before deadline. Anyway, please accept my entry that I linked here. No copyrighted songs (It shouldn't be copyrighted, double checked). I make trailers for video games, so here's my go at Ironsight. If there's anything, you can google TheLankySoldier or bother me on Twitter regarding the video. Happy to change anything if there's an issue. Thank you for taking your time with me.

  • can post my YT link to the video creation contest
  • i cant post my draw ? plz need answer no reply is shown to me ?
  • how do i download iron sight on chrome os??? really interested in playing.
  • How to confirm my account?
  • disconnected from the server just afk a lot of problems )
    • The issue should be fixed now, and please do not write on the wall, use the conversation tool on the forum :)
  • have stopped loading room , the room I go and nothing happens
    • Hello, please do not use the wall to contact me, use the conversation option instead. Thank you :)
  • Habe den screeenshot für das event bereit, jedoch lässt er mich das formular nicht abschicken oder öffnen , bitte um hilfe ! :)
    • Ist jetzt aktiviert :) Du müsstest jetzt Zugang haben.
  • Slashy...

    I can't contain myself any more....

    I have feelings for you...

    that I can't explain...

    I don't know how to say it, but here it goes!!!!

    Splashy! I LOVE YOU!

    • Nope, because you wrote my name at the beginning wrong. How rude
  • Splishy Splashy Spluuuush
  • He doesn't even care about my meow... you literally hurt my feelings... -sad meow-
    • Maybe because I am confused about the heart? :D
    • D: okay no hearts... noted...
    • Well, I am not a lovely person, more like a nightmare :)
    • thats a lie!... we'll see!
    • Löschen bringt nichts ich hab das gesehen!
  • omgggggggg, how come I didn't comment here yet? SPLASH SPLUSCH!! ♥ ♥ ♥ *hugs*
    • Hi Arietty Spaghetti, how is it going in da Hooood :D
    • Spaghetti. o3o ! Good good and how 'bout ya?! *Squishes* Your name sounds squishy!
    • Good to hear ^^ Same here and I do like my name *squishes* :)
  • Allo sploooshy ♥
    • Aloha Unico, or should I say Buuuhnico :D
    • I love the name Buuuhnico, so Buuuhnico be it, please xD
    • Ok, so Buuuhnico it is :) at least until Halloween
    • Then, you have to think about something new. :D
    • Like Unichristmas :)
  • 2 Min for me!? :D
    • Just leave me a message :)
    • Here in the Commu. Can you change the color of new threads. Is more or less the same color from threads i have already read... Sry. iam old an my english is...rostiii... :)
    • Naja, wir können auch deutsch reden :) aber ja wir versuchen das in naher Zukunft zu ändern.
    • Oh, jemand bei Aeria Games der Deutsch kommunizieren möchte. Na Hauptsache, du hast es verstanden. Der farbliche Unterschied ist wirklich zu klein... Danke dir. ;)
  • meow <3