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  • and I notice that games always hangs...please see your server at 7.26pm eastern 7/15/2018
    • Hello there,

      Since Helix is on vacation, I will take over your question for now!
      Is there maybe anything running in the background that our Anti-Cheat system (EasyAntiCheat/KAMU) might not like?
      Are you using a Ryzen CPU? (Ironsight has some minor issues with Ryzen)
  • Hi Helix, I always have frequent game crash..whenever im on a game, after several minutes it will crash...i monitor my cpu and gpu temp and they are 70, high 75...so im pretty sure its not overheating..and I also play other games...so im not sure what my issue on this game..
  • Hey helix I tried both methods of installing the game, but I have no luck. I have tried it several times but it still has the corrupted files. Please help.
    • let me send you a message
  • hello Helix

    i have the same issue, corrupted files when installing manually

    could you send me the fix

    • Check your private message
  • cannot download game. tried both direct and manual downloads. please help!
    • I'll send you a message
  • Would it be possible to get the fix for corrupted files in setup? Thanks
    • Sure, check your inbox
  • Hey,can you please let me know if you have a solution for corrupted files? .Thanks.
  • any chance you can send the uncorrupted install files
  • ola hoje apos a atualizacao nao consigo abrir o jogo, aparece a seguinte mensagem server disconected.... e banned me ajude por favor
    • can you repeat that in english please? if it says that your account is banned, please write a ticket here support.gamigo.com
  • Ich konnte das game patchen aber jetzt kann ich mich nicht ins game einloggen weil da ein fehler ist und zwar 503. service not available
    • es sind momentan portal probleme vorhanden. wir lassen euch auf unseren discord discord.gg/ironsight bescheid geben, sobald das problem behoben wurde
  • The game needs to improve AMD processor performance, my game goes from 170 fps to 50/40 fps constants, and I see it's not just my problem. Please fix !!!!
  • hey please answer me i cant open the game :(
    • I've replied your direct message
    • thank you very much bro but now the launcher is not responding is there any maintenance right now ?
    • there was a maintenance during that time, ye
  • Hey, ich habe in Problem beim anmelden, bzw der Server braucht zu lange um mich anzumelden weißt du evt wie man das Problem lösen könnte^^
    • wenn es dein erster account ist, probiere es nochmal mit ein neues. Manchmal kann es passieren das man mit neue accounts sich nicht anmelden kann
  • hey man i've had so many issues with downloading and then launcher, (EAC index not found) can you please help. Thanks man
    • does it still occur after restarting the computer?
  • Hi <3 ive been having problems downloading. Constant corrupted file messages would absolutely love it if you could help meowt
    • I'll write you a message ^^
  • i have problem
    an error occurred while trying to copy a file
    please hepl
  • hello...can u help me with prop.wpg corrupted issue on installation?
    • will write you a message
  • Was ist mit dem server los immer wen ich einem spiel joinen möchte bleibt es bei 1 sekunde stehen
    • Das problem wurde bereits gemeldet und es wird da dran gearbeitet. Momentan nur EU hat probleme
    • okey wenigstens arbeitet ihr daran bei manchen games passiert garnichts das selbe bei manchen internet anbieter
    • ja das kenne ich. es kann manchmal echt nervig sein
  • please can you help me with the corrupted files? i tried both auto and manual download but neither of these work
    • sure, I'll write you a pm
  • Hello Helix, whenever i try joining matches online or pratice/tortorial my game freezes, iv tried downloading the maps and exe file and putting them all in a folder but still getting the same problem.
    • try to lower your ingame resolution. I believe it is exceeding the limits of your screen
    • wow dude that worked, why is it manualy that high? no wonder people have problems, didnt even think it was the problem
    • I don't know either why it sets itself so high but until it's fixed, I'll co tinue to give on this suggestion to others ^^
    • you are a hero, iv had so much fun playing this 10/10 for free to play
    • Enjoy ^^
  • please can you help me with the corrupted files?
    • Will write you a message, sure
  • Hey,can you please let me know if you have a solution for corrupted files? I have tried using the installer and also manually downloaded the files but it didn't work.Thank You.
    • I'll write you a message
    • thank you
    • you're welcome ^^
    • please can you help me with the same issue
  • Hi, can you help me with a solution for corruption files? Thank you.
    • I'll write you a message
  • Hey, i would really like to download this game but it wont, can you please help me
    • I'll write you a message
  • Hey,can you please let me know if you have a solution for corrupted files? I have tried using the installer and also manually downloaded the files but it didn't work.Thank You.
    • I'll write you a private message
  • Tôi đã cài đặt nó bình thường từ trang web nhưng nói rằng có một tập tin bị hỏng. Tôi đã thử các tuyến đường thứ hai được cài đặt bằng tay nhưng vẫn đến với cùng một lỗi. Tôi thậm chí đã thử nó bằng cách chạy tập tin .exe trong chế độ quản trị mà cũng không hoạt động. Có cách nào để sửa chữa nguyên nhân này hoạt động trên máy tính của tôi nhưng không phải trên máy tính xách tay của tôi.
    • Please write in english. I didn't understand anything you wrote
    • Google Translate Version -
      I installed it normally from the site but said that there is a corrupt file. I tried the second route installed manually but still came up with the same error. I even tried it by running the .exe file in administrator mode which also does not work. Is there a way to fix this operation on my computer but not on my laptop???
    • Alright, thanks for the translation ^^
  • Hey,can you please let me know if you have a solution for corrupted files? I have tried using the installer and also manually downloaded the files but it didn't work.Thank You.
    • I'll write you a message
  • Hi there is there a way to download ironsight without corrupt error?
    • I'll write you a private message
  • No email for 30 min to verify my email and be allowed to post comments so I'll just say what I wanted to say here.

    First, you guys should really have an SSL certificate (HTTPS) for a forum where you have to log in. Everyone's username/email and password is visible to every computer that carries the message to your server. You should be able to get a free one from LetsEncrypt or if you use cPanel you should be able to use AutoSSL.

    Then, for the reason I actually came here: please implement FFA DM as a normal game mode!

    Love the game!
    • Glad you enjoy it ^^ we'll see soon if it gets implemented. For the moment it's still unknown and up to the developers. Regarding the use of a SSL certificate, I don't know if it's planned to do it but maybe in the future
  • ihave the corrupetd file problme i tried the manual download dindt work also a google drive version dosnt download can you send another version if you can really want to play the game looks fun