Hipfire Mechanics.. Explained

  • I wouldn't say that hip fire is broken, but it definable has a distinct advantage in a many situations. Even with AR's its more effiective to hip fire in a close encounter than to try an ADS the enemy because that split second that you take to ADS is the half second needed for you to get the kill off before the other person kills you.

    Speaking of playstyles, I think the jump mechanic should be looked into, B-Hopping feels like more Quake then it does CoD or another FPS game similar.

    Hipfire is a mechanic of the game. ADS and hipfire are used in their own ways. Both have advantages over the other in different situations.

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  • +1 to every suggestion.

    I also agree with the hip-fire vs ADS thing, and it is one of the reasons I never really bothered using any sights other than ACOG. Hip-fire is pretty much usable on every weapon type except snipers - right out to ~25m. Past that, ADS with an ACOG will out-do hip-fire. But we need things like the Holo and the Quick sights to be useful, which they are out-performed by hip-fire right up to 25m - simply due to the time it takes to aim. As you said, in order to combat it you have to "head glitch" and peek.

    I hope the devs take your suggestions into account during this period before OBT, so we may see some serious improvements when it comes out. If they already have too much on their plate and don't want to hold off OBT for too long, hopefully we get improvements in future updates.

  • Had 90% hipfire on my M4 according to my stats, I can't live without it. To each their own I guess :D

    But anyways, is hipfire OP? Nope, but it surely is to go-to way to kill anyone in a cqc or mid/upper-mid range distance. The way that this game is paced makes hipfire just a surefire way to kill someone. ADS takes too long for it to be reliable in most situations.