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    There aren't enough obstacles in the main paths, people just camp them, because they are long, empty corridors and it's just easier to camp. There need to be either more obstacles in the way, like big boxes and stuff, or the corridors need to stop being straight and get a few turns to prevent camping.

    The only balanced maps IMO are Oceanfront, Titan and Mart, the rest are a big mess, especially Cloud9 is pretty horrible in design.

    Maybe instead of just complaining it's "so fucking bad" and "literally garbage", give some constructive criticism instead of raging off. And you say it's "apparently super easy to crack". There's one hack tool out there to my knowledge, and requires a very large purchase as part of a bulk membership. If you want a game that isn't glitchy, try Warframe. They just upgraded their servers, so there might even be room for that attitude of yours.

    He signed up for the game, entered some matches, got his аss handed to him and now it's the game's fault.

    Well, how come with the game's issue I still end up 1st in my team 90% of the time? Must be game's fault...

    2. The hip-fire reticle should follow the same recoil pattern as the gun in ADS. As it stands, ADSing is iffy

    I'm not sure if any game has ever done that - they have different patterns for hip and ADS. While I agree with you and would like this, I doubt the devs will ever do it.

    I've had plenty of situations where the game was working as it's supposed to in it's current state, are you saying that you never had a proper match? I've played for quite some time since the first beta in November and I've seen my fair share of different encounters. In case you haven't played, when the game was in CBT, servers were a lot more stable, in fact the game was in a better state back then than it is now. There was no lag or anything and yes, the TTK is REALLY, REALLY low. Weapons have too much ROF and the lack of recoil on most weapons makes up for one really bad combination. I just bought the SA58 to test it's damage against other weapons... This weapons is immediately outclassed, outgunned, outeverything by other ARs with less damage, less recoil and more ROF. I don't want to bash the game, but the balancing is way off.

    And for the record, the TTK in CS:GO is where Ironsight should aim at. EDIT: Either keep recoil and increase TTK, or keep TTK but greatly increase recoil to encourage tap fire even at point blank.

    Well he's using all of his classes. So it's just about him, then.

    See? I can say the same thing.

    Come on... you always kinda defending and talking like guardian of devs... are you one from us? will auto repair hurt you? NO! then stop already... every time someone suggests something, your reply is always oposite thing. I hope devs will leave this repair dialogue feature for your account only, even make it ask again and again and again "are you sure you want to repair all weapons" - Yes. - "ARE YOU SURE?!" as i think you like clickable tabs :)


    The game is really broken right now, the repair dialog is actually one of the first things that have to be fixed UI-wise. I can't believe it wasn't done long ago, during the time the game was only launched in Korea.

    It's literally one extra button press before you enter the game.

    Except you have to press it three times - one for each individual loadout. This is why it sucks, if they made it at least into "one to rule them all", it would be much better. It's just a waste of time, especially between matches, because sometimes the match will start prematurely and you won't be able to repair all three weapons. Think about that.

    I agree, there needs to be more customization.

    It sucks that we have three attachment slots and the third one is always reserved for bullets, bullets I don't use. I would really like to be able to put a third attachment in that slot. It would still be better than nothing.

    Blasphemy. Unfolded bipods are hot af

    Don't know about your fetish, but running with unfolded bipods on weapons is same like running with easel for me. So there must be atleast option to remove them.

    Indeed, very ugly. I hate games that have bipods for anything other than snipers, it doesn't make any sense. Ghost in the Shell First Assault had bipods for everything but SGs and SMGs. It was horrible to look at people running with a rowboat that shoots in their hands. There was one AR in particular that actually required a bipod to increase stability and reduce recoil and it really sucked for that reason, I never installed a bipod and I had to put up with more recoil and less stability for the sake of avoiding the creation of an abomination.

    I don't think we can judge whether the time to kill is any good or not with the current state of the game. Until we get more servers and better lagcomp, it's hard to make an opinon.

    I think we can. A person playing the game doesn't need to have 140+ IQ to figure out the big picture - TTK is very low, weapon spraying is very common, if not THE way to go and people just run and gun. Run, see someone, point crosshair at them, hold left mouse button for a moment, they are dead, continue running and repeat. With lack of recoil, low TTK and no skill required to play the game, there is literally no substance to it. Originally I was really excited about the game, right now I'm waiting to see what QOL and balancing changes the devs will make in the future, but as it is right now, the game gets pretty boring.

    And to whoever is saying that TTK is actually HIGH... haha, I just don't have words to express my feelings about this, other than ask a question:

    What games have you been playing? Mobile shooters that have auto aim where you just look at people and they die?

    I have seen some slight anomalies like a few people running in place or whatever, but nothing big, like shots not registering or other serious issues like what other people report. I have ~40ms latency to the EU server, my connection is very stable and my speed is good so I never really had issues. That's why I'm saying it comes down to connection. I never had some lagger kill me while I was being unable to do anything about it.

    I wasn't talking about lags, because i have 40 ms ping and stable connection too. What i was saying is that ironsight seems one of those games (as Cod BO3 or teh free to play Ghost in the shell) in which you just can't play against players with better connection (and not higher level of skill) because they always shoot you even before you see them (in a frontal gunfight), your bullets don't hit them and so on.

    Then I suppose it's one of those games. The developers seem to be currently focused on fixing server stability, maybe one of their tasks is to eliminate the netcode issue. We will see...

    At this point when the servers are unstable, I believe that better connection ensures you better game play. Hopefully in the future that won't matter as much.

    That is what i was asking. From what i could see till now, this game is completely about having a better connection.

    I have seen some slight anomalies like a few people running in place or whatever, but nothing big, like shots not registering or other serious issues like what other people report. I have ~40ms latency to the EU server, my connection is very stable and my speed is good so I never really had issues. That's why I'm saying it comes down to connection. I never had some lagger kill me while I was being unable to do anything about it.

    1. Increase slightly TTK

    2. Make spray and pray obsolete and useless

    3. Increase recoil and award people trying to aim better instead of noobs running and gunning

    I have suggested this many times and I will keep on suggesting it. Make the game worthwhile. As it is right now it's just a Call of Duty cheapskate clone, make it unique and different. The current game awards noobs for being noobs way too much and makes better players feel unappreciated and worthless.

    To clarify:

    A "good" player in IS means to be someone who exploits game flaws, not actually having good aim or good reflexes (or both), it's all about finding THAT META that wins you the fight.

    Although I've checked the box to remember log in credentials, my account name is remembered, but the password's obscured characters appear to be less than how long my password actually is and even if I tried logging in as it is, it would tell me the password is wrong. It used to work before OBT.

    (Come to think of it, a lot more things used to work before OBT) xD

    To prove that it runs in a borderless window, press the Windows button on the keyboard and the start menu will pop up with the game running in the background. If it was true full screen, the game will be minimized in the taskbar and the desktop will appear. Here is the result:

    The game still runs in a borderless window despite the setting "Full Screen" being enabled. This is also eating some of the performance FYI.

    You are crowned as the meme god, feel free to meme yourself whenever you meme the meme to meme. xD

    Kill trading isn't a feature. You can see it in any fighting game when there's minor discrepancies in ping. Stop complaining about things the developers can't control. Also, for the love of God please get better with your grammar. Even I have better English than you.

    how bout listening to the people who will be playing the game for years instead of these whiny babies about the ttk

    notice Korea dropped yall and is no longer up????

    you wouldn't make it a day in american economics with this doo doo stuff


    It is a feature actually. I played against bots once and I traded kills with them.

    I don't mind the issues because at this time I don't feel like playing FPS games, but there are others that are itching to play right now and can't.

    So I suggest you do some sort of double XP & GP event after everything is back on track to award people for waiting.

    Add a feature that allows players to customize their crosshair. Like select sizes, dynamic or static, etc.

    I personally want a small static crosshair, because the one by default really distracts me and I can't really aim with it.

    You can be level 1000? What's the point? Unless there are some unlocks, there doesn't seem to be a point in it.

    There should be unlocks for both player level and weapon level, that go beyond level 30 (for weapons that is).

    lets keep it skins...

    i dont want to play an entire year with a single weapon just to get a sight that i astetically and gameplaywise like on my weap lol

    Sure, why not, as long as those levels are somehow justified.

    People have forgotten the meaning of OBT, including me, because OBTs in most other games have been way too stable.

    The maximum level/rank is 1000.

    You can be level 1000? What's the point? Unless there are some unlocks, there doesn't seem to be a point in it.

    There should be unlocks for both player level and weapon level, that go beyond level 30 (for weapons that is).

    I suggested some things about the game (multiple times):

    1. Increase TTK - give people a bigger fighting chance

    2. Increase Recoil - force people to use scopes instead of run and hipfire

    3. Make snipers harder to use and increase scope-in time - make sniping about sniping and giving cover to your team on the front line, not about running and gunning and literally destroying the game

    4. Slow down proning animation so only snipers use it and people stop spamming it everywhere

    On all four suggestions people said "no, the game should be kept the way it is, because this is what it is - a fast paced game".

    Obviously people who oppose to this haven't played any quality shooter before, like Counter-Strike for example and instead have played CoD games, but CS 1.6 is still extremely popular and still massively played to this day, whereas CoD games come and go every year, people forget them and move on to the next one, because they are forgettable, mediocre games.

    But the way the game is isn't really helping things. The game is really polished engine-wise and there doesn't seem to be many issues, but the mechanics are made in such a way that you run and gun, die, repeat. It's a great game, but if it keeps going this way, it will become very boring and not many people will play it, it will be branded a "CoD clone" and will be left to rot in oblivion.

    The team needs to do make some PTS server with *potential* changes that people willing to test (like me) will test and give feedback to, then if feasible, implement it into the game.

    Imo with the attachments the way they are there needs to be tradeoffs when you choose your current attachment loadout. If everyone had the opportunity to run extra attachments, everyone would be using a muzzle, sight, and laser sight with the current offerings of attachments lol. There wouldn't be a need for any else... Now a perk offering an extra attachment I can see because again it's a trade-off.

    That doesn't make any sense. People will always be using what's considered the meta.

    The time to kill is too high. It's hard to make plays when it takes half a mag to kill one guy. Alternatively, you can just quickscope and kill the whole team with one mag.

    Too high? Haha! What games have you been playing?