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  • Hello. Can you help me?
  • Hey man, can't seem to post a forum, says my account was denied? So I'm just going to leave my thoughts with you : I have been using the DSR only since I got the game and been enjoying the game a lot. When I looked through the attachments I was so pleased to see such a variety of choices but unfortunately my excitement was soon flattened because expanded magazine and hair trigger are not available on the DSR for some reason? I think it would add a lot more variety to sniping and a lot more fun for the snipers out there by making these 2 attachments available, at the very least, make the expanded mag available please, much love and great job on the game so far!
  • Contact the developers they need to know that after installing the update on April 25, 2018, threw out the game with the message "the connection with the server is broken" when trying to re-enter the launcher game (does not respond) !! I play the server of the euro from the territory of Ukraine.
  • Hey Worgoroth, I'm not sure if I should talk to you about this but I need help. I bought the CX-50 sniper and after a delay it timed out. So, I clicked purchase again, and it timed out again. Then I gave up but later looked in my inventory and had two CX-50 snipers. I guess even though it said timed out it made the purchase. Is there any way I can get 20,000 gold back for the second one? Thanks, bud. Sorry if I contacted the wrong person :(