Exclusive Ironsight features - Drones

The need for support in global mercenary ops:

In light of the global conflicts between NAF and EDEN, combat in remote global locations proved to be more complex than expected. For mercenary special operations in the field, tactical warfare and strategic intel couldn't be deployed through the larger and regular means. The need for rapid and efficient strikes on enemy operations felt more pressing than ever. Military commanding officers had to figure out a way to provide technical support to their agents without compromising the already-tight governmental defense budgets.

When all ongoing projects were about to be abandoned, private military companies found a way to give that much-needed autonomy to their agents without having to deploy unnecessary human and technological expenses. The era of drones had started.


The dawn of drone warfare:

After years of research and development, engineers and robotic experts deviced state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and mechanical breakthroughs that eventually mapped the future creation of technologically advanced military drones. Field drones were the perfect fit for the mercenary covert operations. Their versatility showed great results and granted their users evident tactical advantages which guaranteed greater mission success rates to whoever endorsed the program. But since this technology was created by private military companies, drones effectively ended up in the hands of the highest bidders. Unfortunately, greed is impervious to loyalty or allegiances and in the world of mercenaries, money speaks louder than ideals. What was supposed to change the outcome of this war for one side, only served to reinforce both the NAF and EDEN organizations. Now more violent than ever, the race to natural resources entered a new chapter. Nowadays, drones are the pillar of this futuristic warfare and only those who can make the best use of these deadly machines will impose their supremacy.

Use drones to secure your team's victory:

As a mercenary agent, you can choose from a wide selection of drones to use during combat. In Ironsight, you can decide on which drones you'll deploy to fit your own playstyle. These are divided into two main categories: Assault drones and Tactical drones. Each category comes with unique drones that serve very different purposes. Kills and objective points reduce the cooldown on your drones so the more efficient you are in the match, the quicker you can use your drones!

If you want to play aggressively and overwhelm your enemies with firepower, then the assault drones are the setup you need. Assault drones include firing machinery, artillery and equipment to efficiently inflict massive damage at both close and long range.

On the other hand, if you want to play more strategically and support your teammates, then tactical drones are the way to go. Tactical drones will help you and your team know your environment, sabotage the other team's comms or even hold strategic positions on the map.

You can have up to 3 drones from either category during a match. A veteran merc knows which drones complement each other as well as which are more effective in a given map.


Here are a few examples of the drones you can find in Ironsight.

Assault Drones:

- Blade Drone: Launches a missile high up in the air. Once armed, you can remotely control it in first person and guide it toward unsuspecting players! The most efficient drone to strike a localized area from a safe distance!

- Escort Drone: Summons a companion drone that follows you and shoots enemies on sight. This hovering robot is ideal for supporting your shots and protecting you from flanking enemies outside of your line of sight!

- Striker Drone: Activate it to take out your minimap and call in air support drones that will bombard a specific area on the map. Select three locations and watch as air support suppresses the area with explosives. This drone is best used to force your enemies into cover. Blow up your enemies in a fiery hell!

Tactical Drones:

- Observer Drone: Deploys a flying camera-mounted drone to survey the area and scout enemies. Remotely control the drone to traverse the map efficiently and mark your enemies to reveal their location to your team. Use this drone to support your teammates and reveal their strategy!

- Spy Drone: Calls in a flying companion to reveal all enemies close by. Once activated, this flying drone will follow you and display all enemies in a circular area around you on the minimap. Cover all your blind spots with this helpful drone!

- Laws Drone: Set up a turret that will fire at incoming enemy drones. Once deployed, the turret will shoot lasers at any drone from the other team currently in sight. This is your best line of defense against hostile drones!

You can test them all and come up with the combination you are most comfortable with to become a true master of drones! You can also collaborate with your teammates in order to cover both categories and gain the upper hand! Teamwork and coordination will be the keys to wiping out the opposing team.

With time and training, you will find the drone setup that fits your style the best and helps you win your favorite modes, maps and missions. Master them all to become the ultimate Mercenary!

You can find our drone playlist on Youtube HERE!


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