Introduce Yourself

  • Title Says it All, Use this thread to Introduce Yourself!!!!

    If you're having trouble coming up with some things to say, try the formula below!

    How'd you find Ironsight? - Found it through a friend who was in the private Beta! I hopped on a few days ago and haven't stopped playing since!

    What are some other games you love? - I love Roleplaying games, mostly traditional games like Morrowind and KOTOR. I used to play very high stakes competitive Call of Duty and even Official Tournament level Battlefield! I enjoy Arena style shooters (Quake/Doom) and Character Shooters (Overwatch, Paladins).

    What do you do in your spare time? - I'm a Musician, professional level, and Animator (2d) on a pretty unknown level but I've done work for some well known Youtube channels

  • Hey. I'm Yuuji, known better as Recon.

    How'd you find Ironsight? - I found it through an advert on YouTube. Looked decent, so I gave it a shot.

    What are some other games you love? - I love games which are exhilarating, like Fortnite, PUBG and Escape from Tarkov.

    What do you do in your spare time? - I swim, do Airsoft-related activities, play the piano (pretty well, apparently), and play games.


  • Well, Hi! I'm Reece But I'm Probably Known In-game As CReeperF!

    How'd you find Ironsight? - I Found It Through A Video On Youtube (Would Add A Link But IDK If It Is Aloud Or Not) & It Seemed Like A Good FREE Game So I Tried It Out! I'm Now Lvl 20 After Playing For A Week! (More Accurately 10 Hours & 52 Mins)

    What are some other games you love? - I Like Open World Sandbox Games Like Minecraft & Fallout 4! I Sometimes Play Fortnite But I'm Not Any Good XD!

    What do you do in your spare time? - Spare Time? Pffft, Who Needs Spare Time When You Have A PC! Its Everything You Can Do In The Real World All In One Place! You Got Your Entertainment, Socialisation, Relaxation & Exercise! (The Only Thing I Need To Exercise Are My Fingers, Hands/Wrists & Arms! )


    Call Sign: CReeperF

    Current Clan: Noobs (Cuz I'm A Noob)

    Skill Level: Decent


    Favourite AR: FAMAS G2

    Favourite SMG: N/A

    Favourite Sniper: N/A

    Favourite LMG: N/A


    Current Lvl: 21

    Most Kills: 23

    Best KDA: 1.18


  • Hi I'm Phil and have been gaming since Noah was a lad , I'm 62 years old hence the name and have beta tested many games . I was a beta tester for the US Government run game America's Army which was used in the training of US Army recruits and is still out there for ordinary folk to play . I am a Grandfather but still manage to channel my inner child :)

    I play many games including World of Warcraft , PUBG and World of Tanks / Warships .

    I am a Bus Driver so with that and gaming and Grandchildren I don't really have any spare time :)

  • Hi guys I'm Haddz/chris, Im new to the game and obviously the site:P . I installed the game as i was getting a bit bored of the Battle royale scene. I was/am a massive fan of the fast paced games like Bf2, cod4, old skool Counterstrike, unreal etc. Games now adays feel too clunky and heavy so to find IronSights is a breath of fresh air. I also stream a few times a week (when i can fit it in between the kids and my work).

    I played the game for around 4-5 hrs straight last night and i plan on doing it alot more, especially on stream. I am pretty much here to see how the community is as ingame i havent came across any toxicity other than me shouting when i die :D 

    anyone fancies a game or 2 then feel free to add me IGN:Haddz 8)

  • Hello Everyone!

    Just came here from a shitty Russian FPS game, and am already enjoying the non-P2W atmosphere here and thought I'd say hello!

    My in-game name is Evola (as in Julius Evola, the IRL figure-head) and am hoping to meet, greet, and contribute my managerial experience to assist with ensuring this game becomes all that it can be! I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone and bringing things to the table... I've been gaming for 10+ years online and most recently, I come from the #1 ranked 'Team Battle' team on the North American server on World of Tanks, to give you some insight into my understanding of Meta-game-play. I'm going to stick around here for a bit and will work towards this project's success in anyway I can, so long as Management provides a direction in which I can believe in.

    I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and building a spirit of comradery, for morale is a very important aspect of any up-coming startup. See you out there!

  • Well, hello everybody. I'm Kadorhal, though I also go by Gordon Threemen (Half-Life 2 co-op mod joke).

    The other day, some friends and I were sync-watching Youtube through a website when we came upon a video that discussed Ironsight and, in essence, positively referred to it as a free-to-play clone of Black Ops II. Since that happens to be my favorite game in that series, I was definitely intrigued.

    I've mostly been into shooters, playing them for close to 20 years now ever since the original Unreal Tournament came out, though I've also been big into flight simulators (mostly the old X-Wing series and some freeware thing called YSFlight, until I discovered Ace Combat through a used copy of 04) and real-time strategy (followed the Command & Conquer series from the N64 port of the original up through Red Alert 3 and have been trying to get friends to buy the collection on Origin to play together, also have fond memories of watching my step-brother play classic Starcraft and Emperor: Battle for Dune). I'm also big on Mega Man-style platformers (definitely looking forward to that X series rerelease in a few months), and while fantasy games typically haven't been my thing, I've been spending a lot of time with Final Fantasy XIV lately.

    In my spare time, beyond games, I just tend to read about things that interest me, or record and edit videos of games (I've been doing Let's Plays since early 2009, though I probably peaked early with a playthrough of Postal 2 and haven't been very prolific - it's been about two years since I last actually completed an LP).

  • How'd you find Ironsight? - Saw some guy review it on YouTUbe and thought it looked fun

    What are some other games you love? - Most stuff by Nintendo, Civ 5

    What do you do in your spare time? - video editing

  • Hey everyone, I'm Matrix and I just recently started playing this awesome game, it's like how COD should've been but isn't. No doubt this game is alot better and has a lot of potential in it. Now for the introduction;

    How'd you find Ironsight? - A friend of mine suggested I should give this game a try and boy am I thankful.

    What are some other games you love? - Mostly FPS such as Rainbow Six Siege, Battlefield, CS, and PUBG. For a better perspective you can browse my steam which is linked in my sig,

    What do you do in your spare time? - I like to watch anime in my spare time, and work on various different side projects, mostly GFX Design.

  • Hey im Nobsi also known as Nobsi the small and i started playing Ironsight after all the free advertisement flooded my youtube section. Really enjoy the game even though the competitive nature doesnt go through really.

    Before Ironsight i played loads of counterstrike and guildwars.

    Im always chasing my new fix in terms of comp playing and maybe ill even stick to ironsight.

    Im a IT/Techsupport guy in real life who also likes photography (heavily amateur style tho [check my insta benjamin_antl]) and i enjoy hookah smoking a lot.