P2W? Armor-Piercing Bullet and Soft-Point Bullet

  • It should be permanent, even if it costs some thing between 40k and 80k in-game currency.

    I think the price is fair and money needs to go out of our pockets from timetotime. the price of bullets currently is very affordable soI dont see a reason to complain

    It's not about the price, it's about having to repurchase it that's bothering me. I want to buy it once, no matter how expensive and forgwt about it. It's also my view for payinf a subscription fee for an MMORPG that I already purchased, the subscription makes me feel I still don't truly own the product, whereas if it were B2P, I would at least feel that I own it up to a certain point and each DLC/expansion being just an extra content I can choose to get or not.

    And that's how I feel about bullets, I'd rather learn to play without them if I can't purchase them once and forever, kinda like buying stuff on leasing - if you don't have all the cash to buy it all at once, don't vuy it or you are becoming a willing slave.

  • It's a currency sink but I don't really see it as necessary if currency only stays within our accounts. If there was an economy between players via trading, then things like inflation would be a lot more concerning and sinks (probably through gambling) would be a lot more desirable. There's already enough things to keep players occupied with their money though such as repairing weapons, let alone buying everything for those completionist out there.

    The only other thing I can see a currency sink used for is to keep players playing the game, but there's already enough achievements and challenges in the game to keep you occupied for quite a while.

  • theses along with the diffrent tac gernades and normel gernades need to be perm. i dont like haveing to replace my throwing knife gernades or tear gas each day or every 7 days or even every 30 it feels like a waist of in game currancy that i could be useing some where else on something else. like weapon repairs or even just weapons .