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    Welcome to the 14th Community Update! Read the high points of this week below!

    Weekly Highlights


    Partnership Program Recruitment resumed

    We are opening our Partnership applications once more! For all of you Ironsight content creators! Read the news and apply now!

    Moderator Recruitment

    While our Community grows, our moderator team should grow as well. We are looking for more moderators for our Forum and Discord! Interested? Then have a look here!

    New channel on Discord

    A new channel arrived on our Discord! If you are looking for players to play with or a team you want to train with, then the #scrim_squad_search channel is the right place for you!

    New Reddit categories

    Our Ironsight reddit got some new categories added. You can now find on the new reddit style all our websites and social media! It is now easier to navigate for our users.

    Coming Up

    We are still working on the archive section of the website. It will be soon available and you’ll find here all the previous HQ Reports, CM Updates and patch notes.

    If you would like to have new features on the website or news section, feel free to drop us a line about it on our forum!

    Our team will also work on reviewing the Partner and Moderator applications. This will take a while so please be patient and stay tuned!

    Finally the tests of our next update are progressing nicely. More polishing is needed as some never-seen-before features and content will be added! We estimate the patch to release on Ironsight in early July!

    Clips of the week

    Grenades never felt so good this week. Fun moments and great montages are also on the menu!

    Did you make it in this week’s clips? Find out below!

    Spotted on reddit, TheMillionthSam denies this enemy player in a spectacular fashion!


    In Derden’s game, reactuh slithers in and ninja defuses the bomb!


    During Tier1Event’s match, Okapaki lobs a grenade with shocking accuracy!


    Nothing like a gold Deagle to finish your Penta Kill with style! Clip submitted by vnfortunately.


    Don’t worry voiidr6s, nobody saw that...


    Wait ‘till skyro__ realizes what happened!


    When you were promised ProTips but it’s only your buddy making fun of you. Clip by mrkingbling.


    Have another frantic Highlight Montage courtesy of epixLarious!

    VoodoFPS teaches you great nadespots on Titan in this informative video!

    Can you hit a UAV with a throwing axe? ReeCeDoW has the answer!

    In this SnD game, TeamProvo witnesses the most hilarious 1V1 in history!

    SinisterEternity is back with another great music montage!

    And lastly this week, Pacer Games introduces the Defiant family!

    You have a clip you want to share with us? Send it to us on our Twitter @IronsightEN with the hashtag #IronClip or on our Discord Channeland you might get featured in next week's highlights!

    Reminder: Please bear in mind these updates are meant to keep you informed about our short term projects. Don’t hesitate to poke us and tell us what you think about this communication format! We want to keep you in the loop as much as possible, and your feedback is always valuable. Larger topics and long-term projects and priorities will be addressed in letters from our product manager Charly as mentioned earlier.

    Keep shooting and see you in the next CM update!

    Your Ironsight Team

    Hey there JackLine

    The AR-57 changes were applied on last week's content update patch as the AR-57 Headshot Damage multiplier was reduced.

    Not sure if that's what you meant or nerf the weapon a bit more.

    Hey again Nesti

    You were right, I forgot to mention the important part....

    1. Search "Services" on your windows search and open it
    2. Now do the things I do on the video / gif I'll put down which is basically what's in the next steps
    3. Find and Right click on EasyAntiCheat
    4. Choose properties
    5. Change the startup type to 'automatically' if it isn't

    The video / gif explaining it (Starting on step 3) - Sorry that it shows in Portuguese but just follow the steps:


    See if it works and sorry, really forgot to mention the services part! :)



    The 12th Community Update is here! What piece of news did you miss? What is the Community Management team preparing for you? Find all the answers below!

    Weekly Highlights

    Hotfix applied

    During this week’s maintenance, we applied a small patch with some Localization changes and an EAC hotfix.

    AMA with Charly

    In case you missed it, our Product Manager Charly did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the Ironsight subreddit. You can read the questions and Charly’s answers here!


    Forum Background Design Event

    Our Forums need to freshen up! We want to add a new background to our collection and we decided to let YOU create it! Have a look here.

    Sarah Browning Origin Video

    Announced in our latest stream, we released our very first Origin Story. You can have a look into the tragic past of Sarah Browning! More stories will be revealed in the future! Check it out here!

    Portal issue - 07/06

    Our portal experienced issues on the morning of June 7th which prevented our players from reaching several of the Aeria Games services including access to the website and login to the Ironsight servers. Shortly after receiving the report on Thursday morning (CET Time), the issue was fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Gamigo Gamers Party


    Save the date! The Gamigo Gamers Party will once more take place at Gamescom in Cologne! Get your ticket here before they run out!

    Coming Up

    We are currently working on some changes to the launcher and the website in general. Additionally, we will add archive sections to our forum to display past topics of interests. Further on, we are already testing some new changes that will come in the near future to the game. Stay tuned for more updates on it soon!

    Clips of the week

    An unexpected content creator, great kills and music montages are part of this week’s clips. Check them out below and give them some Iron love!

    One Triple Kill isn’t enough for thedinosaur_xox!


    You’ll never see cupofkoffee’s jump crossbow shot coming!


    Watch as syleaths aces the enemy team without breaking a sweat!


    DansomeWoja makes good use of his Throwing axe!

    Check out SinisterEternity’s latest ironsight music montage!

    epixLarious is back! This time with a fantastic Penta kills Compilation!

    Check out iRpz Nations Minitage.

    Our partner Emo cheesecake is running a giveaway until June 17th!

    This week, we want to give a special thanks to jackfrags for giving Ironsight a try and reviewing it in his latest video!

    We also want to give a shoutout to UnLeashedNetwork for their review of Ironsight!

    Before we wrap this Community Update, we wanted to share with you what is cooking on the competitive community side!

    The 1st Season league from Esport Hub has reached an end but get ready for the next season later this month! Also keep an eye out for their weekly challenges and tournaments. Find the complete schedule here!

    You have a clip you want to share with us? Send it to us on our Twitter @IronsightEN with the hashtag #IronClip or on our Discord Channeland you might get featured in next week's highlights!

    Reminder: Please bear in mind these updates are meant to keep you informed about our short term projects. Don’t hesitate to poke us and tell us what you think about this communication format! We want to keep you in the loop as much as possible, and your feedback is always valuable. Larger topics and long-term projects and priorities will be addressed in letters from our product manager Charly as mentioned earlier.

    Keep shooting and see you in the next CM update!

    Your Ironsight Team

    Hey Nesti

    Try to do the following too:

    1. Go to C:\AeriaGames\Ironsight\easyanticheat
    2. Run EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe with Admin rights
    3. Right click on EasyAntiCheat
    4. Choose properties
    5. Change the startup type to 'automatically' if it isn't

    Try it now, keep me or Helix updated please :P

    Is There A chance We might get in the Future in one of the Followings. 1. To See This kind of Suits as Add-ons and Be purchasable by GP or CHIPS? 2. Can there be more Options on adding Optics and Upgrades on the Weapon? 3. Will Magazine and Other Upgrades be Available Sooner? 4. Can there be a Standard Customizable Female Character?

    Hey there o0MADMaN0o

    Thanks for your questions and suggestions :)

    Now, to answer to your questions...

    1 - I'm not sure if you're corresponding the pics you attached with the questions, but here you go... that kind of suits look good to me and it might be possible to add in the future in my opinion, but the thing is any of this stuff that needs to be implemented in the game must be approved by the developers directly and made by them.

    2 - Right now, I think it's safe to say that we have enough upgrades to do on the weapons but there might be more coming of course as people will be slowly but upgrading most of the weapons they have - still this is again under developers description.

    3 - I'm not sure about this, I kinda doubt it... at least not that soon, but it might come in the future, sure.

    4 - Yep, totally! This might be already in the plans but again... developers decision, I'll suggest this and discuss it out with the team though :P

    Thanks again and sorry if my answers weren't 100% conclusive but yeah... most of those are answers that only the devs are able to answer.



    Hey there raFaeLo

    You mean like for example CS:GO that have that option? I feel like most of the F2P FPS games don't have option for left handers which kinda suck, I understand but yeah... I'll send this suggestion to the team.



    Well thats epic! Instantly my fav Mod haha.

    I would love to see One in the Chamber too! Imo those game modes added a lot of flavor to those games. I appreciate you sending on feedback/suggestions. In the future is there a better way to send them ideas/feedback or is this the best place for it? I appreciate the info and response!

    "from our family to yours keep your pants dry and your dreams whet, and remember hugs not drugs"

    Those modes are simply the best, it shouldn't be that hard to make them too but I'm pretty sure Treyarch (COD Devs) have those modes rights by them but not really sure of how it works in the gaming community since a lot of games already have similar game modes and even Battle Royale modes for example but yeah... still suggested this^^

    This forum section is honestly the best to give feedback yep, unless you want to send it directly to us but I feel like it's better to post here because some players might agree or disagree and that give us a even bigger feedback and opinion about it.

    "from our family to yours keep your pants dry and your dreams whet, and remember hugs not drugs"


    Hey there Aquadris

    First of all, woof... took me a while to read everything but I did!! :)

    Let me start by saying, welcome to Ironsight and I hope you've played at least 1 game (probably finished patch already) so yeah... here we go:

    I've played a lot of Free2Play FPS games such as Combat Arms, Crossfire, WolfTeam, Soldier Front, AVA, Black Squad, Blackshot, Dirty Bomb and more and I totally understand what you mean and your concerns but as Joki already mentioned (thanks for your input btw), it's pretty easy and fast to get gold and specially on the beginning by completing achievements, leveling up, etc...

    The fact that you can buy permanent weapons with in-game currency is already a pretty good aspect and step in the game, trust me as half of the games I mentioned before didn't really had that option at some point making it only people who were spending real life money in the game would be able to buy weapons permanently meaning that people who don't want to spend real life money in the game would be kind forced to play with timed weapons they were buying (that sucks btw)

    Now, as for the comparison with Call of Duty it's normal that everyone sees it that way not only by the in-game mechanics but specially by the streaks you mentioned and the way you can customize the weapons and everything, but yeah... we can't really compare a game you have to buy to play with a F2P game in my opinion, even though there may seem to be a lot of similarities.

    As for the weapon rarities, it's pretty much cosmetics there are no differences when it comes to stats, so yeah... you can be calmed with that :P

    Not going to write anything else so this wall of text don't get even bigger but if you have any other particular questions, please reply back or drop me a PM here or in discord: Deadpool#0736

    PS: This isn't just because I'm a mod but Ironsight seems like to be in at least my top 3 favorite best F2P FPS games I played so far, still can't be 100% sure since the game is still in OBT - DON'T FORGET ABOUT THAT! :P Things are always subject to change.



    I totally see what you guys mean and I understand, but we (Mods and CMs) cant' be on every single room at every single time to check if someone in there is cheating or not... I totally see your point though and trust me, besides a Mod I'm also a player and not only in this game so I totally understand the frustration and we are not asking you to do "our job" but if you can help out we would sure appreciate it ;)

    It's easier to find those guys with your help than with none but I also see what you mean by the "But it's like a fight against windmills" because they'll try to come back and keep doing this but trust me when I say we take a close look in most of the games we play (some mods play more than others) and we report them directly to the team... it's just impossible to be everywhere at everytime as mentioned.

    Sorry for the wall of the text. :) Hope you understand because we hate cheaters as much as you do :|


    Well, this was in fact something I didn't quite like to watch and hear but it happened and as people said... this kind of streamers don't really get "sticked" in a game for long, big streamers like Lirik, Shroud, the Doc, etc... they usually play a lot of games, well, except for PUBG because it was definetely one of the main stream (battle royale) games and probably the best one so far (Fortnite alongside it too)... but well, at least we got Summit to play for a while and actually enjoying it, except for the fact he couldn't play competitive mode but what should we expect to have since they game is still a bit recent and it's still in Open Beta so they can't expect much imo.

    As for the competitive side, as mentioned the game is still in OBT and as Flloyd mentioned some days ago the network in Korea and in the rest of the world is quite different and Wiple and Aeriga/Gamigo are facing issues that they don't even had in Korea... so bear in mind, that it's kinda impossible to have a solid competitive side right not in how the state of the game is.

    As RJHOS said, don't panic :P Lets see if they come back and play the game as soon as most of the issues are fixed and game has the green light to leave it's OBT fase.


    Well, it's all in the subject.

    Can provide more details.

    You can use rivatuner for that. The ingame fps counter is even to small for a 1080p imo.

    Or if you have shadowplay, there is a fps counter that you can activate in settings.


    You can also use Fraps for that or if you want, manually add Ironsight to Steam, not sure if it shows FPS counter for non-steam games but it should :P


    Hey there Captiva

    First of all, I must say I love your avatar <3 Good to see someone has a good taste for... heroes 8) Like you for that already!

    Secondly, I do like your suggestion as I used to play that game mode a lot aswell back in the days but in BO1 but looks like it was pretty much the same on BO2 aswell, same goes for the One in the Chamber where you go around with a pistol with 1 bullet and you progress to other pistols by killing someone with it and the Gun Game was pretty fun too.

    I totally agree with you on the "Most of the mechanics are sort of in the game already but would prolly need a little tweaking to make it work" since most of the people see a lot of resembles between Ironsight and Call of Duty for obvious reasons.

    However, keep in mind that AeriaGames / Gamigo are only the publishers of the game and all in-game content and changes must be approved and made directly by the Developers (WippleGames), but will suggest this to the team. :)

    Thanks for the suggestions, keep it up!

    What about sale throwing weapons? or something temporary for permanent? or discount for boxes or characters. i really like mad dog, but it is too expensive

    Dude, this is just a simple event where you go get a egg and paint it... what do you want for that? 1.000 APs? Cmon man, we already upgraded our winner rewards... we'll improve events and rewards in the future

    Contest idea is interesting. But prize is awfull. 1 day m4 seriously? at least 7 day

    Hey there arlight64

    Thanks for your suggestion and feedback, we're glad to announce that we've now changed the rewards to:

    1st Place: 7 Days Spring M4 ACC-M + 1 D EXP Boost + 1 D GP Boost + Forum Badge

    2nd and 3rd place: 1 Days Spring M4 ACC-M + 1 D EXP Boost + 1 D GP Boost + Forum Badge

    We hope to see you participate now. :)



    Closing this thread, it's from February and you guys revived it and some people are thinking my previous reply said that there will be a maintenance tomorrow... but my replywas actually on February 2nd..

    Main objective was to do as the TwinSaga one but yeah... different games, different people, different situations :P We'll see what we can do in the future ones^^

    Hey there arlight64

    First of all, we appreciate your feedback and the way you posted it without going on to insult the team like some users who complain do... but yeah, I'll answer your points even though Helix did already! (Thanks Helix!)

    1) The objective of this event is getting you guys to choose a spot, a egg, a treasure, anything... (we can adapt this kind of events through a lot of special seasons) and you might or might not get a reward... see it as a "Battleship" game... you choose a spot to bombard a ship and you might be lucky and get the right spot and destroy it or might be unlucky and no ship there :) It's all based on luck.

    2) This kind of event was directly also made to people who were also active and already registered in the forum, this was also to bring more people together... if you were indeed not allowed to reply immediately it's because you were not really registered in the forum yet (you should, because the people here is cool!) You're ready to go for the upcoming forum events though!^^

    3) I can't see how could we do that to be honest.. can you provide me with any kind of tool or page that makes it like everytime someone would choose a spot, that spot would show as taken to everyone else? People would choose all then and how would that tool verify if the account really existed? Also, that's no excuse at all because I was updating you guys with a picture of the taken spots and still people would choose spots that were taken so that's not our fault at all... you guys have to read.

    4) No one needs to warn you guys beforehand, the events are posted as soon as they start, it was a surprise event for the ones who were more "watchful", I see what you guys mean by the timezones.. I was actually going to post the night before at midnight CEST but then the EU players would complain because they were sleeping so yeah, there was no way of making everyone in the world happy... we'll adjust for the next ones.

    As for the in-game events you guys want, there might or might not be happening anytime soon (talking about the "kill 500 enemies for 3 days and get a 5000 gp or weapon for 7 day" or "win on map or something more") because the game needs an automated system to verify all that info from all the accounts that were made until now to verify who and who did not did that objective! - Developer side, publishers (Aeria / Gamigo) needs those tools but the devs are the ones who need to provide.

    I have a lot of in-game event ideas though that can be done without those tools, however we are all still mods and Trial-mods... GameMasters are the ones supposed to in-game events and we still don't have any GMs (I know what I'm talking because I'm a GM on TwinSaga which is another Aeriagames game)

    Again, thanks a lot for the feedback and please consider that we'll be improving this forum events as we progress.



    Hey everyone,

    Here's what was behind each egg! :)

    The grey parts are the ones who DON'T have anything.

    Thanks for participating, rewards should be sent out during the upcoming week.

    Gnomedalf Send me a private message saying which 7 Day B Grade (Green) Weapon Skin of Choice (e.g. Woodland etc.) you want.

    Caow Send me a private message saying which 7 Day Lethal Equipment of Choice you want.

    Morrighen Send me a private message saying which 7 Day Tactical Equipment of Choice you want.


    Your Ironsight team.