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  • Been having a lot of issues during the installation process. Just wanted to know if i could bother you for the client you've offered to others. I would be very much appreciated.
  • Hi! can you send me the file yu sent this person to fix their game install?
  • Hey man, I'm having issues like corrupted files while installing. I read those threads and I found out that most of the people were having the same issue, so I found out that you helped most of them out. So, I was wondering If you could help me too. Sorry for the trouble, lol. I'm pretty new though.
    • No worries, I'll write you a message ^^
    • Thank you so much, man!! I appreciate it a lot!! Been trying to install the game for the past 5 days! Thanks a lot, man!!!
    • you're welcome ^^
  • Hi sorry for bothering you. I'm having the same problem that others have the problem that says an error occured while trying to copy a file and that the source file is corrupted. How can i fix it? THX
    • I'll write you a message
    • Thanks so much. I'm waiting
    • I already wrote you xD
    • XD. thx im new to this website didn't realize it. But i keep getting 404 error
    • oh sry for that. will update the link. check again ^^
  • Hello. I have a problem with installing the game on my 32-bit OS, I have tried the fix u recommended to another player but it seems i don't have an ironsight installation file(I am not sure if u meant the ironsight setup file), I was wondering if u can help. Thanks in advance!
    • the ironsight setup file is meant to be run with windows vista compatibility but I can also send you my patched client, if you prefer that either
  • Heiliger, Sorry to bother, but I have problem in the file drone.wpg has how to pass me the link. appreciate
  • hello mr heiliger, months ago, i personally asked if i could get a client from you (which you did :D ) but unfortunately i move into a new system forgotting to backup the game before hand, is it possible if you could share me a client :D thanks in advance.
    • sure, I don't mind sending it again ^^
  • Hello Heiliger, having a problem installing ironsight and i saw you might be able to help.
    Thanks in advance
    • Hi, can you tell me what the issue is?
    • i get an error when trying to install saying that it cant copy a file and that the file is corrupted... Tried everything people mentioned on this forum but still cant get it to work.
    • i belive i need that link that you provide to download ironsight
    • sending
  • Hi Heiliger, could you send me the link / file to download ironsight? on my pc the dice I have of the corrupt files and I do not download it :(
    • sure, check your private message
  • Hey Heiliger, Having the same problem installing please help?
    Thanks in advance
    • Hi, sry for my late reply due to my vacation. Please leave another reply if you still need support
  • Hey getting that error while installing any chance you could send me the file?
    • Hi, sry for my late reply due to my vacation. Please leave another reply if you still need support
  • Hi could you kindly advise me on how to let the installation complete, towards the end in comes up with an error saying cant read from source. Then it asks me me to abort, retry or ignore. HELP!!!!!! Please
    • Hi, sry for my late reply due to my vacation. Please leave another reply if you still need support
  • Hey Heilger, like most people commenting here, I'm unable to install Iron sight, can I please have the "link" as well, the one from this thread:


    Thankyou! - Looking forward to trying out the game!
  • IMPORTANT: I'll be away starting today 'till August 4th. During that time I won't be able to send a client to anyone. Please go ask for the client to the available mods in discord.gg/ironsight or contact them in this forum directly
  • Hello i have problems :( can you send me the link pleace
  • Hello! Will you help by directing the link?
  • heyy could you send me the link, having trouble with installing ironsight
  • hey! im also stuck on the installation could you help me out with a link :)
  • Please man I need help! I've been working on downloading this game almost all day! I tried reinstalling and someone said do it with firewall and Windows defender turned off but that still didn't work, I tried the Google Drive download, the manual download, everything but no cigar. I saw your post helping out someone else and was wondering if you wouldn't mind helping me out too. Thank you! <3
    • hmm can you tell me more about your case? what is exactly not working? I've updated my client yesterday, if you are not able to pach then my updated google drive link can help
    • After I get into the Ironsight setup for the game first I got stuck at Character_Custom.wpg saying it's a corrupted file.
      sometimes when I'd re download using another method it would change to the map flies being corrupted.
    • and the same thing happens if you download the rar file? Did you disable your antivirus before extracting?
    • Yeah man I don't know what's wrong maybe it's something with my computer but I've tried everything I could think of and every suggestion I got but it didn't work. :/
    • did you also try to extract it in a different folder?
  • Our one and true savior, grant us the gifts of that it is Ironsight. The corruption consumes us all! Curse you CHARACTER_CUSTOM.WPG
    • Do not panic my believer. The holy light is shining upon you with a fresh client
  • Any chance i could get a link to the game? Seems your the popular alternative. Appreciate your time
  • please help me... i downloaded manually and installed the game but no luck...i'm stuck againnn :((
  • Any chance you could help me out with a link to the game? Been constantly getting corrupted file messages, mush love <3
  • hey man, i just tried to install ironsight but while downloading i stuck at sound_impact
    i really wanna play the game, people says that you can fix this .. thanks <3
  • hey bro i just got a problem while trying to download the game, can you please send the files
  • Hey man really enjoyed watching gameplay of this game, unfortunately can't play it for obviously reasons would you mind sending the uncorrupted files, thank!
  • Can you send me the download link please, thank you (Corrupted when installing)
  • Hi, can you send me a link?
  • hey dude..can u send me link to download this game? i always get prop.wpg corrupted when installing
  • Well, I have the same issues man, keeps saying setup needs next disk, and cortupted file error, both of them.I kinda have a feeling like it might be because of my internet speed, because Im disabling my firewall and anti-virus programs, do me a favor and sende me a link of it :)