Introduce Yourself

  • Title Says it All, Use this thread to Introduce Yourself!!!!

    If you're having trouble coming up with some things to say, try the formula below!

    How'd you find Ironsight? - Found it through a friend who was in the private Beta! I hopped on a few days ago and haven't stopped playing since!

    What are some other games you love? - I love Roleplaying games, mostly traditional games like Morrowind and KOTOR. I used to play very high stakes competitive Call of Duty and even Official Tournament level Battlefield! I enjoy Arena style shooters (Quake/Doom) and Character Shooters (Overwatch, Paladins).

    What do you do in your spare time? - I'm a Musician, professional level, and Animator (2d) on a pretty unknown level but I've done work for some well known Youtube channels

  • Hey. I'm Yuuji, known better as Recon.

    How'd you find Ironsight? - I found it through an advert on YouTube. Looked decent, so I gave it a shot.

    What are some other games you love? - I love games which are exhilarating, like Fortnite, PUBG and Escape from Tarkov.

    What do you do in your spare time? - I swim, do Airsoft-related activities, play the piano (pretty well, apparently), and play games.


  • Well, Hi! I'm Reece But I'm Probably Known In-game As CReeperF!

    How'd you find Ironsight? - I Found It Through A Video On Youtube (Would Add A Link But IDK If It Is Aloud Or Not) & It Seemed Like A Good FREE Game So I Tried It Out! I'm Now Lvl 20 After Playing For A Week! (More Accurately 10 Hours & 52 Mins)

    What are some other games you love? - I Like Open World Sandbox Games Like Minecraft & Fallout 4! I Sometimes Play Fortnite But I'm Not Any Good XD!

    What do you do in your spare time? - Spare Time? Pffft, Who Needs Spare Time When You Have A PC! Its Everything You Can Do In The Real World All In One Place! You Got Your Entertainment, Socialisation, Relaxation & Exercise! (The Only Thing I Need To Exercise Are My Fingers, Hands/Wrists & Arms! )


    Call Sign: CReeperF

    Current Clan: Noobs (Cuz I'm A Noob)

    Skill Level: Decent


    Favourite AR: FAMAS G2

    Favourite SMG: N/A

    Favourite Sniper: N/A

    Favourite LMG: N/A


    Current Lvl: 21

    Most Kills: 23

    Best KDA: 1.18


  • Hi I'm Phil and have been gaming since Noah was a lad , I'm 62 years old hence the name and have beta tested many games . I was a beta tester for the US Government run game America's Army which was used in the training of US Army recruits and is still out there for ordinary folk to play . I am a Grandfather but still manage to channel my inner child :)

    I play many games including World of Warcraft , PUBG and World of Tanks / Warships .

    I am a Bus Driver so with that and gaming and Grandchildren I don't really have any spare time :)