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  • was haben die den noch für gute games
  • the folder name cannot include any of the following characters help
  • Hello bro, can you check please please the RANKEDS in TEAM, Clan wars, World leaderboards. add Secure Point to RANKEDS if is avaliable, the people starts to complain. Thanks love you !
    • Hey there! All I can tell is that the developers are working on it! Highest priority right now is to fix the instability issues we're facing at the moment! Please be patient! ;)
  • Hey, can you check out my Suggestions thread, Creation of New Sniper Rifles, L96A1, M40A3, and the M24. I've included both sounds and models of the weapons. As well as gameplay of those weapons from their respective games so that the developers have a good foundation to build from. Please pass it on to the developing team. :) So that they can add those guns as soon as possible to the game.
  • Hi just wanted to know If we can buy founders pack.Don't want to create thread.Thanks
    • Hey there! Sadly, founders packs are no longer available.
    • Thanks for the reply :) Any other way to support developers?(Not the AP store thing).Like Fortnite and Escape from Tarkov has limited edition .Thanks a lot in advance
    • No. There are no limited editions of Ironsight! The only thing you can do to support us is to buy AP! :)
  • It's a Solaria!! <3