Get this game to steam to increase playerbase

  • I swear to god... if you get this game to steam the playerbase will increase by 100% because its a sick f2p shooter with out pay2win and that is the kind of shooter that steam needs now its full with p2w shooters

    but first fix the servers and ranked/clan system !


  • Black squad is not pay too win and I can run it 10x better than this game

    giphy.gifJust an average player who plays casual comp, NOT GIVING UP IS MY MAGIC!! I am on a 2012 HP Envy M6 laptop 3rd gen i5(2.50Ghz) 2 physical cores 4 logical, 8GB ram 7.50GB usable 647GB HDD and a external 2tera drive GPU HD 4000 ;(;(;(;(

  • Um, not yet.

    The game has lots of issues still, largest is netcode. Experience from the "LevelCap surge" has demonstrated the servers are not able to handle a large playerbase. Making it even larger will literally cripple the system. Netcode and server support need to be worked on MINIMUM.

    Refer to my other posts to see what other changes I think need to be made (I'm too lazy to link them all, sorry).