Introduce Yourself

  • well I enjoy gaming. have used my cad80_99 or some form of that for a while now for my ingame name. its my initials, year I was born and year I graduated high school and joined the army national guard. I found Iron sight thru my nephew who is on a pro team. he knows I love fps games and got him into playing on a pc to begin with. I love and still play cod4 and codwaw. also into pubg and now and then csgo. but been playing this game for a bit now. enjoy it.

    I mainly enjoy gaming and using discord or TS and talking with friends as you play. win or lose, I think the best is just enjoying a game with friends. I have some pet peeves when it comes to gaming lol. I cant stand those who complain about try hards, what weapons they use, or how someone plays. I have been gaming a long time and if I feel something is OP, I learn to either counter it, or possibly use myself. I find it great myself, when someone might be using an op weapon, I turn around and copy and make them mad. similar to ppl complain about campers etc. sometimes I like to just sit back, relax and camp. but if ppl complain, then I run and gun and well then they complain about that lol. but for me, I don't care how ppl play. they have a right to play how they want. the only time I care is if I go to a custom server that has rules. as for tryhards, personally I say great to you. I don't get the term myself as we all should do our best and try. I grew up with games that did not separate players based on there rank. this allowed me to get better personally. I always feel ppl use that term tryhard because they are trying themselves and get killed and so they want to use an excuse. back in the day (sad that I say that now, man I feel old) but we used to say Nice shot, great game, etc and mean it. now ppl try to use excuses, nice hacks, tryhard, camp more etc.

    anyways, I enjoy fps game that are realistic ish. hope to see you all on the battlefront.

  • hey there guys, SenyorGrim here. Loving the game so far but still need to get to grips with some of the maps. Its a nice, fast paced fresh game. Loving the fact that its free to play but offers you the chance to separate with you cash. Anyway im in my 30s, married, two great kids...just a typical married guy i guess.

    Hope to see some of you folks in the game {most likely you killing me :D}