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  • hey man i've had so many issues with downloading and then launcher, (EAC index not found) can you please help. thanks dude
    • Please repair EAC, you can do that by running the setup.exe in the Ironsight/easyanticheat folder
  • so i've stumbled into the same problem as every other person trying to install the game, and i've read your previous replies and im trying it right now, thanks alot because other forums just say that they got it from a message :D
    • Alright, I hope it will work now!
  • meow
  • Hey,can you please let me know if you have a solution for corrupted files? I have tried using the installer and also manually downloaded the files but it didn't work.Thank You.
    • Hey there, please try the solution I provided to the other people below.
  • can someone help pls every time I'm about to install it says install disk 1 and I can't go any further I installed all the bin files and .ex files still doesn't work
  • Hey can u reply Plz i need help cant enter any missions or even matches the game just freezes
    I got a good pc and this is the only game that doesnt work Help !!!!
    • I answered you an hour ago, please check again.
    • Its another problem. Read the msg again. (Please)
    • And what exactly is the problem?
    • The game just freeze when i enter the lobby i wait and when it starts the countdown it freezes even the tutorial i enter it the circle starts moving then after 3 sec it stops i can hear the music till 3 to 4 min and then it stops
  • Bonjour, j'ai installée le jeu sur mon PC mais quand je lance le Launcher, il y a 2 message d’erreur me disant que la page n'est pas sécurisé, et quand j'essaye de lancer le jeu, cela ne marche pas, aidez moi s'il vous plaît Merci.
    • Veuillez envoyer une capture d'écran
  • Hey in the end of the download and the bar is full the installer tells me almost complete i left it for about an hour or so and still nothing happened should i use the link ?
    • Make sure your have at least 10 GB of free storage.
    • I got a empty 100 gb of free storage
    • Nvm i used the link that u attatched in the other reply Thx
    • Alright
    • But cant enter the tutorial mission can you help ? The game just freezes i only can hear the sound

      Even normal matches :(
  • hey, is there any chance you have a link for the installer. i tried the website and manual and they didn't work. thanks very much
  • Could I please have help with the install, have tried the manual and installer but still saying files are corrupted.
    • Hey there,

      Regarding your issue, download the file from the link below, unpack it and put the folder somewhere on your PC, run the launcher.exe (maybe make a shortcut for it on your desktop) and let it patch.​
  • thanks so much for the help, keen to play the game now
  • It says Corrupt file on dat.wpg?What should I do??
    • Hey there, please do the same as Zeptosk and Schickyy right underneath this message.
  • hi whenever i install the game theres an error and i have been waiting for hours and it didnt work.i tried deadpools method too but it didnt work as well.please help me :( i have tried installing so many times already please help
  • cant install game files keep corrupting both auto and manual
    • Hey there,

      Regarding your issue, download the file from the link below, unpack it and put the folder somewhere on your PC, run the launcher.exe (maybe make a shortcut for it on your desktop) and let it patch.​
    • it is saying the link is not found
    • Should be working fine, just double-checked.
    • it says game start and then the launcher does not respond and run the game
    • We're currently having a maintenance. (It's stated right in the launcher too)
  • hi cant you send me the whole ironsight folder? both auto and manual installation failed thanks!
  • hi can you send me the whole ironsight folder? both auto and manual installation failed thanks!
  • Bonsoir j'ai un petit soucis avec ironsight vous pouvez m'aider pls
    • Hey there, I don’t speak French, please try english.
  • Thank you!
    Problem solved
    hello from Ukraine!
  • when I start the game writes:
    Connection Failed
    The server took too long to respond.
    Please wait a few minutes, and try again
    has already made 5 attempts
    • Disable your firewall and anti virus and try again.
  • i want a solution for this problem
  • i want a solution for this problem
    • To solve your problem please follow these steps:

      1. Open Internet Option
      2. Go to the Advanced tab
      3. Scroll down to security
      4. Enable Use TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2 Use SSL 3.0
      5. Apply
      6. Ok
    • which means "1. Open online version »? I have the same problem
    • Please follow the steps I provide above.
    • I can not understand what is written there, I do not know much English. is there a video how to solve the problem? or screenshot
    • this is not a complete instruction.I do not have what you described in 4
  • i want a solution for this problem
  • Put money into the game. On the site, money was displayed and there was no money in the game.
  • Hello. Can you help me?
  • Lol Sola, came to your profile to read some love from friends and I just see work @.@
    So here I leave my <3
    Have a nice day :3
  • I open launcher, I start game, after launcher "doesn't answer" and nothing happens,already reinstalled,all packages of Windows installed,drivers updated ,but all the same problem,for 4 months,the subject couldn't be created,the moderator didn't confirm my account.
  • Hey i have a problem when i download and finish then i press 'Start' it says something about opera and that i dont have access then i tried the manual download it does the same what should i do?
  • Aeriagames Account Name : IZAR2k

    Submission: Cobra

    HD image:​ <3
    later several hours doing it :D <3
    • Hey there!

      You're supposed to post it directly under the event thread. Anyways, your link is broken and the event is over by now.
    • Hey hey no no no my ticket to participation I uploaded the day yesterday and still not vensia the date ami told me that they had 3 or 4 hours to finish what was up in time the archi porvablemente fell but even here is the photo the photo as well the subi ami comment
    • And if given that you do not believe me You can go see my comment There is this still and says the date and time
    • Look Solario
    • Ah this one, no worries! We got you!
  • holaaa,
    por donde puedo enviar mi Etiqueta de perro?
  • I'm lost in this forum!
    I want to participate in the dog tag competition
    I can not reply to this post

    I do not know how to comment on the publications, this site is very complicated.

    This is my image link:

    Account Aeria Games: Mayzerk12
    Submission: Iron Brazilian