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    Today we are going to do something a little different. A good soldier is a trained, competent and prepared one! It's all well and good to know how to fight, but today we will stay at HQ and review the basics. I'm tired of having to answers the same questions over and over so listen carefully and take note of everything I am going to teach you today!

    This topic will serve as a first guide through the different menus, buttons, and UI functionalities of Ironsight.

    Click one of these to jump straight to the section of your choice:

    I - Home

    II - Loadout

    III - Character

    IV - Storage

    V - Shop

    VI - Account

    VII - Settings

    Please note that the "Clan" and "Ranking" menus will be part of separate guides.

    Thank you for your time and should you have more question, please don't hesitate to contact a moderator or a community manager.

    Your Ironsight Team

  • I - Home (lobby)


    1. Menu bar

    Switch between tabs : Home, Loadout, Character, Storage, Shop, Clan, Account, Ranking, Settings.

    2. Events and Announcements

    A work in progress section that will later feature Ironsight news.

    3. Chat

    Chat quickly through the Common, Group, Clan and Whisper channels. The System channel is the area where you receive system notifications. Choose the tab that you want to display. Use the "Tab" key to switch from Common, Party and Clan.

    Note: you can have other interaction options by right-clicking on a name in the chat: Whisper, Invite to party, Add Friend, Invite to Clan, View info and Block.

    4. NAF or EDEN

    Select the faction for which you want to visualize your character.

    5. Boosts

    Active boosts are displayed here.

    6. Calendar

    Get rewards for each day you attend by connecting to the game. Keep track of your progress and see what rewards will come next. This calendar resets once ALL rewards have been claimed.

    Note: Claimed rewards are noted as "Complete" and can be found in your storage where you can redeem them.

    7. Messenger

    Manage messages, friends and blocks.

    Note: Though you can see your friends and blocked players at all time, you can only search or invite players that are currently connected to the same server as you are.

    8. Achievements

    A quick summary of the achievements. The latest completed one and one in progress. Click on it to display the full interface.

    9. Daily contracts

    Every day you are entitled to 3 contracts randomly selected from a predefined list. The first will always be a required amount of wins (on any mode), the second a number of kills using a specific weapon type and the last a win in a certain game mode. To see the full display click on it.

    Note: Daily contracts are randomly generated for each players. They are therefore not necessarily the same for each player.

    10. Player tag

    Your tag with your level, your name and your clan (if you are in one). If you see a blue star over your name, that means you currently are the leader of your party.

    11. Party members

    Your group can contain up to 5 players. Their names are listed left of your name. The current group leader also displays a blue star.

    12. Play

    Click the Play button to start a game from a selection of modes. If you are in a Party, only the Party Leader can click on Play and start a game.

    13. Currencies

    Displays your Gold Points, CHIPS and AP balance.

    14. Charge

    Click on the Charge button to purchase AP currency (redirecting you to

  • II - Loadout


    1. Loadout slots

    Select the Loadout slot you want to use or modify.

    2. The equipment Section

    This section displays your choice of weapons and equipment for the currently selected loadout. You first have the primary weapon you want to use. Right below it, you can find 3 slots for 2 weapon attachments and 1 special bullet type.

    You then have further loadout options: a secondary weapon, a melee weapon, a lethal equipment and a tactical one.

    3. Extend

    Some weapons are temporary, when it reaches the time limit you need to purchase it again or to extend the duration. If you start a game with expired weapons or bullets, these will not be effective and you will have the default M4 Training weapon equipped on that specific loadout. Expired items will appear as such on your loadout screen.

    4. In-game preview

    The character you selected will be previewed here with the weapons and equipment of the currently selected loadout.

    5. Drone kind

    Displays the Drone Type you chose for the currently selected loadout.

    6. Drone slots

    Choose up to 3 drones that can join you in the fight. The 3 drones on top of the list are the ones you currently have equipped.

    7. Skills

    Displays the skills currently equipped on this loadout. Each slot has it's own list of skills.

    8. Repair all

    If you have repairable items equipped on the currently selected loadout that needs repair, you can repair all of them by clicking on the "Repair all" button.

  • III - Character


    1. Characters

    Select the character slot you want to show/edit. (Currently only one character set.)

    2. Skin

    Choose your skin. You can choose between a customization character (Neil Wild) or preset character.

    3. Emotes

    Choose the 3 emotes you want to assign to the character slot you are on. Dancing, greetings, taunting and many others. The emotes can be used during the match or at the end of the game during the Winners Ceremony. You can change the keybindings for each emote in your settings.

    4. Customization

    When the custom character is equipped (Neil Wild), you can customize it with different parts. Adding, removing or modifying custom parts does not affects your character's stats and are purely cosmetic.

  • IV - Storage


    1. Filter

    Click one of the tabs to choose which filter to apply. Each will display only that selected type of items in your storage: all, weapons only, boxes only, character only, currencies only or other.

    2. Origin

    Select in the drop-down menu which origin for the items you want to filter your storage: all, purchased, gifts (from other players) and rewards (daily logins, daily contracts, achievements, etc...).

    3. Receive all

    Click the "Receive all" button to automatically collect all the currencies currently in your Storage (GP and CHIPS). It claim/collect items or packs. Currencies packs won't be activated.

    4. Items list

    The list of objects you currently have in your storage and depending on the filtered chosen. Be careful, they have deadlines (seen on the top center of said item)!

    5. Item

    Item name.

    6. Deadline

    Claim this item before the deadline or the item will be lost.

    7. Date

    The date you received the item.

    8. Origin

    How you received the item (gift, purchase or reward).

  • V - Shop


    1. Promotions

    A work in progress section that will later feature Ironsight news and/or promotions.

    2. Showcase

    Displays the latest or hottest deals on the in-game shop. Clicking on one of them will redirect you to that offer for you to check the details and content.

    3. The CHIPS store

    Shop section using in-game currencies only. Click on it to see all the offers and items in that categorie.

    4. The AP store

    Shop section using AP currency only. you can buy CHIPS, boosts or packs.

  • VI - Account


    1. Level

    Displays your current level, your experience bar for the ongoing level and your rank (or in this case placements left) in ranked mode.

    2. Player Tag

    Displays your current Player tag. Click on it to customize and modify your Player tag.

    3. Missions Records

    Displays a preview of some statistics on your account. Click on it to open the Mission Records details.

    4. Weapon Records

    Displays a preview of some weapon statistics on your account. Click on it to open the Weapon Records details.

    5. Drone Records

    Displays a preview of some drones statistics on your account. Click on it to open the Drones Records details.

    6. Achievements

    Displays a preview of some ongoing achievements on your account. Click on it to open the achievements details.

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  • VII - Settings


    1. Video

    Click on it to change your video settings such as the language displayed, screen resolution, FPS display, and more.

    2. Audio

    Click on it to change your audio configuration.

    3. Controls

    Click on it to change your keybindings.

    4. Mouse

    Click on it to change your Mouse settings.