"Start Game" does not work

  • Hello Fan,

    This is totally normal, as we stated in our last news, the Technical Beta Test is over. Therefore, the game is currently closed.

    It will open again for OBT. We will say more about this soon.

    Stay tuned!

  • Along with what Flloyd said to get the most current information please join the official Ironsight discord. As well as keeping your eyes on the forums and the various other Ironsight social media's.

  • Hey there Fan

    The "Start game" button should work again on February 1st at 10 AM CET (1AM PST) when the Open Beta starts eheh :D:P (However, you might have to download the game again... wait for additional info when we get closed to OBT :saint:)

    Closing this thread now too, has it was explained already why it wasn't working.