Poll - Favourite Mode

  • SnD will always be my favorite but it needs to be atleast a solid 5v5, which currently doesnt happen that much

    TDM is straight up running and fast pace without any actual teamwork so its nice to just run around and practice your gunfights

    Secure point is really fun when you have a team playing with you and a strategy on how to maintain control of the point, definitely love playing this when the clan is on.

    Resource Takeover; Im honestly not a fan of the whole concept but I will play it.

  • There is only one good mode in this game: Search & Destroy. Respawn game modes are only clown fiesta – like in most other shooter games too. Would be happy for only 5v5 S&D too.

    I hope we will get some fun game modes too in future. Like Infected, Knife Only, Gun Game and Golden Bullet (where you have only 2 bullets. 1 bullet kills someone instantly from golden pistol. If you kill someone you will get a bullet back).

    Ressource Takeover is really bad and Secure the Point clown fiesta 2.0. A classic domination game mode where you only have secure a point to active so you don't have to camp inside all the time inside would be better I think. Capture the flag would be a good game mode too for people who love respawn game modes.

    I would love if there would be some more game modes without respawns. Don't like the run, die, run, die, run, die, spawn behind you -> die, run, die blabla where you have to camp or patrol some space without any objectives.

  • Meh, some people like them. I enjoy them to an extent but people continually spawning behind you gets old quick. Fixed spawns would be more fun but they usually just turn into baserapes. So it's S&D for me too.

    +1 on 5v5 S&D