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  • I found something weird:
    I did a party match with my friend. the first match went fine, but at the second match, It said it got an "Error" and the party automatically disbanded. When I created another party, I got the same issue and we could not play as party until we reclogged in.
    I would like to know what is this "Error" , and what else can i do to avoid this.
    • One more thing: recently I was changing my key bindings on the menu (I was not doing this in a pvp match). But suddenly i got this message "Disconnected form server(AFK)" and then the game closed itself.
      This made no sense, XD. but why did this happen though?
    • Both are known issues and there is not much you can do about it. The team is already investigating.
  • Sorry to bother you but I keep getting corrupted files in the installer. I tried to manually install it like 3 times and retried the regular installer like 8 times. I'm not sure what to do anymore.
  • Hey. The installer is Corruptet, could you please help me..
    Thank you
  • Im having a weird connection issue.
    One time i was kicked for being AFK, but i was moving and shooting the whole time.
    In all matches my character would suddenly freeze and won't move. I can turn around but i cant do anything else. It says on the top left that my ping is over 1000ms, where i normally get 150 to 200ms. Also i can see everyone else moving around shooting just fine. What's going on?
    I was playing on the European server.
    • Hey there!

      That kick was probably caused by an issue with EAC. The team is still investigating. The high ping is most likely due to some server issues. Team is working on that too. I’m very sorry for that inconvenience! We all hope that these issues will be solved soon!
    • Thanks for the quick reply.
      I got some extra things that might need attention:
      > I had some login errors in which i could not access my account in this forum anymore (it said the email does not exist).
      > I could not play Ironsight and it kept asking for my account credentials again when i pressed "GAME START"
      >Also, can we have Singapore servers or an Asia - Pacific region (Might fix the ping issue.)
      Question: Are there any plans to release Ironsight on 'steam'?
    • PS i re-registered the same account to talk with you again
    • You have to use 2 separate accounts for forum and game since they are on different pattforms, for now there are only EU and Na servers. More servers might be added at some point in the future but not for now. We definitely consider a steam release but at first we have to get rid of all the issues before this is an option, so stay tuned!
  • Good afternoon, how to contact technical support? that would transfer the video with a cheater, for verification.
  • i cant post on the video creation contest pls help!!!!!!!
  • I’m still getting a black screen. I’m going to uninstall and try it again.
  • Black screen then time out screen
    and i tried to login at north america
    opened and say this account has opened on other devise
    and euro gives me black screen
    • Hey there!

      There are currently some server issues on EU. Please wait a bit until everything is resolved! :)
    • but my friends already in game and playing right now !
    • Did you play when the crash happened? If so, the server might still think that you're still online on that account and won't let you log in.
  • Hey every time i try to load the client it gives me an error message saying i have a file missing. How do i fix this? I was playing perfectly fine earlier
  • Hi there I cant play a game it kicks me back onto my desktop and I don't know what is going on :( please help, here is a screenshot of what I am getting..
  • If you can tell the developer that today the game has stopped running, has already reinstalled it and the launcher has not helped it simply does not launch it and does not show any mistakes, yesterday everything worked, but today it does not start.
  • And the problem is that the game hangs, the picture does not move, but the sounds of movement and the ongoing battle remain.
  • I do not know the language I use as an interpreter, and why does your site itself translate my messages in Russian?
  • was haben die den noch für gute games
  • the folder name cannot include any of the following characters help
  • Hello bro, can you check please please the RANKEDS in TEAM, Clan wars, World leaderboards. add Secure Point to RANKEDS if is avaliable, the people starts to complain. Thanks love you !
    • Hey there! All I can tell is that the developers are working on it! Highest priority right now is to fix the instability issues we're facing at the moment! Please be patient! ;)
  • Hey, can you check out my Suggestions thread, Creation of New Sniper Rifles, L96A1, M40A3, and the M24. I've included both sounds and models of the weapons. As well as gameplay of those weapons from their respective games so that the developers have a good foundation to build from. Please pass it on to the developing team. :) So that they can add those guns as soon as possible to the game.
  • Hi just wanted to know If we can buy founders pack.Don't want to create thread.Thanks
    • Hey there! Sadly, founders packs are no longer available.
    • Thanks for the reply :) Any other way to support developers?(Not the AP store thing).Like Fortnite and Escape from Tarkov has limited edition .Thanks a lot in advance
    • No. There are no limited editions of Ironsight! The only thing you can do to support us is to buy AP! :)
  • It's a Solaria!! <3