Can't Play.

  • Hello guys, I'm from South America (Colombia)8o, today I download the Technical beta test, (i download the one called Ironsight US) well at the time of executing I get a message "The Client Version is out of date." The truth is not because that happens, it should be remembered that opening the launcher does not download me or update anything. I just press the GAME START. Is this because I'm in another country? Or is it an internal problem of the game??(?(?(

  • It's a problem of the NA launcher or rather it isn't able to patch at the moment due to unknown issues. For now, only new players that have started to download the game today get this error. The Community and Product Managers are already looking into the problem and will be further investigated tomorrow. Until the problem it's solved, the only way to play now is to ask maybe a friend who is able to play so that he/she could give you the installed client but for now we're waiting until further notice