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    As to the topic that the OP wants to talk about... is soft-point really that OP? I feel like most of the times I die, it's my fault, soft-point or not. Also, soft-point is available to everyone. If you think someone else has an advantage over you because of it... USE IT YOURSELF

    Its not exactly a matter of using it, but a matter of competitive-ness that the developers planned the game to have. Perhaps restrict the use of SP in ranked or SND?

    Personally, I prefer a "who aims better" than "who fires first" But that's just me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I decided to make a CFX50 skin that resembles the Bengali national flag. Since the is a Salta M4ACC with the US flag depicted in it, so why not a Bengali one? :)

    This skin was made in 15 minutes XD .

    What do you think of it? ^^

    i thought soft point gives small punch on impact,

    yes thats what it does. which is why it should not be in the game. unskilled players can just use this to disorientate the aim of a skilled player to win firefights. If the devs want this to be a competitive game, they should remove this ASAP.

    (not to mention that you need to pay for it, giving the game a p2w aspect)

    That's more rather like combining two different car engines where they both should try to run. So far I've never seen a game where they use two different engines to combine two different mechanics. I believe you can use only one or the other else it won't make much sense

    In a way, It does make sense to do so. Some engines are better that others in one aspect, and worse in other (ie better physics with less graphical beauty, and vice versa.) .

    The thought came to my mind after reading a few posts on iron engine's performances on Ryzen chips. Imagine if the user could interchange one engine over the other simply because that engine works better on Ryzen than the other? Similarly, one could have both engines active, where one engine will focus on giving better graphics, while the other focuses on giving better performances?

    If I had to give an example: I'm pretty sure the Iron Engine can provide better graphics than the source engine, but the source engine has better physics support as well as giving a better performance on computers that uses Ryzen. Both of them uses DirectX9. If it is possible to splice them together, we can get the best of both worlds.

    Of course, My knowledge in this field of game development is rather limited. Maybe things go worse if one tries to keep both engines active, or it may not be possible to do so at all. Or maybe it is possible, and the outcome is good? Either way the thought of having a "dual engine" sounds unique.

    Is it possible for a game to have 2 (or more) different engines working together? Like, for example, if ironsight could be run by both the source and iron engine? Or if battlefield could be run both by Frostbite with Unity engine?

    maybe in a way on how two different batteries can be spliced together without causing problems?

    They are snipers, they're supposed to kill with one shot. As for the trade off of the faster fire rate and the ability to quickscope, for balance we reduce the range. It's fair enough, people can still use the other guns as well, since they would be buffed too. Also added an additional change to 60 rpm, for more balancing.

    As for the DMRs removing the headshot ability would balance it out with the buff of damage and hipfire. Bo it would take just two shot but it would be much more reliable and act kinda like a DMR should while being balanced. It's still a lot slower than any automatic rifles, so it wouldn't be op. It also has less than half the ammo. So skill and proper shot placement is a must. Could probably also reduce the firerate a little and it be fine too with the buffs.

    IDK. This just does not feel right to me :/

    I don't think that the map design will be very friendly to these changes. The maps are too small. Players will just take an SVD, PSG or CFX and just hang around in close quarters doing no-scopes with hair trigger attachments at very close ranges to get an easy one-shot. Let's not forget the fact that there is a thermal scope that is perfect for mid range battles due to its short ADS time.

    As a result, these will require players to change their natural playstyles to a more run and gun type. If there is one thing players do not like, that is changing their natural playstyle.

    Shinoo, I think your in game profile is kinda bugged. It says you played 16 hours in game, but your playtime with the G3 is over 23 hours, which can't be possible if you only spent 16 hour in game itself.

    Note: I not accusing you of hacking your account, I had a similar incident where my SA58 weapon KDA (50.3) had a higher KDA than my actual best KDA (23.0). which fixed itself after like 3 weeks.

    Compensator removes flash, and increase damage.

    Silencers don't remove flash, but reduce sound significantly, range, and damage.

    I'm highly against this. Any change in damage is just a no-no. players should win fights by a matter of player skill, not by stats. some small increase in minor stats like accuracy, recoil randomness is fine, but in a major stat like damage? Please no. :(

    Also, I don't know why you are asking for a reduction of range and have flashes in a suppressor (yes, im calling them "suppressors" simply because it sounds cooler). This would not make sense for game balance nor for realism itself. Suppressors are meant to keep you hidden. If they did not hide flashes, your location is easily given away when you shoot, not to mention the reduction in range makes it harder to fight longer range combat, a fight they are best used at.

    For the sake of realism, (IK ironsight is not meant to be realistic for a good reason, but still) in real life suppressors actually increases range, accuracy and damage.

    Solution to fix dmrs.... Reduce recoil, buff damage/range so two body shots at any distance up to 80 range kills, but remove 1 headshot kills. Increase hipfire accuracy. Reduce mobility (these guns shoot bigger calibers and usually weigh more). 55, 60 damage. 80ish range. 50ish mobility.

    Buff semi snipers damage to one shot, but reduce range by 25+% make them short range snipers. (Same range as an AR, with quick damage drop off). This would be quickscope friendly, but suck at long range. Headshot kills out to the specified range, no long range.

    Sorry, but I'm against this as well. Maps are already small to begin with. Most ranges of confrontations will be in mid ranges, where your semi auto SRs will be one shot. Will make bolt actions obeslete.

    As far as I have read your posts, your weapon changes are favoring run and gunners. A game that only favors one playstyle really won't last long, nor will it attract players with a different playstyle.

    Here are your points that I do agree on.

    Optinal word filter. This is a game for mature people, the filter should be optional. Enabled by default is fine but allow us to turn it off!

    About this, it may not be best to have it optional. The game is free to play. Kids are always trying to get good games for free, and they will pick this game up. They can turn off the word filter by fiddling around or even purposively and have their childhood mentality badly affected.

    I think its down to personal preference really.

    Long ear perk is only powerful because of how powerful feather feet is. Long ears completely removes the effect of enemy's feather feet, as if the enemy was never using feather feet. The effect of long ears is 19 meters by the way (which is pretty "long").

    In my case, I run health regen perk because by passive playstyle demands it, even if its a little help. I don't prefer to run and gun, and I play it far back with an AR or SR. As a result, most of my confrontations are of large distances. If I'm down on health, I can take cover and have the perk to help me heal. By the time the enemy gets to my position, I would be in nearly full health. But thats rarely the case, because:

    - I only need a bit of extra health, not a full one.

    - The commotion brings a team mate to help. I get the assist, but thats fine by me.

    - I focus on holding angles, if I'm low on health all the time, I would not be able to do that properly.

    I can pretty much avoid nades easily enough, and also hang around spots where its harder to reach me by nades. I don't prone because the proning animation won't let me get out of a nade's blast radius in time.

    The heath regen is especially useful against semi automatics (except for cfx), because an SVD can takes 60% of my health if it hits me on the stomach region, if I can get 21% extra health, the SVD would again need 2 more to kill instead of one.

    If you run and gun a lot, then use blast protection. The amount of confrontations you will get by doing that will prevent health regen from kicking in, making it somewhat useless.

    Welp, second attempt on uploading my skin.(first one had broken links)


    Title of design: "AUG A3 Earth"

    PNG and PSD link: link

    The green represents the plants, the brown with cracks represents the ground and the blue represents the water. So I named this skin "AUG A3 Earth" (plants, ground element and water element).

    I made a green skin because there aren't many green skins in game yet apart from the alligator series.

    I'm still a noob at GIMP. So all the drawings you see were made by hand.

    The numbers on the gun are an easter egg that refers to an action that happens in the game. Can you guess it?

    also, can someone tell me if the links work for them.

    The AK12 is practically an inferior AK47. It has only one up side : It can take the expanded magazine and hold 40 bullets instead of 30.

    The forum account and your in-game account are not the same though.

    Also, pressing backspace in the launcher's sign in removes two characters instead of one, which can sometimes cause an error.

    There is a bug with the launcher where sometimes double clicking the "login" button can make it say "incorrect password". Only click that button once.

    If you created a in game account there should an email coming to you that needs you to verify that account, otherwise, that "forgot password" may not work.

    Check your spam folder

    Weilan You can't really "buy" a better connection when the server itself is too far away from the Asian and Oceanian players.

    It's not like they have weak/cheap connections or anything. They live too far away from their closest server. Even with optic fibers, ping is still pretty high.

    Also, if I'm correct, the matchmaking by ping you are talking about was implemented in the cruise update. Its so called "Echo Server System". Not sure how effective it is though.

    My suggestion: Adding a server in the Indonesian region can resolve most problems and Asian and Oceanian players can play with each other, since their "combined" numbers can prevent having empty lobbies and yet have playable pings. The clan I'm in are mostly Oceanian players, most of them are inactive for a long time because of a lack of servers. Maybe this can bring them back? Just an opinion there.

    The update notes does not mention a reduction of fire rate of any DMR though:/

    Also , bolt action SRs are an OHK on chest to head region. Semi automatic SRs are a OHK on the head only (apart from the CFX50, which is also a OHK on the neck it seems.)

    is that what you really want ? :D

    lean behind chairs at cruise only

    Is that a bug? lol. A similar thing happens if you ADS too close to the bushes in this map. I thought that it was only happening to me because of my potato PC XD

    seems like a case of packet loss to me. The game currently uses TCP, so when packet loss occurs, the protocol asks for a re-send. This takes additional time, giving a significantly higher ping (>1000ms).

    Overall, I believe the cause for this is mainly TCP. Back when the game temporarily used UDP before they changed it back to TCP, you would not freeze at all (or at least not for me)

    Yo say 1 meter away. Just try it on long range.

    HK is 1 hit headshot also in low range.

    Does not feel that low range to me.?(

    I can get a one hit headshot if I do it from one sniper nest to the other across long B in titan map. That seems to be around 17m to 20m (I may be wrong about the values there).

    Still scar and ak should kill with one shot.

    That would be pretty broken, just because on how fast they fire and how little recoil this game gives overall.

    5- Secure the point: I still can't understand why this mode works that way. Many times you keep playing till the end of a round even if it's impossible to win it. I mean: if you have 10 s less and the enemy capture bar is too long to be to able to come back (even with full team capping) why we still have to play it? I play only secure the point and it almost happens every game.

    Suggestion: Overtime.

    -If you take control of the point when it is significantly captured by the enemy, then the game will go into overtime.

    -If the losing team capturing the point for the comeback happens leaves the point while its in overtime, the overtime will still continue until 30 seconds has passed, after which the winning enemy team wins unless the losing team comes back to the point.

    -A contested point does not remove overtime.

    -If the winning enemy team takes the point, then they win.

    This really needs to be implemented!

    If I'm correct, when the game was fully finished back in Korea, they had even more weapons than it does now, but I would like to see an EF88 that is featured in some of the game artwork. :)

    There are three semi auto sniper rifles, not two. I think you are forgetting the CFX50, whose real life counter-part I can't find :/

    Change points gained by staying on the point form 10 points/sec to 20 point/sec.

    Change points gained by killing other players from 100 points to 25 points.

    Remove points for destroying a mobile drone, whereas stationary ones will grant 50 points.

    Change natural points gained per second from 3 points/sec to 5 points/secs.

    Getting a kill from within the point gives 50 points instead of 25.

    Removing an enemy player off the point by killing them gives 50 points instead of 25.

    The sniper nerf was to prevent excessive quick-scoping at short ranges, at which they (especially the Blaser) used to excel at thanks to shorter ADS time. If you reacted faster, aimed better than the other player, then the kill is yours. In the case where the sniper is actually the better player, then the nerf shouldn't effect you too much.

    Also, this is the DSR1. The Blaser was the main target it seems. The hitbox change nerfs the Blaser, but not the DSR1.