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  • Hello, I'm trying to access the game and it tells me that it does not recognize the password or the user and on the web if you recognize them.
    • Hello,

      Clear out with fields and re-enter your username and password.
  • solaria kannst du bitte discord kommen gibt das was was ich fragen möchte
    • Hallo, du kannst mich natürlich auch gerne hier fragen! Aber auch auf Discord kannst du mich immer anschreiben! - Solaria#8888
  • es ist wohl alles andere als normal, dass mein spiel alle 20-30 Minuten abstürzt. woran liegt das? würde gerne in Zukunft weiterspielen, aber das zerstört den ganzen spielspaß. gibt es eine lösung dafür?
    • Bekommst du denn eine Fehlermeldung sobald es abstürzt?
    • Ja eine Fehlermeldung taucht auf. ich habe mich gerade etwas schlau gemacht. könnte es evtl daran liegen dass ich am ende der Installation das c++ redistribute und directx9 nicht mit heruntergeladen habe da ich mir dachte mit der neueren Version nämlich directx12 müsste es auch klappen oder könnte ich das Spiel dann erst garnicht starten? Falls ja dann entschuldige mich bitte ich bin erst vor kurzem von der console auf den pc umgestiegen und kenne mich noch nicht so gut aus. der Crash kam immer wenn ich richtig anfing loszulegen sprich wenn ich richtig gut dabei War (viele kills etc.)
    • Warte mal ab bis der Patch morgen da ist. Das Problem könnte sich auch von selbst dadurch lösen. Ansonsten gibt es einige Sachen die wir probieren könnten um bei dir alles zum laufen zu bringen! Welchen Prozessor hast du denn?
    • Bis auf die crashes gegen ende der runde lief eigentlich alles gut. solide fps ohne drops etc.
      Intel core i7-7700
    • Und wie sieht es jetzt aus nach dem Patch?
  • Hi solaria ,In response to the stories contest, where are the stories of the 3monox and kleynesgumy
  • when did europeen server started ?
    • Maintenance is still ongoing if you mean that.
  • can you add a server in africa ? because iam from Egypt to play with perfect ping and thank you
    • Hello, there are currently no plans for a South African server. I’m sorry that I can’t provide the information you wanted to hear.
    • no its ok and thank you
  • Hello, will the SA server arrive in August?
  • Wann soll die Serverwartung zuende sein ?
  • Wie lange dauern die Serverwartungen?
    • Es gibt keine ETA dafür, aber die letzten Wartungen haben nur ein paar Stunden gedauert. Ich schätze, dass die Server in 2-3 Stunden wieder online sind, kann allerdings auch früher oder später sein!
  • I am from India and i get loading timeout error when i start the game. so i use VPN to get into an Europian server, but when i play the game i get lot of ping problem, i mean low signal strength. so it become very difficult to play........any solution???? any good country server that I should join???
    • Hello, we’re having a emergency maintenance right now, please be patient
    • ok i get it. it is not possible to play without using VPN from my country. i can not join the game without using VPN. any solution. thanks for reply
    • Well, there is no server for India right now, so you’ll have to connect to EU which will give you a high ping
    • exactly i get lot of ping problem, makes very difficult to play. ookla speed test i get 80 ping download speed is 5mbps. still i get red and low signal strength in game. any solution??? please...
    • As I said, there is no Indian server. The distance to the EU servers is pretty high so you’ll get a higher ping.
  • Hi there, I've been playing Ironsight for the past few months. Everything was okay till last night. When suddenly in the middle of the game I received a pop-up error stating Unknown file error-map-tower. Then I went the forum and looked for solution and I did a manual download. Yet I'm still facing the same issue again. Could you help me out with this problem. Thank you.
  • was here
  • ok i understand. I won't post anymore. I'll keep it to 1 thread only
    • Please use our dedicated channel on our discord.
  • i stream every single day Ranked Games. Im currently Master Rank Global ranked 81 im literally trying to expose this game and make it bigger. I am not your enemy.
    • I know you’re not. But please use our dedicated channels in order to do so. I’m also not forbidding you to post that, I just want you to use our dedicated channels in order to avoid a mess/confusion.
  • you literally just told me to make a thread in the Creative section. Im streaming nothing but Ironsight and Promoting the game. Hello??
    • There’s quite a different between a substantial and interesting video and a stream. Streams are online until the streamer goes offline. That’s not the purpose of the Creative Corner. Videos are there to be seen by the community. There’s nothing to see when the streamer is offline. So please use the dedicated channel on our official discord.
  • hey man i've had so many issues with downloading and then launcher, (EAC index not found) can you please help. thanks dude
    • Please repair EAC, you can do that by running the setup.exe in the Ironsight/easyanticheat folder
  • so i've stumbled into the same problem as every other person trying to install the game, and i've read your previous replies and im trying it right now, thanks alot because other forums just say that they got it from a message :D
    • Alright, I hope it will work now!
  • meow
  • Hey,can you please let me know if you have a solution for corrupted files? I have tried using the installer and also manually downloaded the files but it didn't work.Thank You.
    • Hey there, please try the solution I provided to the other people below.
  • can someone help pls every time I'm about to install it says install disk 1 and I can't go any further I installed all the bin files and .ex files still doesn't work
  • Hey can u reply Plz i need help cant enter any missions or even matches the game just freezes
    I got a good pc and this is the only game that doesnt work Help !!!!
    • I answered you an hour ago, please check again.
    • Its another problem. Read the msg again. (Please)
    • And what exactly is the problem?
    • The game just freeze when i enter the lobby i wait and when it starts the countdown it freezes even the tutorial i enter it the circle starts moving then after 3 sec it stops i can hear the music till 3 to 4 min and then it stops
  • Bonjour, j'ai installée le jeu sur mon PC mais quand je lance le Launcher, il y a 2 message d’erreur me disant que la page n'est pas sécurisé, et quand j'essaye de lancer le jeu, cela ne marche pas, aidez moi s'il vous plaît Merci.
    • Veuillez envoyer une capture d'écran
  • Hey in the end of the download and the bar is full the installer tells me almost complete i left it for about an hour or so and still nothing happened should i use the link ?
    • Make sure your have at least 10 GB of free storage.
    • I got a empty 100 gb of free storage
    • Nvm i used the link that u attatched in the other reply Thx
    • Alright
    • But cant enter the tutorial mission can you help ? The game just freezes i only can hear the sound

      Even normal matches :(
  • hey, is there any chance you have a link for the installer. i tried the website and manual and they didn't work. thanks very much
  • Could I please have help with the install, have tried the manual and installer but still saying files are corrupted.
    • Hey there,

      Regarding your issue, download the file from the link below, unpack it and put the folder somewhere on your PC, run the launcher.exe (maybe make a shortcut for it on your desktop) and let it patch.​
  • thanks so much for the help, keen to play the game now
  • It says Corrupt file on dat.wpg?What should I do??
    • Hey there, please do the same as Zeptosk and Schickyy right underneath this message.
  • hi whenever i install the game theres an error and i have been waiting for hours and it didnt work.i tried deadpools method too but it didnt work as well.please help me :( i have tried installing so many times already please help
  • cant install game files keep corrupting both auto and manual
    • Hey there,

      Regarding your issue, download the file from the link below, unpack it and put the folder somewhere on your PC, run the launcher.exe (maybe make a shortcut for it on your desktop) and let it patch.​
    • it is saying the link is not found
    • Should be working fine, just double-checked.
    • it says game start and then the launcher does not respond and run the game
    • We're currently having a maintenance. (It's stated right in the launcher too)
  • hi cant you send me the whole ironsight folder? both auto and manual installation failed thanks!