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    Well than u r obviously playing a wrong type of shooter. I really dont like those bullet sponge type fps like The Division where u have to pour two mags in someone, no tnx. Ideally it would be two, three shots depending on location but in ironsight where everything is going so fast... it's fine as it is, maybe some tuning but... time will show when the netcode is fixed xe xe xe

    Nobody is talking about The Division, it was a failed game and is now forgotten. I'm talking about games like CS:GO, Black Squad and Ghost in the Shell First Assault. Especially the last one - it had skills and weapon customization, but there was no health replenish, only one character could heal himself and the others and only if the others nearby him syncronized with him when he used his skills. The TTK was higher, but not by much, just enough to give you that extra second to turn around and headshot the one shooting at you, but that's only if you were an experienced FPS player. If you were a noob, even if it took 2 minutes to kill you, you will still die due to sever noobness.

    When I first saw and player Ironsight, I never realized it was in fact a CoD clone, I only did when others pointed it out. At first I refused to believe it, and thought if I lay down my suggestions, maybe some of them will make it into the game and the game will differentiate itself enough to not be called a cheap CoD clone anymore. But now that I realize the game won't change (judging by the "game-changing updates" AKA more skinz 4 da winz that came out recently) and the fact that obviusly players are fine with how the game is I think it's time to give up on this game as it will never be different/better/fixed and stop wasting my time with it.

    It's obvious the devs only care about adding skins, they "nerf" the AR57, but it's just as OP as it used to be, netcode is still garbage, hipfire is as accurate as ADS. "Yeah, guys, the game will not be P2W, but instead we will drown you with skins, forget about updates, forget about fixes, here are more skins, guys!!"

    I give up, I wish this game didn't turn out to be such a garbage.

    Not worth it. They have clearly showed they don't care what the community wants, and they will just release their stupid skins and gimmicky "updates" with "fixes" for as long as they can milk money off gullible newcomers and old fanboys (who relentlessly defend every aspect of the game and every decision made by the staff/developers). They will milk the game for what it's worth and then abandon it. And they will "prove me wrong" that they didn't in fact abandoning it by releasing a new skin every 6 months after it has already been abandoned. xD

    The game hasn't changed ONE BIT since I played it in November 2017, I was hyped, because I thought if sharing feedback with the developers will help make the game better, but alas no, the game won't get any better than this on the long run, in fact it won't even change on the long run. It will just have a couple of new weapons that are more OP than the current OP weapons, a couple of new maps and maybe new drones and perks and of course millions upon millions of new skins so that you can look like the best clown you can look like. xD

    AR50 is still the same. Bolt action sniper rifles are still easy to use as wooden slingshot. But we got bunch of ugly skins... we must be happy right?
    "Skins, skins and... more skins!" - From spring update post. See? they are happy. They think that skins is only thing we care, but they don't know that there are ppl who doesn't give a single **** about ugly weapon skins.

    Now you have to wait another couple of months before they REALLY nerf it, if they decide to do so. But by then many people will have left the game. And also knowing that THIS was the "nerf" they were talking about it could also mean there may not be another nerf... ever.

    Pretty discouraging how this game turned out, I think I made the right decision to uninstall it and not waste my time on it and only check the forums and website for the state of the game.

    I played against some guy who had AR57 and 90% of the time when he killed me wasn't headshots. The problem with the weapon is low recoil/spread and high range and 50 bullets in a magazine. This "nerf" is a complete joke. If it takes them so long to release an "update" and the update is so insignificant and it only focuses on bringing more cosmetics and skins.... then this isn't going to end well. There are so many critical issues with the game and updates coming at such huge interval and not even fixing issues at all, this game will end up like Ghost in the Shell First Assault - dead in the ditch.

    In First Assault the developers never fixed netcode, ignored the issues players brought up and kept releasing skins and overpowered weapons and skills/characters. The game launched in December 2015 and shut down in December 2017. People are enough jaded with broken games, if this keeps going, Ironisight won't even last 2 years.

    No, if the netcode is fixed and TTK is increased you won't die faster, also dying isn't proportional to health regen, because you die before you can start regenerating.

    ttk increase = time to kill = u die faster

    U can’t start health regen cuz u dead


    Low TTK (as it currently is) = die faster

    Increased TTK (higher) = you die slower

    TTK = time to kill ... time .. low time = 15 minutes... high time = 45 minutes

    Games with Low TTK - Ironsight. Call of Dookie, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Battlefied 1
    Games with High(er) TTK - CS:GO, CS:S, CS:1.6, Black Squad, Ghost in the Shell First Assault, Battle Carnival, Paladins, Team Fortress 2

    Your intrinistic grasp on the concept is fundamentally wrong.

    OK you get into a firefight with someone, you kill him and after a couple of seconds you're back to full health, that's stupid. That's not how Demolition works and that's definitely not competitive material. When you lose health - that's it - you should make-do with what you have left and if you die because of low HP, you die, that's it.

    You're literally the only person that I've heard of that's said the health regen is too quick/much. It's been a complaint by many that its way too slow to regain health to the point of them adding a new perk to boost it. This also goes against your whole point of "running and dying" all the time? You would be dying a lot more if you just had to #dealwith your remaining health after a fight.

    No, if the netcode is fixed and TTK is increased you won't die faster, also dying isn't proportional to health regen, because you die before you can start regenerating.

    you're definitely not being punished. That's what happens when there are laggy players in a match. That matter won't change in every existing game. What of course can be done is the improvement of the netcode and a possible server expansion in a possible future

    When there are laggers, they should be the ones being punished for the bad connection they have, not the players with the good connection. If someone lives in a shack in the woods and a bear and a badger are standing on the roof with aluminum foil to catch signal for him, then it's his problem that his Bear & Badger Inc. connection sucks.

    I can connect through a VPN, start downloading and uploading something heavy to cause myself lag and go play Ironsight on NA server and then I will lag and get tons of kills and the players will stable good connections will be frustrated. That's not fair. How many people can you say are just laggers and aren't in fact lagging on purpose just to exploit the netcode for their gain?!

    I used to play Counter-Strike 1.6 back in the day and when a lagger connected to the server, they would rubberband and could not kill anyone, I actually felt bad for them, because they couldn't even play the game. But that's how netcode should work, otherwise it's not fair for the people with good connection.

    Just adjust the netcode so laggers have it worst and players with normal connection are fine and the game will immediately become better, laggers will quit because they can't exploit the system anymore and everything will be amazing.

    I've been saying for months that the TTK (Time To Kill) is EXTREMELY LOW and short. And combined with the poor netcode, it results in many uncalled-for deaths. Because you die so fast, you have no time to react and just die, if TTK is increased by 30%, people will at least have a chance to fight back when they are being shot by some lagger.

    That's my biggest issue with the game - it's fun on paper - you get weapon customization, character customization, skill customization, but in reality the game is "Run, Shoot Some and Die A LOT" simulator. My account is the 55th registered into the system, that goes to show how excited I was about this game, I even signed up on the forums before I could even play.

    Since netcode is hard to fix and probably will never be fixed, at least boost the TTK so the firefights in this game become the least bit meaningful. I'm also starting to give up hope on this game. It's not bad, it has nice graphics and nice semi-futuristic visuals, but the gameplay gets soo frustrating and boring after a while with all this "run and die" mechanic that the game has.

    Frankly, I can't even understand how people can put up with the current state of the game, especially the low TTK and the horrible netcode (yeah, from now on the acronym "TTK" is going to be in every paragraph from now on) and how painful they make everything when working together.

    It's just sad, I hope the developers finally come to their senses and fix the TTK, because its ruining the game. Playing Demolition with such a low TTK is so stupid and the health recovery doesn't make it any better - OK you get into a firefight with someone, you kill him and after a couple of seconds you're back to full health, that's stupid. That's not how Demolition works and that's definitely not competitive material. When you lose health - that's it - you should make-do with what you have left and if you die because of low HP, you die, that's it.

    The game has been out in Korea for at a year or two. Those weapon stats should have been ironed out and they should have just worked on the netcode. It's not like the game first launched for the EU and NA. I've been providing suggestions since the beta in November 2017, I'm not aware if a single one made it into the game, aside from probably making proning more difficult to use and spam.

    The game has been in OBT since February and the netcode has always been bad, they claim they have improved it, but I played a few weeks ago and it's just the same. Right now I avoid playing the game, because the more I play it, the more I start to hate it and I honestly don't want to hate this game.

    After 3 month of waiting, after 539 threads and 4K posts in it, What we got in new patch? 1 map, 1 shield robot, and tons of skins...
    I dont think feedback side has some point, its useless as devs deliver content that is already planned for them, I know that attachment rework system is not easy to make in 3 month, but what about SINGLE auto repair feature that ppl where asking? how about useless inventory box that every quest reward goes there and we have to take them from it after "are you sure?" question? What about balance and fixed description of attachments?
    In this 3 month of waiting, your goal was to fix servers too, and after first day we have same problems, black screen, disconnects, offline....

    0 of requested things where added in this new patch content.

    I completely agree with you. I was really excited to play this game at first. I thought feedback will get through and the game will improve. Around the end of February I stopped playing it and focused on other games. I installed it yesterday to see what has changed and after two matches I felt like the game that I was once super excited about I'm not utterly hating it.

    The TTK is still too low - same mess it was before - you see an enemy and depending on who reacts faster, the other one dies instantly. That's stupid. The game needs a high TTK and health refill needs to go away. I made like two threads about how TTK needs to be increased, but nothing has changed, apparently people are fine with it. There was a thread with a poll with only two options "TTK needs to be lowered" and "TTK is fine" ... where is the option "TTK is too high"?!

    Proning is still a part of the game and is still as horrible as it ever was.

    TDM is like spawn, kill, die, spawn, die, spawn, die, spawn, kill, die, spawn, die, spawn,die, spawn, die... It's just so mind-numbing how fast everything is happening.

    Weapon repair is stupid, I suggested to either automatically subtract money after each game or add a global button that repairs everything, people jumped me that it wasn't necessary, because FANBOI-ism.

    Black Squad is like Pong and Ironsight is like Mass Effect, but Black Squad is just more polished than Ironsight and that simply makes it more fun to play.

    I played the new map Ironworks, somehow it felt horrible than the old ones, there are many camping spots and the design isn't really good, but I got to give one thing to the game - the dynamic maps are cool.

    I'm afraid that even if I take a one year break from Ironsight, when I come back it will still be the same mess when I left.

    Will something EVER happen to this game?!?!? All I see on the Discord announcements is four words almost every day "server issue, maintenance, fixed" and it repeats over and over.

    I will be in Discord to see important announcements firsthand, but I doubt the game will ever change so I will check it back after the summer ends, bye for now, this is pathetic...

    I'm really interested to play the game, but right now I can't bear it anymore. I will wait a few months to see what changes they make to the game. All the things you mentioned are things that angers me about the game and they all need to be addressed. Every time I boot up Ironsight it causes me frustration in the end even if I end up with most kills 90% of the time.

    After all people should play games for fun, not to feel miserable.

    It reminds me of Free For All that games like Alliance of Valiant Arms have/had. It's basically deathmatch with no teams and the player with the most kills wins after the time runs out.

    I don't like the whole idea of dying and then waiting and watching what the rest will do. It's totally like Battle Royale in this aspect and if BR had respawn, it would be FFA. And FFA was never popular in FPS games. Demolition is always popular in FPS and so it TDM. A mode that I think will be Escort from A.V.A

    An objective mode with respawn when you die. I think an objective is the most important thing in FPS games - a team working together towards a goal, simple last man standing is like no effort single player, you can do that with bots. Sure BR games have team options, but that's besides the point.

    Sounds like that Battle Royale fad, it also sounds horrible, I'm against this. It will be a waste of resources, because Battle Royale will die out in a few years and everyone will forget about it. This game is too niche for such an investment and at best it will be ridiculed, because "it copied something else in order to stay relevant".

    GITSFA had about 2000 users just on Steam, not counting the ones that used the Nexon launcher. The population was good. I still don't know the population of Ironsight to this day.

    I hope the devs make it work, I will hate to see another nice game go down in flames.

    I play on lowest just to see enemies better, this only makes it worse. Besides my Asus monitor has a button that cycles between a few presets and it can make everything on the screen more saturate and juicier without me needing to install any software. xD

    I kept saying it since the first day I played back in November that dropshooting is a lame move that only noobs use. It has to be either removed or have it's animation time increased to one full second so it makes the user completely vulnerable when he lays down or gets up, ultimately making this move only suitable for snipers on rooftops and other secluded areas.

    What I got in response was similar to what some people here are saying

    "If you have skill you can kill them"

    That's not the point, the point is that it's a hated mechanic, it's a dirty and a lame move. The solution shouldn't be to have more skill but to either make it too risky to use or just remove it altogether. This is bull.

    I initially liked the game, but due to the many issues:

    - poor netcode and people instakilling you through cover or popping out of thin air

    - too low TTK where you die or kill too fast, combined with the poor netcode it makes for a horrible experience

    - hipfiring is too accurate and makes scopes and ironsights useless

    - add dropshooting to the bowl to the bowl and you have a mixture for disappointment and frustration

    I want to stick around and see the game improve and become better, but if such issues continue to persist and some blind fanboys continue to defend them just because they like the game too much, this isn't going to end well... at all for the players, for the publishers and especially for the game itself.

    In order for this game to improve it needs to be a bit slowed down, like Counter-Strike, still preserve the sprinting, the G for grenade, E for melee and stuff, just make the game slower and requiring more thinking, tactical awareness and precision, not some tryhard noobs facerolling around with SMGs annihilating everything in their path.

    After fixing the netcode the team should work on those other things before adding any more content.

    That's why Ghost in the Shell First Assault shut down - because the game had potential, but had issues, one of which was also netcode, the other being balance ... and the developers instead of fixing those issues, they kept releasing new content on top, the issues started piling up, they kept releasing new weapons more OP than the last OP weapons, taking them 6 months to nerf an OP weapon after hundreds of players left the game. And they kept adding content on top of year-old issues, and players kept leaving by the day and they finally released one update that completely turned the game around - nobody asked for it, suddenly half of the remaining population left the game overnight, reviews in Steam went from Mostly Positive to Mostly Negative and after about a month since the update, they announce shutdown.

    Don't let this happen to Ironsight, fix the issues at hand before adding more confident and don't act confident that the issues aren't that important, because they are. I've been playing Online FPS games since 2010 and seen many that I loved crash and burn, so unless the plan for this game is a 2 year milking plan then shut down, please heed the players's words and fix the game before adding more content.

    Because content it's the most important thing when they have a lot of issues to me a favor a stay shut, plz.

    Realy now? 3 years this game is active 3 years and u say they cant fix this game problems in 3 years? are u kidding to me? they are the most noobies developers in history, this game created in 2015 alpha begin in 2016-2017 closed beta in 2017-2018 and open beta in 2018, the game will release in 2020? the game engine is 3 years old in the 2 years this engine will be so old

    Inform yourself before posting stupid nonsense. Korean games are made with lazy netcode, because the internet connection there is great, the best in the world because of the infrastructure. And when they publish the such a game in the West you have people with decent connection and people living in a remote village that wait 1 minute to load a webpage and people with a connection somewhere in the middle. And when all those different people from different walks of life connect from all over Europe, for example or NA, the netcode goes crazy, because it was never designed to handle such a chaotic situation.

    Now that you know that things aren't as simple as just playing the game and IT professionals with university education are trying to fix this, whereas you have it simple - just play the game and complain on the forums without knowing jack, it's time for you to educate yourself better.

    Having options is always better. Doubt it will get implemented tho simply because it would remove the feature of having a team to chat with for people that didn't select said option. Example 5 team members disable it, I'm left with no team to communicate with, yet I didn't pick to hide chat.

    There are radio commands. Also, it's not like Ironsight is some kind of hardcore competitive game, it's casual and a niche. I would expect this not to be implemented in CS:GO, but in small games it's always better to carefully review player suggestions and try to cater to as many of them as possible, this is what helps F2P games stay afloat. I've seen a few already that crashed - A.V.A, Blacklight Retribution, Ghost in the Shell First Assault, Metro Conflict (1st time) and Metro Conflict The Origin (now).

    They were just being greedy and self-absorbed, that's why people left and they had to shut them down or settle for 200 people population

    I would rather have an option to disable chat in-match altogether. It can be distracting and toxic. Black Squad is doing it and nobody is complaining.

    That and korean FPS always fail in NA so I don't see this game going very far anyways. And don't give me that beta craap I've seen enough Korean FPS come to NA and fail months later and lose a lot of NA playerbase.

    The majority of players in Korean games are from EU, SA and Asia. People there have a different mindset and different standards. Most NA players would settle for some AAA title from USA like Call of Dookie, Battlefield or Star Wars Battlefront and the likes of those. I've seen this in many forums for different games - NA players complaining that they have trouble finding people to play.

    Very reassuring.

    I can't wait for the content updates, I'm currently taking a break from the game due to the server issues and lack of progress, but I'm still keeping a close eye on it and as soon as updates start landing, I will be back.

    There aren't enough obstacles in the main paths, people just camp them, because they are long, empty corridors and it's just easier to camp. There need to be either more obstacles in the way, like big boxes and stuff, or the corridors need to stop being straight and get a few turns to prevent camping.

    The only balanced maps IMO are Oceanfront, Titan and Mart, the rest are a big mess, especially Cloud9 is pretty horrible in design.

    Maybe instead of just complaining it's "so fucking bad" and "literally garbage", give some constructive criticism instead of raging off. And you say it's "apparently super easy to crack". There's one hack tool out there to my knowledge, and requires a very large purchase as part of a bulk membership. If you want a game that isn't glitchy, try Warframe. They just upgraded their servers, so there might even be room for that attitude of yours.

    He signed up for the game, entered some matches, got his аss handed to him and now it's the game's fault.

    Well, how come with the game's issue I still end up 1st in my team 90% of the time? Must be game's fault...

    2. The hip-fire reticle should follow the same recoil pattern as the gun in ADS. As it stands, ADSing is iffy

    I'm not sure if any game has ever done that - they have different patterns for hip and ADS. While I agree with you and would like this, I doubt the devs will ever do it.

    I've had plenty of situations where the game was working as it's supposed to in it's current state, are you saying that you never had a proper match? I've played for quite some time since the first beta in November and I've seen my fair share of different encounters. In case you haven't played, when the game was in CBT, servers were a lot more stable, in fact the game was in a better state back then than it is now. There was no lag or anything and yes, the TTK is REALLY, REALLY low. Weapons have too much ROF and the lack of recoil on most weapons makes up for one really bad combination. I just bought the SA58 to test it's damage against other weapons... This weapons is immediately outclassed, outgunned, outeverything by other ARs with less damage, less recoil and more ROF. I don't want to bash the game, but the balancing is way off.

    And for the record, the TTK in CS:GO is where Ironsight should aim at. EDIT: Either keep recoil and increase TTK, or keep TTK but greatly increase recoil to encourage tap fire even at point blank.

    Well he's using all of his classes. So it's just about him, then.

    See? I can say the same thing.

    Come on... you always kinda defending and talking like guardian of devs... are you one from us? will auto repair hurt you? NO! then stop already... every time someone suggests something, your reply is always oposite thing. I hope devs will leave this repair dialogue feature for your account only, even make it ask again and again and again "are you sure you want to repair all weapons" - Yes. - "ARE YOU SURE?!" as i think you like clickable tabs :)


    The game is really broken right now, the repair dialog is actually one of the first things that have to be fixed UI-wise. I can't believe it wasn't done long ago, during the time the game was only launched in Korea.

    It's literally one extra button press before you enter the game.

    Except you have to press it three times - one for each individual loadout. This is why it sucks, if they made it at least into "one to rule them all", it would be much better. It's just a waste of time, especially between matches, because sometimes the match will start prematurely and you won't be able to repair all three weapons. Think about that.

    I agree, there needs to be more customization.

    It sucks that we have three attachment slots and the third one is always reserved for bullets, bullets I don't use. I would really like to be able to put a third attachment in that slot. It would still be better than nothing.

    Blasphemy. Unfolded bipods are hot af

    Don't know about your fetish, but running with unfolded bipods on weapons is same like running with easel for me. So there must be atleast option to remove them.

    Indeed, very ugly. I hate games that have bipods for anything other than snipers, it doesn't make any sense. Ghost in the Shell First Assault had bipods for everything but SGs and SMGs. It was horrible to look at people running with a rowboat that shoots in their hands. There was one AR in particular that actually required a bipod to increase stability and reduce recoil and it really sucked for that reason, I never installed a bipod and I had to put up with more recoil and less stability for the sake of avoiding the creation of an abomination.

    I don't think we can judge whether the time to kill is any good or not with the current state of the game. Until we get more servers and better lagcomp, it's hard to make an opinon.

    I think we can. A person playing the game doesn't need to have 140+ IQ to figure out the big picture - TTK is very low, weapon spraying is very common, if not THE way to go and people just run and gun. Run, see someone, point crosshair at them, hold left mouse button for a moment, they are dead, continue running and repeat. With lack of recoil, low TTK and no skill required to play the game, there is literally no substance to it. Originally I was really excited about the game, right now I'm waiting to see what QOL and balancing changes the devs will make in the future, but as it is right now, the game gets pretty boring.

    And to whoever is saying that TTK is actually HIGH... haha, I just don't have words to express my feelings about this, other than ask a question:

    What games have you been playing? Mobile shooters that have auto aim where you just look at people and they die?