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  • can you send me link to download this game ive been stuck on install program for hours
  • hello could u help me please i got the same error (an error occurred while trying to copy file ) thx
  • could you please help, mine gets stuck at Map-Dam.wpg
  • could you please help, mine gets stuck at character_og.wpg
    • check your private messages
  • Yo, I'm having problems installing ironsight, could I get the file please? Thx, for your time
  • having trouble installing ironsight, can i have the file? thx, sorry if im bothering you:)
  • hi can i have the file please ^^
  • Hey there ! I have trouble installing Ironsight.. Could i have the file please? Thanks :)
  • Hello...Can i have the file? thnks
  • hey can i have the files too? ty
  • hello... may i please have the files, thank you so much and sorry for the inconvenience
  • Heiliger, Can i please have the files aswell? sorry, i know alot of people are asking but you're the only one willing to help XD sorry for the inconvenience
  • Hey, i saw some other post about the same problem I saw that you are helping, when i launch installer its starts the setup and then at a moment it shows some of the wpg file source corrupted. Could I get those files, Thanks.
    • I'll send you a private message
  • Hey, I see you've helped a lot of people and i need help launching iron sight because when i click the installer, it just shows arieagames then disappears
    • quite a lot of people ye xD check your inbox
  • hey, could i get those files as well, sorry for any trouble
  • Hi, I was redirected from another post about failure to extract files during installation and hence the game could not be installed, may I get the files from you? Thank you in advance.
  • Hi man, i know i am the 100000 that ask you for the files... Corrupted for me too here. Can you send the file to me ? Thanks man !
  • Hey Heiliger könntest du mir bitte helfen ich hab das Problem wenn ich das spiel installiere kommt immer Fehler in Datei und wenn ich es manuell mache bekomme ich auch wieder Fehler in Datei hoffe auf schnell Hilfe. danke schon in voraus
  • hi, I heard you can help with the corrupt file installation. Can you send the file to me?

    Thanks a lot
  • can you send files man , thanks
  • Im sorry for bothering you man, but could i get the files? Been anticipating this game for a while now.
  • Can you send it to me aswell pls
  • Hey Man really looking forward to playing this game but the .wpg files are killing me would really appreciate if you could send me those files thanks,
    Your friendly neighborhood CyberPig.
  • I cant install the game because of the .wpg files dont extract, I heard you had a file of the game. So it would be great if you pm or something
  • pls send I want to play this game...……….
  • Hey man, Im also unable to install the game, got corrupted files as well. Could I receive the files? And do you know if this problem will be fixed anytime soon?
  • can i get that file please ?
  • I may need that file good sire
  • need the folder auto installation/manual installation doesnt work for me please send me thanks!
  • May I too indulge in the folder good sir