Scrim/Tournament Rules

  • Im guessing there is already preset championship rules in korea or simply scrim rules

    If anyone knows what they are I would be very interested in knowing them.

    If not I think we should discuss it and set up specific rules and game set-ups.

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  • Most eSports scenes that pick up games usually already have set rules in place. They just somewhat adjust them for each game do to each game having different features. So you can try to make them yourself but more than like any eSports League that picks this game up will make their own.

  • First we need to figure out what were going to do with scrims.

    Heres whats on my mind for this

    Definitely a 5v5 SnD

    Im suggesting 1 sniper/team(should we make it a requirement or simply have it as "max 1 sniper" so that 5man Assault teams are still a possibility?)

    Should we unallow certain weapons/side weapons? I believe the Incendiary Nade is glitched since it basically spreads through wall, my opinion would be to disallow this. Anyone else have an opinion on this or other weapons?

    Which team gets to pick the map?

    How many rounds to win the game?

    I feel like the whole 5win, first team has the first 4 rounds on T/CT then 5th round switch sides isnt really the best method for SND to run...anyone have an idea on how to make this a better scrim?

    it would be nice to have a 10ROUND game. where 5round CT 5round T and then if 5-5 we hit either hit a DRAW or some type of OT(Which im not sure what the OT would be) the whole "win" system instead of rounds is pretty annoying to me when it comes to SnD. and even if a team is losing 6-0 they can at least win the last 4 round and turn it into a decent outcome instead of straight up 6-0 when theyv been stuck playing CT/T for most the game.w

    ho gets to pick CT or T side ?

    My opinion about Team Picking map and Team Picking CT/T would be, whoever picks the map, the other team picks CT or T(seems fair)

  • i would add teams playing 2 maps ,no switching sides ,no killstreaks

  • I agree with the no killstreak. I dont think 1 scrim match should include 2 maps, I Dont see the reason why it should

  • Bo10 Cant Work Silly. A Bo5 would give each team the possibility of both sides twice and the Home team getting the advantage of the 5th game if it goes that far. But a Bo10 is just time consuming and I just don't see it. Now if you mean 10 rounds where each team gets 5 rounds on each side and the first to 7 wins I can see it

  • Think of it this way, you are winning, and its a tied game and your opponent calls in a metal reaper. Now do you think that's fair? Name one other competive FPS that allows score streaks then maybe I'd be willing to discuss options.

    Doesn't a LAWS bring down a metal reaper quickly? And how many EMP rockets does it take to do it?

    Just throwing out ideas, man.