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  • Hello. Can you help me?
  • Tell me just one thing, whole web knows there are multi hackers and cheaters online, and whats funny whole world knows how they do it just people who make game and admins not. Let me help you , you go on web site iwantcheats.net/ironsight-hacks-esp-cheats-aimbot/ and buy cheats for your game and you immediately see what hacks and cheats are about and you can fix it. Why dont you do it so? Maybe dont have 20€ for cheats? I will buy it for you if you dont have it, but then you shouldt have any excuse to fix it isnt so???

    You support hackers and cheters thats why you dont do it.

    Exactly that was the reason COD and BT are going dow. Exactly that is the reason people dont buy original games so often cose its rubbish. Better is then to download pirat version and let hackers do what they do we dont give a s***t.

    To bad for such a great game, really to bad.

    With greeting
    • Lol, this is one nice joke.
      We know about this website and so called hacks for a while. They don't work on Ironsight.

      We do not support hackers and cheaters. It is quite clear that you don't know how it is complicated to take down such a website. But fortunately, we don't need to take it down, since, as I said, those hacks don't work on Ironsight.

      Next time maybe contact us in private before making such assumptions.

    • Thx Flloyd, i just wonna that game stays clean, becouse its far best game i have ever played.

      Thumb up for ironsight!!!
  • Hey Flloyd, if there is something i can do for this community then let me know!
  • someone sucks ♥ :D
  • ola o/ :)
  • Hey Flloyd, i'd like to participate as a trial-moderator if possible.
    • Hello, unfortunately applications are currently closed.
      However, stay tuned if you wanna be part of the next wave :)
    • Alright, thanks for the reply! Have a good day!
  • Salut Flloyd, je n'ai pas très bien compris mais le badge de participation pour les skins ce sera sur le jeu ou pour le forum ?
    • Yo! C'est sur le forum, tu peux le voir dans la section "à propos" // "about me".

      PS: C'est mieux de nous contacter via Discord ou en message privé sur le forum :)
  • i just want some attention.

    GUCCI GANG ~ö~
  • Flloyd....
    Oh Flloyd, how I treasure you..
    The sun in your hair...
    the stars in your eyes...
    If I was the earth..
    and you were a flower..
    I would nurture you like a bird in a tree...
    Come my love, into my arms..
    Like the mountains and cliffs...
    I will always be hard... in love with you...
  • Happy Happy Birthday! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Gif-Master-Flloyd! /o/
  • Your signature looks fancy. :3
  • *squishes gif-master-flloyd* o3o
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