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  • i got no event achievements whats wrong?
  • Can you approve my account so i can get tech help?
  • Hate to bother you I would like to get my account approved so I can get technical help.
    • you'll have to write a CM for that but I guess you should be able to write now
  • Hi, some of my friends tried accessing your sight from Norway and it keeps sending them to a dead site. Meanwhile i can access it fine from NA. Just curious if its a just a maintenance thing.
    • there was no maintenance during the time he tried. I can't say what it might be
  • I bought the alligator aug, it said timed out and took my gold.. is it delayed or is it going to give me back my gold?
  • Helix, I am unable to post on the forums. Can you help with this issue please. Thank you
    • you don't see the button "create a new thread" once you enter a section? If the button isn't there, I can recommend you to write a private message to a CM and they will enable your account
    • What is a CM, can you link one? Also who do i refer to for coin issues. It double bought a gun cause of lag. Now i have a negative amount in my account
    • Community Managers are the first 3 persons under this link ironsightgame.com/forum/wcf/index.php?team/ for the coin issues, try rejoining the server first. It should automatically fix by itself. If it doesn't, try to contact our support here support.gamigo.com
  • Hey dude
    After installing the game from your link i see only the credits and logos and than only black screen, i changed region many times EU & NA and not working, even formated my PC but still the same, tried to launch the game as a administrator still nothing? Can you suggest me what to do?
    THNKS in advance.
    Plaseeeeeeeeeee u.u
  • Habe ein Problem und zwar kommt bei mir. "Sie sind bereits mit einem anderen Gerät eingeloggt". Kannst du mir da weiterhelfen? Danke im voraus! LG
  • How can you change from NAF to EDEN when you're picking the terrain, when you're given that option?
  • Hey Helix Help me plz an error occurred while trying to copy a file the source file is corrupted when open the setup
  • Helix help me my gun texture is broken its mixing with environmet textures and sometime glass textures are disappearing what causes this? And is there any way to fix it? I tried to lower down HDR and Distortion but its still going on plz help me
  • Help-me (files is corrupted) I tried everything and nothing worked.
  • Hey helix , every time i try to do the set up while downloading the game i get a error that a file is corrupted and cant copy.
    i have tried to dowload the game manually. and i have wipd my harddisk and reistalled windows but nothing work
  • Hey Helix, i have na ide, since day one it seems to be an issue for me - reticles of red dot sights. They must be reworked, they are definitivly too big and it makes them usles, the ACOG, Glow-on Sight and Detecting sight are usefull, but the HUE or "glow" around them makes them very unclean. My solution for this problem is making dots in QSS, Clear Sight, and Thermal Optic smaller, and other reticles sharper and more HD. It would fit overall fast and sharp theme of gameplay better and overall make optic more precise and usefull.
    • heya, thanks for the feedback. Please make a thread out of it and we can make it into a suggestion depending on how many agree to your ideas
  • Hey Helix I'm having a time out issue any time I load the logos and stuff show then the screen turns black, and if I wait for it , it shows timed out and closes... Please help :) Thanks
  • Black screen then time out screen
    and i tried to login at north america
    opened and say this account has opened on other devise
    and euro gives me black screen
  • How to write message on forum? I want send my video on "[EVENT] EMP Speedrun Contest" but i don`t know how to do this
    • Every new account needs to be confirmed by a CM before it's being able to post. Then, you'll have to click on a section and then above you can see a buttom saying create a thread
    • thx! How long will this confirmed take?
    • You should be already confirmed. Try to create a thread
  • I posted about having issues with running the launcher. I contacted gamigo support in hopes of fixing the issue. They instructed me to contact you about game files that can fix my game launcher.
  • can i get some help of the game ? i click game start and no rhing happend after and the game is open in task manger help me pls
  • I received 42 ranks. I had to give boxing and money. But in the end, the launcher is empty. Nothing. Why?
  • А на счет файла в котором хранится информация с крашем ,расскажите как вам её отправить если можно пошагово.
  • Hello. After downloading a black screen and nothing happens.
  • There was a black screen problem when downloading the game and after a time out with an "confirm"
    • ye, the servers are down currently and the tech team is working hard to bring it up and running again
  • я не знаю как это сделать (
  • How to attach a file that has collected information on the crash of the game?
    • You can't do that on my wall. Open a direct message window with me and then you can see the attachments button below the chatbox
  • Disconnected (AFC) name on game Eqveenox,
    I play on the European server, the problem appeared just now just half an hour ago
  • <link removed> This site is active and working! Maybe it will interest you?
    • Thanks for the link ^^ that's definitely the one we have reported but please don't report them in my wall or forum the nect time and open a private chat with me
  • A person sits and publically writes that he was blocked and as a result he freely uses chety.Po my opinion this is the most important problem. I have met with it more than once in other projects. But here it is something new. Full impunity! The comfort of the game instantly disappears !!! I play and see in-game chat.Skolko write messages about cheats per match. You could also look at it
    • We also see those messages and accordingly report them as well. Please report them in the provided link as mentioned
  • Hello.Why there are so many players with third-party software ??? People sit in a general chat and write about it directly! Slowly but surely it's impossible to play! Why is the lock only for 24 hours ???? Why is there no lock on the ip? ???Answer please!
    • I wouldn't say that there are many but we encourage players to report those people that write in public here support.gamigo.com after reporting, they will encounter the fitting consequences against their account. Sadly, I don't know to which lock you're referring to but ip bans occur. They don't always occur but they do but ip bans aren't reliable because they aren't static